AlphaDestiny – #1 Plant Based Diet Mistake For Bodybuilding

hey everybody its Jason Blaha here and now that my obligatory apartment videos are done for the day it's time to talk about current events neon I've been this community and a number of people have awared me that Alexander Leonidas aka Alfa destiny aka strap on destiny aka goodly the dwarf or simply known as the dwarf Lord it's made of video justifying and discussing his SOI boy diet now I really be that condescending about that let me make this clear to people I do have many many years of being around strong sports strength training different diets I have actually been a vegan I've competed in powerlifting as a vegan and I've competed in powerlifting even doing meat based ketogenic diets and everything in between alright I have personal experience with this stuff and I know a lot of coaches who have run all these different diets through their athletes I'm gonna completely disagree based on my experience and that of different athletes and the data and everything else regarding the nonsense that he said here let's keep in mind alex is not just new to coaching and I mean really as I've said before it didn't have the experience in training to be putting out training books what he did let's be honest he doesn't have that much experience with plant-based diets when he says that lack of protein isn't the issue I'm gonna completely disagree I had bulk on plant-based diets or again what I call plant-based which means you're not eating animal products like rice is a plant beans or the planet peanuts are a plant right so that's plant-based if that's what you're eating you're not eating meat or dairy you're pretty well plant-based and my experience calories is not the issue if you tried to say look the biggest problem that people have is getting enough calories I've never found that to be an issue it's way easier to overeat plant-based foods even when you're not eating junk food people say well what do you mean beans rice like beans and rice you tell me that's telling me you can't eat 4,000 calories a beans and rice I can't that's not hard that's not hard at all you can over here ice how about peanut butter you guys telling me you can't eat a twenty-three hundred calorie jar natural peanut butter in one sitting I'm sorry calories are just not that hard to get on a plant-based diet it's hard if you were literally eating like a raw vegan alright but even fruits and stuff it's not that hard to 2,000 calories of bananas the the carbs and even the pure fats are not really an issue those are not hard to eat it's when you're eating the really really fibrous foods right I mean eating 2,000 calories of broccoli is Hardy 2,000 calories of spinach is our but actually even 2,000 calories of watermelon can be hard not necessarily bananas or oranges rice or even beans and rice mixed together peanut butter perfect examinee it's easy to overeat peanut butter either not really a problem I don't think the calories are the real problem I have no trouble bulking I have no trouble gaining fat any of that on plant-based diets in the past it's actually really easy you can bulk up and gain fat really quickly on these sort of diets it's not hard at all so I'm not really sure where he gets that from it's again he's probably seems to have very limited experience with it so my experience on it is that your issue is getting enough protein now and the b12 is a big issue also and as an athlete b12 is important but the protein itself is an issue it absolutely is because what we know in my own experiences having done bulking and cutting and other stuff on different diets over the course of my lifetime I can tell you guys that it is much much easier to not gain as much fat when bulking on much much higher amounts of protein and animal protein versus on a plant-based diet alright it is actually difficult to get enough protein to handle your muscle gaining needs while keeping calories in check it's difficult to get enough protein to handle your recovery your inflammation your connective tissue we're not just talking about just building muscle I'll tell you about just building muscle and let's go back to the point of what what alex has done we like he's been doing this sort of diet then what happened he was trying to do all this training volume for his arms and what he complained about his elbows hurt his ten deterred started having connective tissue inflammation all right in my experience that is indicative of not getting enough protein lots of coaches have notices over the years that usually people who start getting connective tissue inflammation from higher training volumes they usually need more fat in their diet they usually can cut their carbs a little bit add more animal proteins and more fats into their diet and it resolves their connective tissue inflammation all right this is something that's been noted the sort of diet I are on running a keto style diet actually controls this very very effectively but let's come over to that point about muscle growth and inflammation right that's actually an issue very much an issue for people on plant-based diets and again the connective tissue man is a big deal with their protein intakes it's not just the protein intake it's protein bioavailability like we could go look at something like beans or peanut butter and say hey there's a decent amount of protein relevant to to its calories until you look at the bioavailability