Aly Raisman Renews Call For ‘Independent Investigation’ Into USA Gymnastics | TODAY


  1. She is so well spoken and intelligent! Go girl!!

  2. Basically Aly is saying:

    Everyone, let’s go to Indianapolis today and get rid of Ron Gallimore.

    He is a cancer in this organization.

    Why has he and other players not been removed yet?!

  3. Once USA Gymnastics opens up/apologizes sincerely, giving way to clear/open forensic investigation by law enforcement agencies/FBI of child abuse cases, thence God Will Know that Repentance by the many responsible for child abuse cases & cover ups will be the next step, thence they may be Forgiven. Until Repentance occurs, all men & women hidden in veil, not open to speaking about their parts in the child abuses and cover ups (in fact in the world scene, as well) will and shall face consequences of God's Retribution thru God's Giving of more difficult painful Lessons of learning Loving-Kindness to those responsible for child abuse and cover ups: inprison-ment, doing community services to honour the Retribution of their kahrmic debts. Pedophiles are more common in the world than thought by average populace because sexual abuse and molestation of children has pervaded society's families for millennia, and molestation and sexualization of children will end soon thru God's Grace & Will. Only those free of vileness will and shall enter God's Kind-dom of Hoven. As per Matthews (Matthian in Ancient Hebrew) paraphrased (translated) quote, "Whence thou becometh as children are, thence thou will and shall enter God's Kind-dom of Hoven". Children are Innocent, Kind, Loving, Generous, Sharing, Joyful, Joyous, Smiley, Care-free, Humble, Shy, Honest, Trusting, Willing, Naiive, Non-biased, Unconditionally Caring, … we as humanity (adults) are to learn The Lessons of Loving-Kind Essence thru raising our Children with Kindness, not hurting them. God is in Control. As the Scripture says (translated), "do onto and upon others as thou doth want done onto and upon thee as what thou doth do onto and upon other will and shall be done onto and upon thee". Revelation. Yah Ali

  4. Go Aly! We support you 👏 keep speaking truth, holding power accountable and changing gymnastics and the world for the better Aly! 💫


  6. What a queen

  7. They called her grandma bc she slept a lot. Aly is amazing in soooo many ways though

  8. She is impressive and attractive

  9. What will a full independent investigation do? Larry Nassar is in prison for the rest of his life. I think it is more about certain players that enabled Larry's abuse.

  10. Every time Aly Raisman says "transparent" take a drink.

  11. What a national disgrace! Instead of protecting children we allow them to be abused. Look how the world is looking at us. Stay strong Aly and keep demanding what’s right!

  12. Who is the other coach?

  13. Go Aly!! If you feel like you don’t have all the answers, seek them!! You are a highly qualified, smart young woman. Go get them! Show the people who protect the abuser that THEY WILL BE HELD LIABLE as well.

  14. She's a three-time olympic champion but I respect her as a human being even more than I respect her as an athlete… I would appoint her as CEO of USA Gymnastics honestly (maybe not now, she's young and deserves some rest, but in a few years she would be perfect for that role)

  15. Girl get a life! She really is trying so hard to stay relevant. Get back in the gym and do what you’re best at. Bye

  16. Ms Aly, what would you do? Should we give you the position of head of gymnastics?

  17. Mary Bonno was stating she never had any athletes abused by Larry Nassar. She made that statement early on in the investigation on Larry Nassar. Why should she had been punished for stating the truth? You're wrong on Mary Bonno Ms. Aly!!

  18. You should be the director of USA gymnastics

  19. Ms. Aly, should Tom Forester be fired?

  20. Hi. I'm from Finland and don't know much about Raisman/Nassar/turmoil within USA Gymnastics so please don't get upset with this stupid question of mine: Is all those 3 reasons i mentioned earlier in my comment the reason why Aly isn't competing in Doha at the moment? Or has she "retired" completely?

  21. You go Aly!

  22. Aly would be perfect on their Board, on the search committee, or in a leadership position in USAG, but sadly that will not be an option for her because she is still in litigation with USAG. There is a reason why they are not communicating with her, because she is still in litigation with USAG.

  23. She's so passionate about gymnastics

  24. Gorgeous. Wife material right there.
    I support her in her crusade against the US gymnastics crime syndicate.

  25. It is a good thing she is heading the charge because if she didn't it might not happen at all.

  26. Aly is an American hero.

  27. Aly and some other former gymnasts should take over.

  28. Victimology! again. What's her problem? America's gymnastics now is better than ever. Look at all the international gold medals Simon Biles is raking in. Why does Aly's personal problem with one person have to change the whole USA gymnastics?

