[Applause] I saw sorry I don't care about costs on it I just got a big loss on it let's try to break knows I'm a butler that feels to speak up what's your guys welcome to today's summer shredding episode it's currently running episode 30 we got a special guest in town right now in it all right we're gonna do a flashback from a few years ago so as you can see this is like video eating burritos fast good we have vaulting out together here so it's gonna be back knickers like hey we're at maximum slot written do I build up to one I'm like pretty heavy a little bit nervous is I haven't spotted a very long time especially having swatted like dude singles a song on you don't alright that little sleep haven't eaten today I'm not into the workout you know off on it I just know to put the sauce on I don't care about costs on it I just gotta get us on it I'm like if we're say I'm hitting good numbers but I feel like shit after you max out you're safe so nervous the red line I don't know if it ever even got up the RPMs man today we got two more sets 365 for four to six we're gonna do barbell hamstrings we're gonna do some hip thrusts for you there's some lying leg curls and some seated calf raises but we're gonna go ahead and wrap this little segment of the gym up we're gonna catch it with the actual workout the peels gotta go edit we're gonna work having a focus on I still haven't gotten our table for our microwave then we got to make some time to do that guys okay we're gonna do that kind of stuff actually but what times bro it's like 5:30 it's late Wow 5:30 yeah Wow 5:30 okay my first whole meal today there's no long-ass day I'm not gonna bore you guys with work time to eat that's very weird workout for me but I'm happy with it I'll take it I made this last night but there's some leftover beef with spinach zucchini and I'm just gonna put Uncle Ben in there this is you be my meal hungry spent pretty much the majority of the day doing the outlet sizing video for the April 27th launch now like 2 launches ago I put like three to four minutes of like clothing reviews at the very end of a vlog and I got so much crap so if you want to watch the sizing video click the link in description and go check out that sizing video guys look at that look at that I like to let the rice heat up the cold beef is delicious I feel like sitting down quiet corner eating this by myself so I think that's good so on the real guys like feels kind of nice cuz I'm around people all day my job is to communicate with many different people non-stop all day it was nice is just like I think that's something that a lot of people don't really understand it's like I'm never alone I just think it's very important and I don't have any alone time I need to get more a long time like honestly but I would love tonight it's just like turn my phone off and log on a runescape for a few hours haven't done that like and having had I don't know it's been crazy I wonder if he can hear that for me I'm well the dogs about to come running in like realtalk I know this is a weird way to start the vlog man you know I'm a introverted extrovert I've never been the tension I've never been like really like you've got made to come in you grew people I'm awkward I don't like speaking much I'm kind of quiet in back so for me to do YouTube and end up being like on YouTube for like a career channel weird how it worked out it's like kind of exhausting for me to constantly turn that off that's not how I naturally am you know person you take someone like max she's like super like he's like a showman he loves like just being around people I was like I mean I kind of like I turn that on a little bit if that makes sense I don't thinking anything she's like it's more effort for me to be that you know that make sense I'm sure you these venues bitch what what what lady I'm sorry merging nothing not gonna lie bro Suzy chef as soon as I heard you I was really shocked okay yeah yeah Hamas hanging out getting shit done man here on Friday night Heidi's on the jog of Nala right now so yeah that's beard that's really weird the jog now to walk jog how do I enjoy I'm not about it man how's your workout man real good yeah real good yeah real good which work Jess Jess pause about to say I was like are you one muscle group in here what's your split your stick push-pull legs yeah but this week you've been push pull push pull let's keep playing you know what I recommend for you do because Nabil is it's a kind of in consider with frequency and sleep and so like that you probably get mu Jin what three four times a week four times a week four times yeah big upper lower upper lower yeah what full body Parvati Parvati start tomorrow yeah yeah I'm gonna show you guys a woman I'm some such – autopilot mode sometimes like the end of days and we're starting a Mike this is my dinner I'm finishing off my macros I've got egg whites some ground turkey I'm cheating on bedro come check it out yeah I got a new one for this how do you got these little cups minute jasmine rice is rice rice is right 48 carb high protein so yeah I just wanted