ALS Treatment Producing Amazing Healing Results

hello and welcome to this week's Tyler talks you're surely teratoma this week I have Sally from Australia says what is your opinion of the ALS disease and ice bucket challenge I heard they test on animals and use unborn fetuses I don't really know a lot about that and I don't really want to get into it no I'm not going to dump a big bucket of ice on my head right now I may do it later just for shits and giggles but I think for now it is really important to potentially talk about ALS or motor neurons disease also called Lou Gehrig's disease and the potential of what may cause it and how to reverse it that's why I'm here I want to focus on the good things how do we just reverse it get rid of it if you still want to donate money somewhere look into it see what they're spending the money on what they're using it for and if you agree with that great and if you don't you can just send me your money it'd be fun to put it into some good purposes and help some other people come out to my retreats and help them to heal which brings up Ginny so this is Jenny here you can see her she's from Geraldton and Jenny and her son and daughter called me and they wanted to bring Jenny out here for 30 days to see if we could have some effects with motor neurons disease and when I talked to her on skype she was very emotional and crying and was losing some of her ability to speak it was affecting her speech and she was also losing the ability to walk so when she got here she could walk from literally kind of like one driveways length and had a tough time doing that and the speech wasn't gone but just a little bit slow and so motor neurons was taking effect and essentially we put her directly into a juice fast now I'm just going to talk about what I think is causing a lot of these diseases like motor neurons multiple sclerosis potentially Parkinson's muscular dystrophy a lot of these neurological disorders and functional disorders as well I believe there's a direct correlation and I've always said that you know as above so below oh well leaves dropping as above so below so I believe that the health of our digestive system has a direct reflection of what's going on up here and if we become toxic many times hold on while I pick my nose there if we become toxic I think that things can happen up here which cause damage so keeping the digestive system clean is very important keeping good bacteria in the gut is very important for many purposes but I think the main reason for these neurological disorders and diseases is metal toxicity we're exposed to metals when we have vaccinations we're exposed to metals when we eat with metal utensils when we cook with metal cookware and through pesticides herbicides and different things in our environment there's many different ways that we can track metals in fact a lot of people you know have fillings put in and it's mercury amalgam and Mercury you know gathers in the in the nervous system causing all kinds of issues a lot of times it causes depression causes anxiety so a lot of times when people are dealing with depression and anxiety and those types of symptoms it can be metal toxicity from mercury but I believe that there is metal that accumulates in the brain and throughout the nervous system it starts to block the synapse and the firing and the communication of the signal throughout the entire nervous system so I said well why don't we start taking the right kinds of juices wheatgrass cilantro these types of things green juices different kinds of juices to extract metals from the body also doing a colon cleanse the colon cleanse that I have has psyllium flax a variety of different things but also contains bentonite clay and bentonite clay has an amazing capacity to pull herbicides pesticides heavy metals aluminum and mercury out of the body literally to just extract it and when you're fasting your body goes from digestion to detoxification because you're not using all that energy digesting your food it eliminates a lot of these things that have been stored in the body and you can actually taste it when you go on a water fast especially when you're drinking water let's say seven days you'll start to taste metal in your mouth it's like oh my god where is this water coming from tastes like metal well it's not the water it's the metal coming out of you we detox through the tongue we detox through the digestive system through the skin through respiration so that's what we did we basically got her on a juice fast start extracting these metals hello airplane and essentially within like four or five days you can see her in this photo pushing me in her wheelchair literally as little as three four or five days on juices she was pushing this down to the beach doing little exercises definitely mentally coming back a lot more speech was a lot better some fantastic changes so I really think that if you know somebody that's diagnosed with motor neurons with MS with Parkinson's with any of these disorders I recommend putting them into some fasting in some detoxification and that could be done in person with myself or it can be done at home I also have an online juice fast it's totally free now all of the content we have to offer totally for free and it teaches you all the protocols and things you need to be doing while you're fasting a lot of education a lot of fun and all the recipes of different juices and things as well so get on there it's Tyler Tillman calm and you can simply go down to online juice fast sign up for free get that going there's a whole community on there you can stay in touch with to keep you motivated now just today actually I had this woman this is Tammy Tammy came to Bali as well we had a consultation she had MS multiple sclerosis and had bouts of really not being able to walk and having all the symptoms of MS she also had chronic fatigue syndrome and thyroid issues was put on all kinds of vitamins and pills and all sorts of things and I did the same thing I put her into basically juice fasting water fasting colon cleansing of what she was really tough for her to get through that but she pushed through it and she just did this post today I won't take the time to read the whole thing but essentially she's now out the other side with zero signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis chronic fatigue thyroid issues or anything really experiencing what I call divine health so when it comes down to it for me it comes down to what do we need to do to detoxify the body get out of them get out of the way so that the body can heal itself now another interesting thing about fasting is there's studies that have come out recently this show even on a 24 to 48 hour fast there are neurons firing within the brain that haven't been active for a very long time our brain literally grows and there's universities in California that are doing Studies on rats and mice and dogs and cats and even humans and finding out that when we do fast it actually expands our intelligence which makes perfect sense as to why Plato and Socrates and Aristotle Pythagoras Leonardo da Vinci and all these individuals of our ancient paths why they've gone down in history as being the most brilliant men and women that we know potentially attributed to fasting and the expanding of the mind so I you know I ask you take it on try it see how it fits and especially if you know somebody with ALS or motor neurons or any type of psychological or even neurological disease or disorder turn them on to fasting get them cleansing their bodies another thing when you're fasting is when you're breaking down fat at a very fast rate your body releases stem cells so any damage that's been done the stem cells literally have the ability to replace that damage to rebuild tissue this applies to all disease so look into a do your research I believe we are on the cutting edge of the next massive breakthroughs that will go out to the masses with this thing of fasting Whole Foods and yeah letting food be your medicine and be your own physician heal thyself check out what we're doing Thanks


  1. This dude is just guessing .

  2. You all need to look up a guy named Kim Cherry…he has als and he Is beating brother did not win after 4 hard years of battle als killed him…I know without a doubt that vaccines changed the protien folding in my brothers body and triggered als…how do i brother never had a vaccine in his life after age 12..then when he turned 50 he got a dui and was put in jail for 30 days awaiting trial..while he was there he was forced to get a vaccine…when he came out…his left arm started to go numb and als began..the number one group of ppl that get als is the military..they also get the most vaccines…everyone is different our proteins fold differently and taking a vaccine is the same as playing Russian roulette…you may live…or you may get ALS…
    Bless you all and may the lord watch over you…

  3. Fruit juice no sugar?

  4. I was just twitching how much is you juice

  5. Nothing heals als
    U r crazy if u are telling people it can be reversed
    You are not God
    Theirs no cure
    No treatment
    So ✋ stop

  6. I am form Pakistan and i am suffering mnd ALS last 2 years pls help me

  7. I love your words! I have been detoxing and juicing for 9 months. I have healed my arthritis, gut, and carpal tunnel. I will never go back. I'm pretty much a raw organic plant based diet now. Bless you for your words!

  8. can I heal my body from high blood presure.

  9. Good business to be in, a lot of people are looking for this kind of guidance

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