AM The Gym Update, Bodybuilding News and NEW Supplements! Thursday Thunder!

Thursday Thunder a dream yes sixteenth of by 2019 well this months gone fast because I was in Europe I was in Europe I got back on Monday night literally Monday night literally Monday night yeah I had a great time would you like to explain what you did oh no well I went to I went to Denmark I went to Finland I went to Russia I went to Estonia I went to Germany and I went to Norway yet you trained most those days yeah I trained just about every day no everyone a lot of people will carry on all your in holidays why are you training well one I trained because I had time to train up being on a cruise ship obviously there's lots of time that you've got to train and I I was getting up every morning around 5:30 6 o'clock because the Sun there this time of the year comes up at like 4:30 yeah so I was just waking up real early the gym on the cruise ship opened at 6 a.m. so I usually trained in the morning before breakfast you're the first one that wake yeah but now you'd be surprised there was always am people their training or sort of training what's really funny on the first day on the cruise ship like and I went to the gym yeah and you have to sign a little wave and then you get a little sticker of a dumbbell that gets put on your cruise card so then you know that you paid signed your waiver and you can just train but it's funny on the first day at sea on that morning there was a whole bunch of people in there in the gym and they were coming in all the time and it was all these people you could see it was like oh yeah I'm gonna go gonna train every day on the cruise yep you know and it was funny then the next day there was half that amount of people and then the next day there was half of the amount of that amount of people and by usually about day three or four it was the set five or six people that trained him yeah fair enough and most of them were just doing cardio you it wasn't running on the spot running oh yeah yeah so but yeah no look I I train for a couple of reasons one is that I like training and he's hardwired into me is something that is just a part of my day and I feel better for it but I also kept training too so that when I come back I'm not going to be stupidly out of the lumpia and get really saw and things like that so which I wasn't because I'm back back into your formal training you get good and I think you'd help keep your strength up and things like even though the gym on a cruise ship is pretty limited yeah yeah I mean they're pretty good at quick video but a life equipment on there didn't you Technogym yeah the counters and everything it was a technology setup and sponsored by technology yeah so I looked at yeah they had rip counters on yeah on there but knowing that they were limited you know that if you if you when you started getting tired you know sometimes you don't lock that rip out yard together if you don't go high enough it doesn't count as a great @rk yeah so right but the the equipment wasn't too bad yeah so yeah I kept training good speaking of the new of equipment we put new equipment here the gene we do so we've got another piece made by Jason from van Hecke enterprises so it's a second piece of custom-made equipment we don't excuse me he's a standing leg curve yeah unilateral yes yes yeah one leg at a time one leg at a time it is great yeah it is Jason from Salisbury said that he has now trained on it a couple of times and he loves it he loved it and it's a lot of weight you need to apply to it because you're standing so upright and you're really isolating that hamstring ten kilos will do the trick yeah putting people with like 20 others like go yeah and no goats live rep ten and say I can't do anymore that's right no it's great it like it's got like a pivot point on the ankle which is great they're not you're not locked in one position that's right he's on a very good job I mean the best thing about it is yeah it rolls along the back deliberately and really just that contraction point of the hamstring is unreal and the machine is very easy to move yeah I had a very short footprint yeah small footprint so it fits into anything anyway you know yeah check out van Hecke ENT on instagram yeah you'll be able to see Jason making some of these pieces of equipment he's very clever and the equipment is hardcore heavy dude it is yeah it's speaking of the gym again let's just touch on a couple of things that keeps rising up and I see this all the time yeah and we experience this all the time and one is that guys and girls when you sign to up with the gym any gene match is here but any team and you sign up to a direct debit well the obligation is on you to have funds in your account yeah I don't I'm or not exactly why you know you know the day said the debits gonna come out so make sure there's funds in the account because the banks do then charge it like a penalty yes they do yeah so we could charge the penalty fee and then you will get charged a penalty fee so the easiest way to avoid this penalty fee is to just have funds in Europe yeah yeah and if we ring up or any gym again I'm speaking universally James the gym manager is gonna ring you up so you don't have any funds in your account you know it don't don't start getting angry idea person because it was you the one that didn't have funds in there yeah and we get the report on the day so that's right exactly right yeah well then turn around say oh no there was