Alice in Wonderland | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. There! Now we’re ready to begin and today we’ve got a special story
that you might already know. It’s Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll. Lots of funny things
happen in this story but we get to go
to Wonderland. So let’s get started. Coming up to stand Whoa! something funny is happening. What’s happening? Everything’s gone really big. I’m really small. Goodness me! This is very strange indeed. Whooooooa! Something else funny is happening. Hooo! I seem to have
gone really big. I’m enormous now and look I’m going to have a look, can you see me? Oh! This is no good
for yoga, is it? Everything’s gone really tiny. Oh! Dear Whooooooa! Hang on a minute. Hooooooo! Huh! There we go back to normal again. Phew! Now we can get
started with the yoga. What? What’s funny? I’m what? No! Oh! Oh! Hmm! Okay maybe this isn’t
going to work. Ohhhhh! Boom! Huh! Phew! Now I’m back to
normal again. Now we can get
started with the yoga. Our story begins on a
warm summer’s day with the Sun in the sky. So we reach up to
the Sun and we say Hello Sun! We find Alice lying on
the riverbank with her sister. Coming down to lie
on your backs arms out wide and lift your legs up. Alice is feeling so very bored. Her legs go over
to one side as her head twists
to the other and over to the other side as her head twists
to the other. Aah! It’s so lazy and hazy
on this hot summer’s day. Alice begins to have a daydream. All of a sudden a white rabbit
comes hopping by. Coming up to sit on your
hands and knees spread your fingers wide tuck your toes
and lift your bottom and then do a hop in the air. One Two Three Hoppity Hoppity Hop! And again One Two Three Hoppity Hoppity Hop! The rabbit stops
up on his hind legs balancing on your tiptoes he looks a bit worried. He twists from side to side looking for something
in his waistcoat pocket. He finds it he looks at the time
and he tuts Oh! Dear, I shall be late. I’m late I’m late for a very
important date and he hops off. Turning to the side spread your fingers lift your bottom and hop One Two Three Hoppity Hoppity Hop! and again One Two Three Hoppity Hoppity Hop! Alice jumps to her feet and she runs after the rabbit running as fast as she can chasing him but he dives headfirst
down into a rabbit hole. Turning to the side reach your arms up and fold all the way forwards. Alice gets onto her tummy coming down onto your bellies hands under your shoulders and wriggle your shoulders up she wriggles in to the rabbit hole
after the white rabbit without a thought of
how she’ll get out but Oh! dear, this was
no little rabbit hole this was a very big rabbit hole. Tuck your toes and lift your bottom
up to the sky. Alice begins falling down her legs lift up one at
a time behind her. Help! Taking that foot down
and lifting the other. Help! Coming to sit on
your bottoms, everyone with your legs crossed. The fall was lasting so long that
Alice could sit with her legs crossed and she could twist and have
a look from side to side twisting to one side to see Aaah! bookcases and cupboards Whoo! and she twists
the other side to see a jar of
orange marmalade Mmm! Finally she lands at the bottom
of the rabbit hole with a bump. Twisting from side to side Bump! Bump! Bump!
Bump! Bump! Phew! There’s no sign of
the white rabbit but there are lots
and lots of doors. Coming in to door pose coming to two knees take your leg to the side take your arm
up to the sky and try and open a door. Earh! Earh! Earh! Earh! It’s locked. Come to two knees again and try another door. Leg to the side arm to the sky and come to the other side that one’s locked as well. Earh! Earh! Earh! Earh! Oh! dear. Then Alice spots a table. Coming into table pose. Sitting on your bottoms feet flat knees bent hands behind you and lift up your bottom coming up into table pose. On the table there’s a key Yes! but it will only open
the tiniest door. Coming onto all fours Alice takes the key and she reaches it in
to the tiniest door it opens with a click Tok! Tok! Yes! but to see what’s on
the other side Alice has to lay
flat on her tummy. Coming to lie all the way down with your arms down
by your side Hmm! how she’d love
to go through because on the other side
is the loveliest garden. Hmm! Alice sits up and she gives her knees a hug thinking, Hmmm! how am I going
to get through there And then she spots
something else on the table it’s a little bottle with
a label saying “Drink me.” Alice stands up she puts her
hands on her hips and she folds halfway forwards. She takes the little bottle she brings it to her nose
and she smells Hmm! She has a little sip Mmm! and then she drinks
the whole lot Oump! Oump! Oump!