of it it's hard to absorb that protein alright we're dealing with total bioavailability for some of those might only be sixty percent so you're hundred grams of protein isn't early a hundred grams of protein is it it's more like sixty and it's now I'm not saying they're incomplete protein some of them are not as complete as they they could be but that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about your actual ability to absorb all of it through your digestive system right their digestive problems a lot of these plant-based proteins in terms of the absorbing all of them that's actually an issue that is an issue so what we usually find though is that the older we get as lifters the more protein that we need to take in in order to handle things like our joints and connective tissue as far as their recovery for higher training volumes and look at what he's experienced right there he's a perfect example you've been running this sort of plant-based diet and what is he's talking about his tendon term recently made videos having to deal with it corrective measures for it his tendons are yeah as your diets playing a role diets playing a role promise you if you are on a different diet you would have been able to go to longer and harder training or clothes before you ran into that issue you've been running saying what I'm doing a keto style diet and this is something a lot of athletes I'm not talking about recreational lifters I'm talking athletes I know who are over 40 a very large number of them I know who are oftentimes coaches and stuff themselves fine the higher fat lower carb animal-based diet seemed to work really really well when you're on very high training volumes for keeping your tendons from getting inflamed with tendon recovery a lot of us notice this and people notices who I know who are coaches and serious athletes and again something this younger kid doesn't have a lot of experience with he doesn't have much experience working with actual happily to her in their 30s 40s not one himself doesn't have that much experience he's not gonna realize this and that's a perfect example that's a big part of the problem yeah the protein intake is insufficient for that the quality of it's too low and it's not just building muscle but let's talk about building muscle as he built that much muscle since he's gone all over to this style of diet has he gave me his he even replicated some of his supposed it strength feats remember that fate 225 press that he's not right there was actually a push press he hasn't been able to even push press 225 since he's gone plant-based he can't even replicate his faith to lift it was a supposed to strip pass that was a push press which we covered already he hasn't been able to replicate that since going plant-based how about any sort of heavy deadlift has he been able to actually deadlift and guys will say he deadlift at 585 cause he didn't that was a missed lift that lift was actually failed he could not lock it even with straps he couldn't walk it he failed the lock he was not capable of dead lifting sumo 585 he's a short guy deadlift and sumo that gives him a big advantage he should have a leverage advantage guys his high can usually pull more see more than they can conventional pretty normal still couldn't do it so he missed that lift has he been able to deadlift over 5 pounds since he's gone plant-based as he really made games as he gained strength as he gained performance or as he just gotten a bit leaner he's gotten leaner I don't know that he's made real gains or any sort of gain since doing it so again not just about calories there's a protein issue and again a lack of strength gains a lack of muscle gains yeah he's gotten leaner which is often times easy to do a really high fiber diet yeah fair enough fair enough but has he made gains as he tried to make lean gains without gaining large amounts of fat while doing this sort of diet anytime recently debate substantial strength gains no but he has complained about his connective tissue and that is one of the big problems for people who don't eat a large amounts of animal products who are serious athletes who put in any sort of serious work load connective tissue problems they rise up and again most coaches who work in mist in this area know this they know this so again I'm gonna say to him no it's not just caloric calories they're not that hard to get you can eat rice and bananas to get calories you need peanut butter to get calories the protein is a big deal and it is one of the biggest problems it absolutely is it's very hard to do on that sort of diet on a plant-based diet to get enough quality protein and it's hard not saying it can't be done but it is an extreme effort required to do so especially not just for gaining muscle and strength before again connective tissue recovery and overall recovery from your training getting b12 all these things these are problems right these are problems and they're real problems they're a hell of a lot harder than getting enough calories because they're calorically dense plant-based foods there are plenty of them out there so again I'm gonna disagree with him completely on this and it I think it does show his own lack of experience in this area he hasn't been doing it that long let him run it long enough that he'll run into another these issues and he'll changes it's alright guys well that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