money in the account well no there wasn't yeah and the worst thing as a manager El Cajon you know the forest chasing people up forward they are owing it it's hard it sucks I hate doing it I heard you out of run in the gym right I think I don't like people for money even though I know I know I find a lot of gym managers and they reckon that a big part of their whole week is done with that yeah ya know so if you don't want the hassle if you think it's a hassle of having money come out of your account on a fortnightly or weekly basis we'll sign up for a problem yeah easy and don't give us a bank account that has no money in it he had to transfer money over it defeats the purpose of a direct debit that's right but you can also I mean a lot of people have these sorts of accounts in the our ways they're spending it yeah and they transfer money into it and they use that as their gym direct debit okay and then there's no money because they've forgotten to transfer money in but you know that you can go to your bank and you can set up an automatic trans yeah yeah every every fortnight for a certain amount that will automatically go into there and cover your like for us it's every Friday some have money in there every Wednesday well even you the other day maybe there's money in there yeah yeah it is a frustrating part and I see that and I I've spoke to speak to other gym owners and managers and it is just such a frustrating part of running the gym you know and in the end you know we are running a business and and the purpose of the business is to run at a profit because if it doesn't run at a profit it's going to close yes is that this is not a theory it seems hard but in practicality it's rather easy you need to make money well that's right and and making money these days in gym industry and any sort of industry is tough you know and if you start missing out people aren't paying you and in the end like you know what right do you have to go into an establishment and use that establishment without you paying for precisely yeah yeah it's pretty simple and just bear that in mind I mean you know like a pipe you saying there's this applies to every chip yep now if you don't it if you also don't use the gym for a week don't think that you don't owe the money to the gym if you live in your house through if you don't live in the house for a week you're still paying a mortgage or rent exactly right if you are having time off and you can't come to the gym all you have to do is let your gym know it let's not and now put it into it onto a whole clip yeah Bo at the gym yeah we've touched on this in the number times look we're here at the gym we supply free deodorants and everything like that but just just be aware that you can smell hmm and some people smell more than others and if someone tells you oh you know excuse me you know you've got a bit of an odor problem well don't get angry about that either yeah address that situation because it's not that person's fault who's telling you they're not being rude they most probably doing you a favor another hard part thing you know the hard part it's very it's nothing's worse you listen you stink it's you know terrible you feel you feel like this yeah alright for me I feel like this gut let is emptiness like I don't want to do this you know yeah because that's a very personal thing that you're bringing up with the air person yeah but in the end sometimes people don't know you know so again you know either have a shower or then use deodorant if you get to the gym we've got feed free deodorant yeah yeah so that halfway through your workout just gonna have a bit of a spray yo yeah yeah just simple simple etiquette and this applies again at every G very much so that's right alright so while I was away I still managed to stay in the loop and and then saw a few things was happening and one was there Oishi Josh Lennar nowit's yeah got his Olympia qualification so he won the Spain big man show there's an appropriate name it's a very appropriate name yeah they're all large be yeah so he won that one and he beat a Kim Williams and Hollingsworth came third so yeah it was good to see Josh Geddes Olympia qualification yep so he hasn't got long now I think it's only like 19 weeks 19 weeks I think it's on the same day as the ICU so 19 weeks for four days yeah something like that yeah so it's either the week before or on the same weekend but anyway around about 19 weeks so that was really good in other bodybuilding news has been a few bodybuilding news big Rami yeah there was a big thing going about Rami is out of the Olympia now the latest thing I heard only this morning was that no no he's still on track for the Olympia he had to pull out of the New York Pro which is on this weekend because he had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder yeah which generally puts you after three or four weeks but the thing with Rami is he hasn't qualified for the Olympian no he hasn't no so he's saying that he's doing the Tampa Pro which he's I think about three or four weeks before the Olympia okay so he's waiting that long to be well that's yeah he's got to get his shoulder right and I'll be able to get back into training and everything else so it'll be interesting few people are still saying that he's out he won't do it turns out for the whole year I thank you yeah I see or anything he'll get invited yeah he won't get any money there and then the other thing that sent the pro bodybuilding scene into