Oump! Oump! Oump! Haaaaa! something funny begins to happen. Alice begins to shrink. Jump your feet and arms wide and take yourself
from being a giant star to being a tiny little mouse. On your knees tucking yourself up into
a tiny little mouse shape Yes! Alice thinks now she’ll be
small enough to fit through the door but Oh! no the door was closed and the key is back
on the table. So Alice comes
all the way up. She stands high
on her tippy toes reaching her arms up to try
and get the key from the table but it’s just too high. Then she spots something else a tiny little glass box. Coming to sit on your bottoms joining the soles
of your feet together holding onto your toes and bring your head
down towards your feet closing your little glass box. Huh! She opens it up lifting your head and inside is a tiniest little cake and written in currants on
the top are the letters ea-at-ma-ae Eat me. Alice reaches in She gets the little cake
and brings it close. She spreads her legs wide and then leans forward
to gobble it all up Ohm! Chom! Chom! Chom! Mmm! delicious. But something funny
begins to happen again. Alice begins to grow
really really big. Coming onto your
knees everyone starting in mouse pose all the way forwards lets grow slowly coming all the way up
with your arms in front all the way up
and over your head she grows past
her normal size until she’s on her hands
and knees feeling very squashed and then she lies down
on her shoulder feeling even more squashed. Oh! no, now, I’m too big. She starts to cry. Ah-hu! Ah-hu!
Ah-hu! Ah-hu! All of a sudden the white rabbit
comes hopping past again. Coming into your
rabbit hopping pose spread your fingers touch your toes lift your bottom and hop One! Two! Three! Hoppity Hoppity Hop! and again One! Two! Three! Hoppity Hoppity Hop! He drops his fan. Alice sits up feeling
hot and bothered and she takes the fan and she cools
herself down with it. Crisscross your fingers put them under your chin take a big breath
all the way in and lift up your elbows. Ready? [Breathe In] And breathe out to the sky [Breathe Out] and again breathing in
lift your elbows [Breathe In] and breathe out to the sky [Breathe Out] Magically as she does this she begins to shrink again but Oh! dear because of her crying she’s shrinking into a pool
of her own salty tears. She has to swim. Coming onto your knees everyone bring your hands
into the centre and breathe in as
you lift your arms. Ready? [Breathe In] And breathe out
as you lower down [Breathe Out] breathing in [Breathe In] and breathing out [Breathe Out] It’s a lake and she’s not
alone in this lake there’s a little mouse
in it with her. Coming into mouse pose turning to the side
on your knees folding yourself all
the way forwards the mouse says I am a little bit frightened so I’m swimming to the shore. There is also a duck
in the water with her. Coming into duck pose high up onto your tippy-toes bending your knees
trying not to wobble bring your hands
onto your hips roll your shoulders back and take your elbows
back behind you. Woo! The duck goes… Quack! Quack! Quack!
Quack! Quack! Quack! There’s also an
eaglet in the water which is a baby eagle. Coming up to stand cross one leg over the other your arms wide scissy your arms and wave with your
underneath arm now twizzle them around and sit yourself down
like a baby eagle Aarh! Aarh! There’s also a lory bird which is a bit like a tweety bird only it’s got a brush on
the end of its tongue. Coming down onto two knees wrap your arms around yourself and as you open
up your beak go… Phrrrrr! and close Let’s try this on
the other side. Arms wide wrapping the other way open your beak and… Phrrrrr! and close Well done, everyone! Alice thinks what a curious
bunch of creatures they are. They all swim on their
tummies to the shore. Coming down to lie
on your bellies and swim using your
arms and your feet. They swim right to the shore and then they
come up to stand and think Hmm! how shall we dry off? I know, let’s have a race a Caucus Race it’s simple All you do is run around
and around in a circle and they’re off. Here we go, everyone. Running around
and around and around Phurrr! goodness me the race lasts for
about half an hour until the dodo suddenly stops. Coming into dodo pose down onto your knees hands on your hips
like little wings and take your elbows
back behind you he looks up and he says the race is over Everybody has won
and all shall have prizes. Then they all sit back
on their heels and look to Alice waiting
for their prize. Alice stands up Hmmm! Huuuuuh! And then she remembers she has a box of
currants in her pocket She folds halfway forwards and she gives a currant
to each of the little animals. One for you, one for you
one for you, one for you One for you. Oh! all these cute little animals it reminds Alice of
her pet cat Dinah. Coming into cat pose
on all fours Alice’s cat Dinah, she’s lovely she tells them all about how sharp
Dinah’s claws are like a tiger. Reaching out one
leg behind you and reaching out one claw and make your
claws really sharp Whaawerrrr! and the other way bring your hand and foot down and stretch out the other side Waaaawrrrr! but hearing about Dinah isn’t very good for
the little mouse. Coming into mouse pose all the way down with your
arms down by your side and she squeaks off Squeak! Squeak!
Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Coming up to sit the birds flutter away too they don’t like the
sound of Dinah. Coming into bird pose standing up feet together folding half way forward and your arms down then reach lifting
and lowering your wings. Wow! Wonderful birds everyone and a crab digger
diggers over to Alice. Coming into crab pose. Sitting on your bottoms knees bent feet flat hands behind you fingers pointing towards
your bottom lift your bottom up and… Digger digger
that way over to Alice Here we go. Digger! Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! He says to Alice stop going on about Dinah and then he
digger diggers off Digger! Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! Hm! Alice sits… all alone again. Hah! She has a little look around
using her cosmonoculars. Thumbs and fingers together have a look through Hu-Haaaa! I spy a giant mushroom and on that mushroom is a big blue caterpillar lounging lazily puffing on a pipe Coming into caterpillar pose. Lying on your bellies everyone hands under your shoulders and Wiggle! Wiggle!
Wiggle! Wiggle! all the way up Puffing on his pipe he says, who are you? Alice doesn’t know who she is all this growing big
into giant Alice and tiny into little tiny Alice she’s got no idea. He begins to wiggle off and he says why don’t you eat the mushroom one side will make you shorter the other side will
make you taller. Good luck! Alice jumps to her feet. Coming all the way up feet together everyone bring your arms up
above your head she reaches one way to get
one side of the mushroom and the other way to
get the other side now she can adjust her
size as she needs to. Up ahead she sees a tree. Coming into tree pose bring one foot on
top of the other your hands together
at your heart grow your tree
up nice and tall and hmm I wonder how strong the
trees are here in Wonderland. You stay tall and strong. I’ll have a go at
blowing you down. Here I come… Doooby dooby di doo! Fooooooo! Oh! my goodness they are super strong
here in Wonderland. Let’s try it on the other side. Bring the other
foot on top now your hands together and grow your tree
up nice and tall. Oh! can you open
those branches? Very good. Now Alice can see
something in the tree there’s a big cat
sitting in the tree. Coming into cat pose. On your hands and knees this cat has got the most
ginormous grin on its face Ding!!!! and it says as it moves its eyes
one way without moving its head “that way for the March Hare” And then it moves its
eyes to the other side “and that way for the Hatter” And then it disappears
in a puff of smoke. Walking your hands back
to come up onto your tiptoes and do a big jump in the air. One! Two! Three! Wooooowh! But it leaves behind its grin. Ding! Alice stands in confusion. Well I have often seen
a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat. She decides to head to the
house of the March Hare. Jump your feet wide hands above your head coming into house pose. At the house of the March Hare in the garden is a large table
set for a Mad Tea Party. Coming in to table pose sitting on your bottoms knees bent feet flat hands behind you and lift your bottom up. Sat at this table
is the March Hare. Coming into hare pose on your knees crisscross your fingers
behind your back and stretch your arms
out behind you then fold your head
all the way forwards lifting your arms like
two long hares. There’s also another
guest at this table. Sitting all the way up again it’s the Hatter Turning to the front take your feet
out behind you and see if you can just
sit between your ankles. Now if that’s a bit ouchy on
your knees or your ankles sit up on your heels again Yeah now crisscross your fingers turn them inside out and lift up your arms
above your head making yourself a very
wonderful top hat and sat in between
the Hatter and the Hare is a little door mouse. Coming into mouse pose turning to the side
on your knees holding all the way forwards the little mouse has got
its cheek on the table and it’s snoring loudly
because it’s asleep. Gaaar! Pheeew! Gaaar! Pheeew! Alice decides to
join them for tea and sits at the chair. Coming up to chair pose standing up feet a little bit wider bend your knees Now, lift your arms
up to the sky coming into your chair pose but Alice doesn’t stay long because no one is making
any sense whatsoever. They ask questions like Why is it raving
like a writing desk? Alice stands up and runs off saying this is the
stupidest tea-party ever and she runs right
into a garden where the Queen of Hearts
sweeps in. Sitting on your bottoms take your legs out long and then take your legs
round to one side bring one hand
on to your knee your other hand behind you and look over your shoulder. The Queen has got
her guards with her who are all playing cards. Let’s be the two of diamonds. Coming up to stand bring your feet together and turn your toes out bringing your heels together and bend your knees. Now bring your arms
above your head joining your fingers
above your head to make the two of diamonds. Well done, everyone! The Queen sweeps in a little
bit further to the garden. Sitting down on
your button again legs out long this time take your legs
around to the other way sit up tall bring your hand
on your knee your other hand behind you look over your shoulder and look back to the front She spots Alice
and she’s not pleased. She says, off with her head. Alice stands up and she puts her
hands on her hips feeling as powerful as she can and she says, Nonsense. The Queen’s eyes grow large
as she glares at Alice silently. She says, Do you play croquet? Alice replies Yes And it begins. The strangest game
