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you got to keep them away from the bad stuff because that's where the problem lies okay very good question thank you for coming thank you my question is what can I do or use for gate imbalance I have my body wants to go straight but it leans and sometimes I have difficulty walking okay now is this she has a balance problem now is this a okay were you born this way no it's not cerebellum what else let's see that's what the doctor yes not cerebellum it's now it's real palsy if you're born normal how long will this develop okay so you're gonna have so it's not a genetic defect it's not a congenital defect you weren't born that way and this can be due to osteoporosis to the skull okay Ari could have one hip you know one leg shorter than the other I mean there's all kinds of possibilities here but if it has to do with the with the brain doctors forget did you get osteoporosis or the skull just like you do your legs and your pelvis your vertebrae when you have osteoporosis of your skull the bones get thicker and often time to be called Paget's disease when it gets thicker the canals that the nerves come through there's 12 pairs of cranial nerves 12 come out this side from the brain 12 come out from this side of the brain and the one that affects your balance and you feel like you're maybe in motion do you ever get like motion sickness a little nausea well yeah here we get ringing in your ears or no tone or chirping or anything no okay but if you feel a little nausea sometime you feel like man the room is swimming like I'm you know motion sickness this could be caused by osteoporosis of the skull and the canal that the eighth cranial nerve is going through is filling up with scar tissue because you have osteoporosis skull and when you squeeze the vestibular branch or the eighth cranial nerve in the old days you just called Meniere's disease and today they call it wall X vertigo because I figured out what causes it right so what you need to do you're tall girly so you're gonna need two healthy bone and joint packs for month two full doses a day a full dose of breakfast Center two healthy bone and joint packs per month and you also want to each one of those healthy bone and joint packs is gonna be a widemouth jar of CM cream which is a topical pain reliever anti-inflammatory I'm going to take a quarter of a teaspoon with a q-tip in the morning when you wake up put it down in your ears like you're trying to get wax out and in the middle of the day like three o'clock you know kind of halfway between lunch and dinner do it again and that's correct what'll happen is you're gonna see relief for three to five hours be different and if it's in your hips and it won't affect it at all because it's in your hips you're very welcome well we're I'm just being here with you is an amazing day thank you dear okay back to you my son he's four he has severe allergies he's allergic to the top eight and corn and sesame seed he has extreme itching eczema I haven't seen his skin clear since he was born okay so he has eczema he's having respiratory stuff or bowel things he had he he was getting colonoscopies endoscopy how old is this child he'll be five next month five next month they're doing a colonoscopy on tonsils adenoids yeah we do yeah we need a new doctor here okay doing a colonoscopy on a five-year-old kid somebody needs to go to jail here I can say some things but I won't okay I'm getting breathless here because of this okay um basically when a child has eczema and bowel problems because they have what a gluten intolerance how did you have asthma as a child no his father well that's not it's not gonna come from the father yeah okay even if the father had asthma it's not going to come from the father does are the do you have any other children no do you have any brothers and sisters do they any of them have asthma bingo here we go again okay so yourself your husband the boy's father the your brothers and sisters your mama if she's still alive all your mama's brothers and sisters your auntie's and uncles all of them got to be gluten free okay and what is this child way he's almost 40 and he is and free now though I don't believe it are you a critic no well then he's not gluten-free okay are the dogs and cats in the house gluten-free he's allergic so we don't have any okay what about anybody else living in the house grandma no does he go to babysitters daycare are they all grilled and free is it do you mean in the environment yeah okay yeah no no and so he's not gluten free the okay okay cross-contamination the food preparation services the couch for people watching TV hugging people had just had toast for breakfast all the crumbs all over their clothes you know even the daycare person you know they they had a breakfast sandwich at McDonald's that are full of gluten on their hands and they take the child's hand and the child puts his hands in his face and so a dog dog food for those who do have dogs that dust from the dry dog food or dry cat food gets on you the laundry where people wash their clothes you wash your clothes the same laundry as your child no I separate again I'd do it separately I don't care what separate is the same washer dryer now as you get across contamination okay I mean you clean this environment up I mean really be obsessive about it okay and then the child weighs 40 pounds you say yes okay approach it was 50 pounds so it'll be one healthy brain and heart pack you last them two months so a half a dose a day for two months right and then you need to get out another one as he gains weight that dose needs to go up and this should go away fairly quickly okay but I would get another opinion before you start doing colon scopic exams on a four-year-old oh good yeah bless you yes yeah because you know how many of you heard of the trouble with priests who were who were predators on the choirboys and stuff like that there's lots of sexual predators who become pediatricians so think about that yes god bless you oh thank you concerning pain wherever the pain maybe um because I believe because I'm a praying man I have to take pain medicine and like three weeks and I feel the same way I felt when I was taking a pill medicine so what would you prescribe okay not be taught my muscles soft tissues on my joints every time yes sir okay if you're head of diagnosis from anybody yeah fibromyalgia or arthritis um and what do they tell you I mean you know you have pain you need to go to doctor to say you have pain so what did they tell you they they're saying that I had condition and they said what condition but they said I had authorized okay so let's say you have arthritis you're a big fella you need to healthy bone and joint packs for months okay right pull those four think twice a day except for the glucose y'all you're gonna take 15 a day and all that would be accomplished by the two healthy bone and joint packs you can use the CM cream topically on your knees your hips your elbows or shoulders or neck wherever you have the pain soft tissue muscles are fine and what kind of work you do I'm sorry say again Hospitality catering after your beverage okay you're not the cook are you yeah okay rolling out flour and bread and stuff okay yeah you want to stay away from that kind of stuff and none of the bad foods no fried foods and processed meats on the gluten and also you