  1. 1 more thing 2 add 2 this, if ur -O BLOOD TYPE and you go vegan, you will end up in the hospital at a certain point with a host of serious issues, you have to eat according to your blood type. If you go against nature, you will pay the price .

  2. Overeating is easier than breathing!

  3. Fun drinking game: take a shot Everytime coaht says "protein"

  4. jason , why keto- carnivore- paleo diet seems to be the only diet that makes me feel good? because i dont binge, and my digestion is almost perfect,

  5. You're exactly right Jason, I've been planted based 10 months, my gains and joint pain didn't start improving until I added in 100 grams of pea protein powder shakes a day.

  6. Jason, i have a topic i hope you could make a video about.. Brewers Yeast.. Arnold and many old school lifters used this as a supplement and said it did wonders for them! What do you think about this?

  7. I disagree with you on this video coach. But still looking lean, Eugenia Cooney.

  8. protein on plant based is hard….how do you eat beans and lentils more than once a day? it's punishing as fuck 😱

  9. Very informative coach

  10. Stop making fun of his height, you are literally only 5 cm taller….

  11. #1 mistake made on a plant based diet.

    Going on a plant based diet.

  12. I'd like to try a UCLA gymnast based diet mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..

  13. Hell no I can't eat 4000 calories of beans and rice lmao. What the hell…. And I love rice.

  14. What do you think about Clarence Kennedy saying he eats 120-150 grams of protein a day on a plant based diet?

  15. Avacado is proper calorie dense

  16. Someone who’s on record saying he used to do olive oil shots to get easy calories said it’s difficult to get enough calories on a plant based diet? What? He knows full well how easy it is to get calories on a plant based diet. It easier to get calories plant based than it is animal based. Most vegan alternative options have considerably more calories than their “real deal” counterparts. This is a publicity stunt for views and subs on his part. It’s an act.

  17. Forearms looking orcy, catnip.

  18. When he finally gives up this plant based bs, his gains will show up again

  19. I can see through you Jason

    No, I mean, I can see the slab of meat through your superman logo on your TShirt!

    You might want to have that seen to? It's just some advice – I'm not a medical practitioner, but it really doesn't look healthy………..

  20. Looking dangerous african rhino – bop bop!

  21. OKAY! Former, retired, use-to-be famous, fitness critic here – The OG Tim Shufflebottom! Whoa, Jason, I watched a recent video of yours just awhile ago & for the first time I actually felt sincerity in what you were saying (I mean to the core), and thought to myself? This man actually has some feelings underneath all this. I mean, I sensed, unadulterated, human, emotional pain & hurt!

    The video was about being mocked for being formerly fat & how "fitness experts" actually lower their standards to make fun of the physical obstacles we all must face as a human beings – in this case: 100lbs of weight loss & improvements on an individuals personal resilience & not just coming back from being bedridden, but also accomplishing above normal strength-standards along with losing a very substantial amount of weight.

    I am in total agreement & also dumbfounded how these self-appointed, "fitness experts" , can actually find it something to be ridiculed.

    Anybody who has so much even read 1 investigative book on obesity & it's origins could not fat shame. You would have to be completely ignorant & make a persons position as a, "fitness expert" very questionable indeed – and that is regardless of the fact, how sexy it is right now to make fun of Jason Blaha's body

  22. How do we look at the bioavailability of said proteins?

  23. Vegans can EASILY get TONS of calories!
    Rice and beans, oatmeal,cereal, avocado oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil; peanut butter, almond butter; ,imitation meat, portobellos cooked like meat; fruit, nuts, potatoes, juice, soda, beer, wine, candy, chips, etc.
    Not only that, but speaking from my one year past experience of being vegan, you are ALWAYS psychologically hungry, no matter how clean or dirty you eat! Bulking might even be easier as a vegan IMO. 🤔

  24. I eat 12 raw egg yolks a day and my cholesterol and triglycerides are great, non negotiable. Protein is doable for plant based diet but it ruins your gut over time and it also makes you b12 deficient which shrinks your brain 1% per year; there's simply no way to get that b12 without meat or injections because plants don't have absorb-able form of b12.

  25. might also be low estro. alex def seems like the type of guy to do SARMs or something and claim natty

  26. Alpaca Destiny is a soy boy. NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!

  27. Who in their right mind would eliminate animal protein if they were doing strength training or any hypertrophy program! These cucks are delusional

  28. Cliffs for those short of time: Cuck Dest-stinky trains like a dumb-dumb, I wouldn't immediately blame plant-based dieting.

    Alex also trains like a dumbass, so I wouldn't be so quick to judge plant-based eating. I've been a meat eating lifter and am currently a non-PETA supporting vegan lifter, I've had no issues with muscular-skeletal injuries and haven't seen other vegan athletes with them that made it a point to eat their bodyweight in grams of protons and to train in a reasonable manner. I'd blame Alex's pin presses and Bro Arms routine.