meltdown was the guest posing by a number of pros now that's it's actor Pittsburgh I think it's a Pittsburgh show of the Pittsburgh pro yeah yeah it's a pro show for I think figure and bikini but it's run by Tim Mannion who's the boss of the IFBB Pro okay yeah and he then flies out a number prose every year for this shown that he has like five or six Pro his guest person yeah now he had yet a few pros there but the couple of talking points was that Dexter Jackson was there yep and looking really phenomenal and he hasn't qualified for the Olympian either but there are talks in the home saying is gonna be his last Olympia as well well yeah but he still has to qualify yes and why do you think he's doing the Tampa Pro which is the same show that Ronnie would be oh yeah yeah but he looked big and he looked in good condition but the big talking point was Shawn Rodin's guest yeah saw that I did everyone say who's far well Shawn to put it bluntly looked horrible look it's terrible for a current mr. Olympia he looked just terrible yeah looked like he hadn't been training he had he had he actually had got me a little Johnny on these trunks and if you saw him you would think well he's he hasn't even trained he's not gonna even compete but apparently that Shawn rode in every year yeah he does say that like he's naturally uh he just gets fat that's just like your name and then he just in there 20 weeks 19 year any weeks just totally grows into the show and looks phenomenal which he has done every every year yeah maybe that drive top six so you can't say that it's not working but it was unreal how people who just went off did you see Shawn right no he sure I went like he bagged him so like you know as a conference or Olympia you got allowed to get fat you have to be up the top bigger looks like I tend to agree on yeah if you are there a mr. Olympia yo and you know they read they Risa stained it that you need yeah yeah I've tried to yo so obviously g-men iam had and must have just said you have to find him – come here – yes show in there like us why would you do that but yeah he actually looked any space when he was on stage there he looked like but just I just want to get off yeah I think it was a harem you know sitting down gets a text message or a call Oh gnarrk nobody has to fly over the next day that's right so yeah anyway that's what's been happening in the news nothing else nothing else no it has your prep going let's go well yeah nearly under 90 kilos Nelson good thing my end of end of either this week on it next week I should be around 89 kilos yeah so that's 19 it's been 19 and a half nine and a half oh yeah yeah don't worry there's the ICN on September the 29th yeah yes cool and we've got the ICN City Nationals are on this weekend yeah in Sydney so we've got I think from Adelaide it's about 8 8 or 9 people going over there Leo Ango yep Yuri who is one of the ashes you know sharing place think 2nd or 3rd of nice and show yes who else is there that's a few of the no that was a fair bit there are quite a few and she bear with me I can tell you okay so the team that he's going is quite a big team we've got Donald Turner yep done Donald won the overall means he's looking phenomenal she's listen great yes yeah Elizabeth fun who is a fitness winner she look Ellie Mara Fiore who's a sports model winner leo from men's physique Luke Pittman Yuri yep which is my Yuri have a life I really had trouble with that yeah Sheri Goggins stephanie has it and Steven budget so good luck to everyone unfortunately with me just coming back from Europe just so quickly I just I can't make it so but yeah we'll have a full rundown on how all those things colouring it should be good there's a big lineup so I know leo has got about 20 in men's physique Wow yeah and men's bodybuilding open I think had about 18 there's some big classes so if you finish in the top five you're doing really really well that's it finished yeah what's new we'll quickly go through we got a couple of new products we had talked about this quickly before that we had tried it well we've got this now in store which is the primeval labs isolate whey protein isolate I would go down hands down and say that this is one of the best tasting isolates yeah I've used I've only heard about the caramel latte how people are saying that's the best isolate they've ever used hands down sorry housing for me so it comes in caramel latte vanilla cocoa mint with his chocolate yepper and a chocolate mint and an orange creamsicle I have used the chocolate mint yes beautiful piece and the nice minty chocolate and the vanilla is just a beautiful creamy vanilla it's basically just an isolate isolate is a little bit of casein added to it and I think they've done that just to give it at that little bit of body yet a creaminess yeah a little bit of creaminess and then it's got the full spectrum of digestive enzymes in there as well yes and it's about a 76 77 percent protein yeah so it's right up there as a high protein it's 69.95 yep I'm ready sir 4:30 serves which is a really good price for an isolate and that is available now in store we've also gotten the primeval labs the essential amino acids yeah so it's your essential amino acid blend so it's your branch chains plus your essentials now we've got some stacks Ari's put up some stacks yes you can put up a link on this video to these stacks in an image so there's a number of different stacks with the isolate which is also includes the mega pre layer pre