like that why I didn't want a whole certain aisle Uncle Ben so chill out sauce and that's gonna be a dinner I'm still looking commented about your there food allergies like oh my gosh she's faking her Valerie's has never been allergic to watermelon I I mean I didn't have like a reaction I don't know it was a long time ago figure but I think that watermelon grapefruit oranges lemons mines there's a best ones any man no strawberries are good oh yeah I was really I missed out alright guys have touched something mint so this is a perfect example of feeling I really really bloated like painfully bloated right now punch hurts real bad but what happened was ate that food and I haven't drank enough water today so I chug this and now it's hurting real bad am I gonna have a good weigh-in probably not you know what I needed out my water does it matter my weddings will fluctuate is no am ia distressed about it no so ya figure out it some value bro value right here good morning kind of a weird morning so far cuz I didn't set an alarm last night and it's like late alright cuz I hate to be no we're leaving at 7:30 and it's like 11:00 Heidi said she woke up she went to go tanning this morning she said I was like knocked out we slept here in the movie room watching Game of Thrones I feel like I had some real deep sleep hard sleep you know I was like so yeah shakes asleep right over us to guess just to watch you know winners – it now I'd like that I wanted to work out early because today the gyms ooh he's so so so busy so busy I also haven't had an off day I skipped my office I lots off day so we're gonna figure out probably gonna work out headphones try to knock you interrupted and we're gonna try to get it done oh good morning good morning morning I don't make a progress I won't let you bring me down I won't let you affect me all right here we go your vice is still rebe there's anyway I think save that point I think but point – right – process is pretty happy with that but I think that I'm for it 90% sure no only 19% cousin bill sets up yeah yeah yeah point you yeah okay sick gonna get it's a weekend man no one watches video – fun fact – the worse days to upload YouTube videos the worst views are gonna be Friday to Saturday Sundays all right the money it picks up again but we see we saw outlook yeah yeah this is our version of a family breakfast Saturday morning and take a little look around I'm a freaking tan got yourself a deal ya got the custom shop over here and I've got some turkey leftover from last night so Uncle Ben's rice some garlic pepper I'm gonna put some Cholula on here you know I guess I don't like letting leftovers like stay in the fridge a long time I'd rather eat them quick so I made this Ricky rule eight last night I'm eating the remainder of it right now now I got a liter of water essentia I don't really care Becca wears these and a blue so I presented either run when I was working with Alberto I asked him to critique my musique like I said of a update and he goes shoulders right like we're gonna captain shorten bring the shoulders up and then I asked Jeff the same thing and we were bit making this new work up her energy months later and he also said shoulders so I never considered shoulders T weak point if I were to guess like an upper body weak point for me I would actually think it'd be like biceps and back so I feel like from a dead-on versa if you have a camera right in front of me like this I feel like I don't have a lot of like thickness on my arm I feel like my arms are bigger like this way but when you look like straightly this way I feel like yeah like you just use some side stop some size on I would think everyone has their own genetics man everyone's got their own genetics your own shape strong points weak points you just build the best you can and work with what you have right there you just until you can afford implants yeah have to follow your ass so sorry my dog Bucky got a little excited this morning when we arrived he jumped on my truck and on your vehicle look at the dog Prince I see no scratch but didn't want to overstep if any damages arise I think we're fine man that's like the most random nicest Oh why did you text me why did he text me I feel like betrayed bro so I'm talking I pas and squats what did you say to Bill I said I drank so much water yesterday yeah I felt a lot better two afternoons actually be hydrated confluence yeah you do everything feels great owners say why does he think today there's a lot of flexibility in the workout like literally guys let me show you what I'm looking at this is all my handwriting I've got like day 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then rest day so day 4 is what we're on right now and it's one of the lower rest time days so under 60 seconds rest for exercise and there's more flexibility sort of like in mind muscle connection bodybuilder hypertrophy kind of day focusing on getting a pump yeah we're gonna keep walking through so then we have an incline dumbbell fly mm-hmm I'm fine with it yeah you clean down the Flies okay that instead of