    Coath, you and plenty of other wise people have taught me to look at things critically. You've drawn a single point WAY beyond the realm of it's context. Plant-based diets aren't inherently low in quality/complete proteins unless you eat a Kenyan style or Raw vegan style diet; personally I put on emphasis on protein rich grains, such as the rice n' black beans, oats, quinoa, pasta, etc only one rice/pea protein shake a day and have no issue getting 180-200g protons a day during a cut. Just because Alex hasn't taken the time to deload his training, rebuild his base for a few months, and work into a concurrent program based on compound lifts, that doesn't automatically mean it's his diet.

  29. Had a god dam heart attack with that spin in sound Jason. My god.

  30. Peanut butter, yes very easy to eat mass calories. 2000 calories of banannas though? That's a whole lot of bananna's and would likely make you sick if you tried.

  31. Looking bit pale there Canada

  32. I'm one of the only guys in my gym who uses a heavy barbell for every compound lift. theres this super skinny lanky guy who bumped me one day because he was on his phone and walking directly in the middle of the hallway so we had some words. he comes into the gym last night after only using dumbells and rubber bands to workout and never taking breaks his whole time coming here and starts to imitate my lifting. he loads up 225 on a bar in the squat rack at a height I assume hes going to squat (im twice his size and only using 210 for work sets atm) and I say to myself oh boy this is going to be funny….he proceeds to half rep 225 for multiple sets of 5 and takes breaks in between. his hot ass gf goes to the gym too so I'm pretty sure its his way of showing her he can lift just like me too. really bugged me that this guy thinks he can just go from playing with 25lbs dumbells super skinny too squatting anything over 150lbs for reps ATG I think ppl watch youtube videos of ppl squatting 700lbs and just think they can start repping 225 on squats he also proceeded to hitch a bunch of mix grip deadlifts which im the only deadlifter in the gym shit was weird AF

  33. I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it before but have you ever considered implementing strongman exercises to supplement your workouts. I know you’re limited on space by what are your thoughts on bringing in some of the strongman lifts such as log presses and keg/sandbag work?

  34. You are very correct on this Jason, great video!

  35. fuk that beta male coca cola

  36. Appreciate the video and discussion with this Jason

  37. That steak looks absolutely delicious. I know what I'll be doing this fine Saturday:
    1) deadlifts, leg presses, walking lunges, and pull ups
    2) run on the treadmill for 20 mins
    3) Eat a steak and potatoes dinner
    4) chug some of Conor McGregor's brand: Proper 12 True Irish Whiskey
    5) hit the strip club, take a stripper to the VIP for some sinful activities, baby please…
    6) come home, smoke a joint to relax and get some sleep to recover.
    7) tomorrow, go to church to confess my sins
    8) next week, do it all over again

    Constantine is right: Fvck all that vegan bullshlt…. Aint nothing but CARNIVORE masculinity on this channel… I salute you, coath…👍

  38. Jason do you read comments?

  39. So you're saying fiber intake leads to connective tissue damage? or carbs? Sorry, but this is terrible advice Jason.

  40. Yee

  41. TBH AlphaDestiny is being shrewd by tapping into the vegan market to gain money/views. He knows vegans will follow almost anyone who promotes their diet. This is how people like Greger have given themselves near god-like status among his gullible vegan worshippers. Heck even uneducated quacks like Freelee manage to get a near cult like following this way…

  42. To be fair, beans are very filling because of the combined fiber/protein content. Imo, they are one of the best fitness foods in existence. One of my favorite cutting meals is chili, because I can prep a week's worth in a crockpot with a shitload of beans, peppers, onions, ground beef, and feel insanely satiated from it.

  43. #1 plant based diet mistake is being on a plant based diet

  44. To fully endorse the vegan plant based diet actually denies our ( Human race's) ancestry and evolution,which is why we have incisor teeth to rip through meat & flesh.
    Its as simple as that.

  45. Neck is looking humongous Lord Cpap!

  46. Looking rich in vitamin C, cruciferous vegetable

  47. Its harder to digest, start thinking

  48. So is whey protein better than milk

  49. Looking moist, cutlet of beef

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