bloody aminos and things like that so check those out they say you're about I think up to about 15% off and the stack that you say that was the 20% this for a full stack would be the isolette the EAA max the mega pea black and the mayor Barry White yeah so that's all together yeah and yeah it's great sack I've been using the I'll be using the Maori white because I'm trying to get off my caffeine and stimulants for last week and a half two weeks now yeah feel good first of all angel hot but getting better so check it out the isolate if you're after a really good tasting whey protein isolate check it out I'll guarantee you that you'll love the flavors they have I'm really really good I'm also what has come in oh yes yes is the Gentek p2p in a tropical flavor now quickly before we go in a better flavor what is p2p p2p is a full spectrum inter worked out with mild animal with carbohydrates and multi dexterous dexterous and fructose yeah so it's good a carbohydrate blend mixed in it but it's not a lot how much carbohydrates per serve around 15 grams it's 17 grams per serving key yeah I know there's a whole bunch of people right now going oh my god there's carbohydrates in now as far as I am concerned your intro formula should have some carbohydrate – oh yes some fast-acting carbohydrates sugars to get into the bloodstream and replenish glycogen which is the whole idea if you can replenish glycogen faster your workout you're gonna have more energy yeah yeah trust me Bob I put all my clients to Peterffy they'll say don't train this is two weeks and then train without it you'll notice the difference i I think p2p is and has been one of the best intra formulas out there definitely by Mike Jones makes a really good formula quick rundown on the form only angry okay so we have in there so we've also got some glutamine 320 and creatine 320 yeah we have L isoleucine leucine and valine which is your branched chain amino acid arginine yeah an l-lysine al glycine citrulline malate and chromium picolinate acromion peak learning is actually for insulin sensitivity so it helps a lot more drink in training so it helps drive those carbohydrate is the mother cell yes yeah exactly right so then the new flavor is a tropical and again in Nick Jones fashion this is a beautiful it's a great tasting it's got a good tasting flavor it's not sweet at all yeah none of the gem tech' p2p range is sweet no really nice place what I find about it is it does taste very tropical but the best thing about is you've got the hint of banana like a very slight hint I don't know anything in there but I can taste it yeah I could definitely taste it and also if you purchase a PTV you in shop and/or online then you get a free Gentek shaker yeah I believe that was a little sorry yeah good shot on the untrained shaker exactly right so that is now available and it is 59.95 so it's right up there as a good value intro formula and I keep saying it all the time I think the Aussies make some of the best projects and Nick Jones makes some of the best products out there and really if you're looking to try a new pre-entry formula try to p2p and for goodness sakes just don't be scared of the carbohydrates yeah I'm loving them yeah you should happen in a pre work in it I keep saying free work inter and intra workout carbohydrates are a good thing all right that's it for new product what's coming you just keep an eye out we are in the production of a new hoodie yeah it's getting it's cooling down now yes loving it yeah so that should be in three to four weeks we'll start giving out putting out some teaser images of a mock-up but it's a really nice great quality really warm stylish again I need anyone the Alliance Minds fighting now so just keep an eye after that that will be available hopefully in the first week in June cool yeah exciting yeah so I'm looking forward to that and it looks great it's a really classy looking yeah you actually see the link to a sleek look anyway that's it that's it it's good to be back in the warmth it's actually the weather here is awesome yeah while I was in Europe I I sort of thought they're heading into their late spring is gonna be quite nice days in Norway it didn't get over four or five degrees today I missed that yeah and there was snow we saw snow on the mountains when and we were actually in the snows and like a snow you call it a snow down for snowfall of course a sleet yeah it's not it just like snow then you could see the little bits and then all person it was full-on snow yeah yeah it was pretty awesome anyway that's it that's it for my week it's good to be back thanks everyone if you've got any questions you want to hit us up with any questions hit us up on our social media on Instagram and on Facebook and we'll get back to you in the next episode yeah well in the meantime don't forget this episode is brought to you by Australian muscle and Australian muscle the gym and Australia muscle online with free Australia deliver a free Australia wide delivery I actually got a big order yesterday from Canada Canada Nara Kenan ara he's in the top of Western Australia I was gonna say southwestern US yeah yeah and this guy I put in a really big order and man he got free delivery and I did the postage on that and the whole profit on that order went on the postage but he got freed postage yeah you know that's what we do free postage Australia wide thanks guys we'll catch you next week see I

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