super setting with the dumbbell front raise I'm fine super setting that with it done though yes and on the front raise we're gonna be focused on not just coming here but to engage more of the lateral we're gonna actually point our thumbs downwards of it so as I'm coming up with a dumbbell I'm kind of always in this position instead of this position so twist boom and we're gonna go to a machine hyrum a really any back like pulling down mode for the choice instead of me to pull down though I've been dead – there's a lot throughout the week so I do want to do some sort of like a hammer strength high rope oh yeah with the pullover we have onion pull of a machine cool I've got pullovers in the years they will tricep of choice so maybe a Easy Bar tricep yeah and a I have a favor machine ever literally wrote favor machines I'm really gonna try some machine cool face pull line optional face pool on my favorite ricin machine really can do anything that's gonna target that long head and overhead movement a French press dumbbell easy bar whatever you want like I said there's this kind of up to you fill in the blank I've got the final Oh ghost zg collab 2019 pre workout right here and our labels finalized one scoop of this is over 30 grams once you've a normal pre-workout is about 10 to 12 maybe 15 so Oh sénor ogre ways that's almost like a whey protein scoop yeah insane taste s let's go that's good yeah that's really good that's like alright okay first it's smooth mm-hmm which is good cuz usually strong P work I side like that bitter taste from all the ingredients this is really some of the taste like almost like lemonade yeah but go lemon lime II kind of lemonade it's fliter than me did the no mal thing ah you like it that's your first time trying alright yeah yeah that that's exactly like when I summer refreshing summer refreshing summer refreshing case that's ever seen the bills sometimes you know always want to use one lens okay and so I bought 35 7200 you can use super 35 mode about changing up the depth of field it's easy to get caught up ease in one lens to get lazy hi it's Midlands if they're not shitty one for the better part of about two and a half hours I have been searching endlessly for Heidi's car key I feel I had last I lost it I just had to find a spark to light kind of far away from the gym it's doing FaceTime a real quick okay hey let's just send her a quick little video okay yeah two and a half hours okay had Mac searching we were he was at Matthew I saw we were all looking it was starting city up now we're gonna go first time in today okay we're going first out of this yeah is that oh my god is that key no way bro Heidi God are you serious yes ma'am and it's 5:00 a.m. see you beautiful face and I can't get it off my mind looks pretty good that is pre shit hey girl your spur D eating that food every time I see you we put in here Brenda's son chilling down and we're gonna go out tonight with some France oh yeah half serving Hitler Oh rough life your scratches and plenty of food and dog treats drool went straight into my mouth today and yesterday it's been like yeah I've been getting a lot done it's just like not fun filming stuff sizing videos product photos website stuff just like yeah that kind of stuff so I know you guys don't really care to see that shit I don't feel like shit I feel like man yeah I mean off dates you I think well my last off date was before yeah well I every year did the same thing and I feel bad I don't want to admit to it had one off to his prep and that was only because I was switching programs so I had one off day and I think you get like into this one anyone ever diet like three and a half weeks a lot of years see the progress right there like man every week like a shit leaner why does that happened to me they don't see that every damn day this week you know it's too much part of the game man all right I just finished up 32-inch card I was watching a video on YouTube and I hear I showed you my physique this morning I was the lowest I've been this entire prep only by 0.2 pounds but still making a prior so here I am in under 8 inside the house under a downlight I feel like getting leaner man to feel it I'm gonna show you the dinner we're about to have I'm bill Radke play logs on the Stairmaster and if you picked up two things number one a superfood side salad which is just kale where those raisins are some yeah they're really it's really good like this lemon zest kind of sauce and then I got yes also in the last video I know you can kind of repetitive built market salad new chick-fil-a strawberries blueberries apples and mixed greens got double chicken so they added some grilled nuggets on top for more protein and we use the light Italian dressing very low on the carbs with that today because I'll explain why next lecture yeah how many calories tell you 100 calories hundred calories here you know how you can track it you can either say I'm gonna have 25 grams of carbs or even said we have 11 grams of fat all you have to do when you're having to drink shot a beer whatever take the calories and