  29. I’m impressed with Aly. She has really stepped up to the plate and so young.

  30. Omg she’s so amazing! I don’t think Aly realizes what she’s doing. She’s an amazing voice now for everything, we all want her to have a come back for the Olympics, bittersweet, but we all know now what her priority is.

    Take your time Aly! Please redefine usa gymnastics.

  31. Aly Raisman never ceases to impress me.

  32. Aly, keep speaking up! Don't stop!

  33. Just make Aly the CEO

  34. Aly for CEO! Who cares if she's young! She's smarter than most adults running even this country… Most gymnast respect and trust her more than anyone else.

  35. Is she retired form gymnastics?

  36. Should be the CEO

  37. so inspirational

  38. Fxxk Aly she wants to play the Victim. Why did she not speak up after the Olympics in 2012, She could of saved alot of girls. NO she went to dance with the stars and her book and redcarpets. People need to open theirs eyes. She like naming people and why you did not tell your coach father what was going on. Do not buy this Act she is performing. They asked her in a interview and she dodged the question. Fraud.

  39. Aly is so encouraging 💜💜💜 super proud of her talking about what matters not only to her but others

  40. You go, Aly!! 💖💖💖

  41. I'm going to miss Aly as a gymnast, but I love what Aly is doing now. She is trying to save a generation.

  42. Independent investigation? If a crime has been committed against you report it to the police? Is she saying a gymnast told the police she was molested and the police ignored it?

  43. She doesnt make sense. I dont understand what shes talking about.

  44. Aly is a man!

  45. She’s against the system but wants to go towards 2020 okay… 😂

  46. I really think Aly should be given an official spot at USA Gymnastics, whether it be as a safety advocate or on the board, she needs to be there. This may be awkward now while she is suing them but in a few years time this should definitely happen.

  47. Aly is one classy broad! A great voice for gymnastics!

  48. Aly for CEO!!

  49. I completely understand everything happening with USAG and how Aly feels about all of this but she keeps complaining over social media instead of doing actions to actually help

  50. The athletes must all quit the organisation or at least a strike until it gets resolved.

  51. Aly, we support you! Keep speaking up and seeking the answers!

  52. She is sooo cool

  53. Such an eloquent young lady. It takes guts to step up to the plate like that.

  54. what she's saying is that the whole US gymnastics team is ran by perverts and that they are covering up their coaches because they help them win gold

  55. Thank you TODAY for keeping us updated on this matter. So many events get covered when they make headlines and then no updates. So thank you for staying on top of this and Aly Raisman thank you for not giving up-you're amazing!!

  56. She is truly a leader. She should definitely be a part of the clean up crew for USAG and eventually become its CEO

  57. I love her!! She's the best and in her book she's just an honest person who is looking for an answer to multiple problems and I'm glad she is stepping out into this world showing people she cares! Way to go Aly!

  58. What a strong woman!! 👏🏼👏🏼

  59. I'm way hotter than her

  60. Trans man open your eyes

  61. I have always admired Aly because of her talent and capacity as a gymnast, and I like her a lot because of her personality. Now, I am also so impressed, because of her courage and support to this important and urgent cause. I really wish that USA Gymnastics can cope with it with resilience and courage in order to stay strong for the girls that make us feel so proud of them.

  62. i love her <3

  63. Sometimes it feels as though she's carrying this entire fight for a revolution within USAG on her back alone.

  64. The woman who asked her all questions is obviously against aly.

  65. I think im in love… oh no…

  66. Aly for the CEO of USA gymnastics

  67. There are 250 cases of alleged abuse and no investigation!??? Michael Jackson had 2 alleged cases and he was slapped with a 10 year intensive FBI investigation!??? How does that work? Not to mention he ended up being proved innocent.

  68. Just turn lesbian just turn lesbian

  69. You won't get hurt I wish I was a woman

  70. Why not just give her the job of sorting it out

  71. " we have to prevent the 3 different kinds of abuse"

    Goes on to list 4 types of abuse.

    "We were like…. Totally texting and hahaa back and forth and like, hahaha. When I was texting her, hahaha"

    She sounds as immature and stupid as she really is. Very much bigger!

  72. She should step up …take that job and get us gimnastics in order.


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