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benefits of neem leaf if you would like to find natural ways to take control over your health please subscribe to my youtube channel I've been taking neem leaves for quite some time now about almost a year with wonderful health benefits wonderful health improvements so I've been using neem leaf loosely tea for quite some time I just recently started using think think they're the liquid form which is this one which I like a lot more than T so the tea has like a really bitter taste to it and but I've been using it anyway so I usually do like a mixture of different herbs in my tea and sometimes I'll put the neem leaf in there but sometimes and I just don't feel like having it ruin my tea I exclude the neem leaf so what I do is I usually do so this is only have a little bit left here this is how I usually cap the neem plate and I just you know put it in my diffuser my tea container here and sticking in hot water and drink it that way but yeah since I got this I don't I still drink the tea sometimes but this works out a little a lot better and what I do is I just make sure I take this one this hey I want to tell you the wrong dosage I can tell you what how much of it I take but it might not be the right dosage for you but you need to take about let's take about five drops one to three times daily I usually do this um maybe twice and sometimes one time a day um yeah but I don't really count the drops that much I usually just so you know what I would think would be five drops in there and just um ingested that way very bitter but I much prefer this over the tea that I've been using for quite some time I don't even know why I didn't purchase this sooner it is a big difference in the pricing I think I bought like maybe almost full bag of this for $4 and this last makes like sometime they usually last me more than a month with this bag um yeah a lot more than a lot I don't use a lot of it see that's that's the thing when it's in the tea for me I don't I really don't use a lot of it because it's so bitter I'm able to use it a lot more in this liquid form because you get you get over the taste very quickly and so I'm having like an entire to help I do have a couple mighty right here which this does have the neem in there and I'm still drinking that's been drinking it for quite some time so the health benefits of neem so neem is a tree the bark leaves and the seeds are used to make medicine less frequently the roots to fall on the fruits are also used there are so many wonderful health benefits to using meems leaf means leaves can help against leprosy I disorder is for those intestinal worms stomach upset loss of appetite skin ulcers disease of the heart and blood vessels they can help with a fever diabetes gum disease liver problems so there are so many wonderful health benefits to means leave it has been used for ancient years and an ancient witch have been known as an ancient remedy for all around health it contains a wonderful protecting potent antioxidants and the help you fight off anti-aging everything sits and it's a protective antioxidant it lowers blood sugar for the intestine studies that have been done on animals I've been treated with the means leave extract and in two weeks it's been shown that it cuts down the rise of blood sugar it helps control blood pressure also another test on on mo that were it had two that were ingesting salt it's been shown to help to lower or ward off high blood pressure I protects the liver it treats intestinal ulcers and Technol all sirs can leave you with a burning pain and symptoms of an ejection heartburn names lead may be able to help you out if you are suffering from these conditions it also help to fight cancer with its powerful antioxidants that it contains is a great for fighting against cancer it's great for your dental health it's been shown that chewing on mean stick can help you control plaque and mortar of cavities it's also great I also use it in my toothpaste and as a mouthwash if you dilute the neens oil it is great for fighting off any kind of fungal skin infections it removes dandruff it helps to tackle psoriasis it helps to get rid of acne when I find topically it also can be used as a mosquito repellent there are so many wonderful health benefits to memes a week so one thing I forgot to mention before don't confuse neem leaf and neem oil it's two different things I almost did that there's a neem oil this is usually used topically to combat like psoriasis or eczema it's very concentrated and you don't want to ingest that one make sure that the one that you choose says means leaf and not nîmes oil if you would like to find natural ways to take control of your health please subscribe to my youtube channel thank you for watching my video I hope you benefited from that in some way if you did please thumbs it up if you have any experience taking mean or Niva neem oil please comment below and you know what your opinions are what you benefited how you benefit on that thank you and have a great day


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