of croquet ever. The balls are hedgehogs. Coming into the
hedgehog pose. Down on your knees folding all the way forwards now take your hands up behind
you on your back and make them spiky like you’ve got speckles on the
back of your back like a hedgehog and coming up to sit the mallets are
pink flamingos. Coming into flamingo pose. Up to stand bring your hand
all the way up and make it a little beak and see if you can
hold your foot Oh! Try not to wobble and hop like a flamingo. Yes, very good everyone,
very good and try flamingo
on the other side Bring your foot down reach your other arm up make your beak
with your hand and hold your foot. Get your balance try not to wobble and do a little hop. Yes, flamingos we are indeed and bring it all
the way down and the hoops are
made of playing cards balanced together in a triangle
shape like our dog pose. Coming into dog. On your hands and knees branch your fingers touch your toes and lift your bottom
up to the sky making your hoop shape. Very good everyone! It was the strangest
game of croquet ever. Coming to sit in the middle. After that the Queen takes Alice
to meet her Griffin who has got the
head of an eagle. Arms wide swizzle your arms wave with your underneath arm and twizzle them round. Aaan! Aaan! Unravel your arms
and bring them back. It’s got the body of a lion. Let’s do a lion pose
with a big roar. Ready? After three. One Two Three Whoaaaaaaa! Alice gets onto the back
of the Griffin and they fly together. Coming up to stand your feet together fold halfway forwards and bring your arms down. The Griffin spreads its wings and off they go to visit his
friend the Mock Turtle. Coming down to sit
in turtle pose. Take your feet out keep your knees bent put your hands in the middle now slide your hands
under your feet under your legs and make two turtle flippers and what a sad turtle he is. He says, let me tell you
a sad sad story but before he can continue
the Griffin interrupts him and changes the subject. Coming into your Griffin head cross your legs arms wide now scissor your
arms the other way and lift up your underneath arm twizzle them around He says: Why don’t we teach Alice
the lobster dance instead? Alice thinks this is
a wonderful idea. How much fun will that be! And they all take their
positions in lobster pose. Coming up to stand take your feet wide and turn your toes
out a little bit. Now bend your knees nice strong legs, that’s it. Take your arms up and make yourself
two little lobster claws they join in with a little
song and a dance. Will you?! Won’t you?!
Will you?! Won’t you?! Won’t you join the dance? Will you?! Won’t you?!
Won’t you?! Won’t you?! Will you join the dance? After that there’s a loud trumpet
fanfare sound like an elephant. Stretch your legs out long and bring your hand behind you
like a little elephant’s tail then lift up your other arm
making a trunk and do a big
trumpet sound Howwwwh! and again Howwwwh! Coming up to stand it’s the Queen’s fanfare. She’s calling everyone
back to court for a trial. Someone has stolen
the Queen’s tots. Jump your feet together and fall forwards. The Griffin and Alice fly back lifting and lowering your wings. Yes! Alice arrives back and
takes her seat in the court. Standing up tall cross your legs and sit yourself down. Whooooop! There we go. Now, Alice watches very carefully
using her cosmonoculars. Thumbs and fingers together. Have a look through Hmm! She’s trying to make
sense of it all but it’s really hard. She switches on
her listening ears rubbing them from the bottoms to the tops Hmm! what she’s hearing doesn’t
make any sense either. She can’t bear it any longer so she stands up and she puts her
hands on her hips and she says What does this matter? You’re just a pack of cards and at that all of the cards begin
flying around her madly. Jump your feet wide jump your arms wide and start to spin They fly around and
around in a whirlwind and they are scattering everywhere. Alice doesn’t know what to do and she huddles herself down
into a tiny little mouse pose. Tuck herself up into a tiny
little huddly ball, everyone. She keeps very very still. After a while Alice wiggles her
fingers and toes and she feels something
pitter pattering on her back. Take your hands
onto your back pitter patter she comes up to sit to find that she sat
by the river bank and her sister is brushing
leaves off of her. She says, Wake up, Alice,
its time for tea. Alice stretches her arms up and says, I’ll be there in a minute. She takes a moment to lie down. All the way on her back with her arms
down by her sides she closes her eyes and she thinks about the
amazing dream she’s just had. What an adventure how amazing her mind
and imagination are it makes us think about
our dreams too. How wonderful our imagination can be! The stories we think of the places we can
go in our head places like Wonderland where all sorts of funny
and strange things happen how magical it can be how special it is that
we can go to these places and have all sorts of fun. Just like Alice we slowly
begin to wake up wiggling our fingers, our toes and bringing our knees into
our chest to give them a little hug we roll over onto our side and we come up to sit opening our eyes with our legs crossed we bring our hands
together at our hearts and we finish just
the way we started with our secret yoga codeword which is namaste Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste There! Well done, everyone! That was amazing. Thank you for coming on the
Alice adventure with me. You were fantastic. I hope you come back soon for
another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!


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