want to stay away from carbonated drinks even ones you think of as being benign things like ginger ale club soda sparkling water because the the carbonation actually neutralizes stomach acid it's gonna prevent you from absorbing minerals and so you got to stay away from all the carbonated drinks – okay thank you your bet yeah question I got sick about three or four years ago gonna step up to the microphone oven thank you okay I got sick about three or four years ago and I had pain and before I knew it I was in the hospital the kids took me to the hospital they examine it just like that and the doctor said Oh Yoko bladder shot we're taking it so he took your gallbladder so I want to know because they're saying I don't need it I don't believe that so is this God in there you need yes my point yeah so I mean is this something is that everybody might not gonna take is there something I can do to offset all sure now question is do you still have any discomfort in your belly no and it wasn't discomfort I didn't even know I was sick I thought I was having a heart attack it was my first event it just happened oh he said you had a heart attack no I said I thought I was having my Wednesday but they said it was my goal better but I had never gotten sick before okay then do you have any skin palms any eczema dermatitis Ryan says I've been in remission with the eczema for about 20-some years 27 years okay guess what you have gluten intolerance okay so you need to get off of all gluten no we probably right Oh snow fried foods and processed meats and oils right well that's got to go now gall bladder 99% of the time is innocent the gall bladder is just a bag and if you had any stones in there gall stones they're made in the liver the liver drops them into the gall bladder and so taking out the gallbladder is kind of insane because that's like amputating weight lifters arms because you got a big arm cause you've been weightlifting right and so what I would do is go ahead and take two of the healthy brain and heart pastor Month which is very good for the liver full dose everything twice a day and then specifically we have what we call the gall bladder in a bottle it's a it's a digestive program and I want you to take one or two you'll decide which one's better for you one or two of those ultimate enzymes are called ultimate enzymes like one to two minutes before each meal with a couple ounces of water it'll be maybe one bottle of month and we call it a gall bladder bottle because it has bile in it to help you absorb all the good fats including fats aval vitamins a d e and k good cholesterol all the stuff you need to absorb you have to have bile from the liver to do that and your gall bladder just stores the liquid bile and when you have a meal it'll kind of squish and all that ball goes in your intestines and helps you absorb those good fats so you do need that and so that's why we have the gall bladder and a bottle called ultimate enzymes take to those two to five minutes for each meal a couple ounces of water okay thank you you're welcome okay question yes dr. Wallice thank you for being here your diagnosis with macular degeneration and I do have a spot in that right eye okay she has macular degeneration did you drive here yourself today okay can you drive yes okay Maggie's generation is free radical damage to the lining the retina of the eye and it's easily prevented and it's easily reversed it's not genetic in any way shape or form it's caused by free radical damage to the eye you got to change everything you're doing no fried foods and processed meats and oils no gluten well that's got to go I want you to remember the dye is part of the brain okay and the brain is part of the eye if the brain has the optic nerve goes through the skull and then the eye is a bull you know a ball on the end of that optic nerve so it's all part of the brain so you need to get rid of all the bad stuff and particularly things that produce free radicals no fried foods no process means for nitrates nitrites no oils no gluten and you want to take two of the healthy brain and heart packs for month a full dose for breakfast and dinner and then I would also get your auric points your antioxidant points up to get rid of that damage it's kind of like having really severe age and liver spots in the lining of your eye and so I don't you do there's three things you can take to get your auric points up and you kind of mix them up one this week you know another different one next week and so on so you have a little variety or you can do all the same thing it doesn't matter you need to get your auric points your antioxidant points above 100,000 per day auric is an acronym which stands for oxygen radical capacity which is a measurement of how many free radicals are neutralized by the anti since in the product any rate you can do that with either what's called cell shield rtq take five of those twice a day or you can take triple treat chocolate which is kind of fun you take six of those a day two at breakfast lunch and dinner if you like chocolate and or you can take what we call it beyond tangerine BTT 2.0 tablets I go ahead and take three of those twice a day there'll be two bottles a month that's going to get your auric points above a hundred thousand a day now the BTT 2.0 tablets is a fairly economical way to get really over three hundred thousand or eight points today for me that's where I would do the BTT 2.0 Taylors because I'd want three hundred thousand or eight points although one hundred will do the job but my vision is important to me so I'm gonna go with the BT T but anyone we're working and mix-and-match them there were a hundred thousand and these guys out there will help you do that and I made a bet with a doctor once who called me a liar who is in the group I said I can reverse magnet generation even as you're legally blind for six eight 10 years you jumped up said well like you're a liar so sir who are you says well I'm a medical doctor hi doctor and absolutely it can't be done it's an age thing and you can't stop it or prevent it or cure it he's well sir that's not correct you want to do a little wager and see yeah I'll do a wager with you says will bring me twelve your patients they're legally blind six eight ten years of macular degeneration and if I could get half of them in 90 days six out of the twelve to read 20/20 would you apologize he's if you could get one out of 12 I'll apologize so the next day he brought me a box of 27 charts true story from me 27 charts I had 300 witnesses in the room and he says here picture 12 and I said well who's gonna pay for all the supplements he says well let's make that part of the wager if you win I'll pay for it if I win you pay for a nice that's fair I said if that's the case let's go for all 27 he says you're on so I filled out a form as you're gonna have filled out there and I I personally gave it to each of the 27 patients I talked to each one because I didn't quite trust him you know I didn't know if he was gonna kind of purposely deep-six it so he could win the bet I don't know because I didn't know him and so I talked to each of the patients and gave him a written handwritten thing of how to take the supplements 90 days later all 27 praise God could reach 2020 only two required glasses to make it happen the other 25 didn't even

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