if you want to track this car be to buy that 400 calorie beer 25 car do you know or not if you want thank you for that hey hey I'm a watermelon what's up all right they should do that bro oh yeah what's up guys I probably tell today's topic is gonna be about alcohol now I promise there's a first as a first take that so this weekend we actually went out on Saturday night before you serve with me right with Max's girlfriend Ariana with Heidi had a big group and honestly we had a ton of fun but no means am I saying that alcohol you should drink alcohol you should not I'm not saying you should do that but with that said it is a social thing if you're of age and want to partake in events and gatherings like a lot of times alcohol is a part of life or it's kinda there and it's alright so have some every once in a while and today I just wanna like pretty much explain to you how you can incorporate it here and there and how to do it efficiently as efficiently as possible I should say and still like hit your fitness goals and not feel like you're throwing away your progress and kind of like beating yourself up about it so I did a video last year and I went into great detail I like had all these notes and stuff but today I'm in more casual City do you want to watch that video I'm gonna link in description box but uh yeah it's get into it Wow feel warm yeah okay so number one like I kind of said earlier it's pretty easy to actually if you guys know how to track your macros if you used my fitness file or if you kind of like you use the food skill or watch the full-day meetings if you track your macros it's actually pretty easy to figure it out but if you're just Google one shot of vodka or one shot of whatever you're gonna have then you can easily divide the calories by four if you want to count those calories as scarps or if you want to count them from fats and you can simply divide by nine so 100 calories shot divided by nine is going to give you like an 11 grams of fat so one shot at psoas oh that's always two tablespoons of peanut butter Bravo yeah that ain't it's not a good source of calories that by any means and that's just like straight liquor man like if you start incorporating margaritas and all these fruity drinks with carbs in them that's even that's just a road you don't want to go down so if you are gonna go out and drink tip number one I'm gonna recommend personally I really like sticking to tequila make tequila shots or if you wanted to drinks you can get vodka you can get like water vodka soda anything with sugar free Red Bull and Diet Coke you I mean cure your 3ds and vodka anything with zero calories is essentially what you want to do you can always flavor here's tip number two you can flavor those drinks with little miios or little Crystal Light packets honestly sometimes we use like BCA flavorings and just make them taste decent so you don't have to be straight vodka water just not delicious in my opinion there's a lot of limes in your drinks and that's just to help you minimize the calories that you are consuming from the alcohol my opinion is like if you're gonna drink then be sure every calories like alcohol not just other fillers so here's a perfect example so we went out Saturday right and what did I do all day what did I eat so here's the big tip okay if you know you're gonna drink which I feel like you're Stephanie know what Bayes and you should kind of like plan ahead you should definitely have a game plan and say okay I think I'm gonna go out Saturday night so Saturday I'm gonna go ahead and take away some carbs I'm gonna take away some fat and I'm gonna really focus on every single meal I have I'm gonna try to hit my protein intake I'm gonna try to get my volume up so I'm gonna have a lot of greens a lot of salads a lot of things with fiber I'm gonna fill myself up on a drink ton of water while keeping your carbs in your fats down so really all day I had like what egg whites I had a chick-fil-a salad with just a lot of veggies and I had maybe a little bit of fruit from her fiber a lot of chicken so I hit my protein intake my carbs and fat were down here so that way when I do go out at night I count those calories into my carbs with fat and so that's how that kind of fills up my day so you have to account for it if you can I'm not saying that you have to worry open oh my god I need to have exactly five and a half shots and hit my macros like honestly just save some calories don't trust too much about it have some fun but just kind of keep those rules in mind and you can kind of plan a little bit better so other than that I think a really big thing that helps me is being sure you don't go out and eat after right maybe all had a good time I wonder son we were gonna go to Whataburger nabeel's now let's go to water Bradley Beal Indians we're going home everyone else went to water burger after but we stayed here I had a salad leftover and to be able to snack on some uh can everybody happy but I'm gonna playing a little better it would have been a little better you try to plan out like what you're gonna happen you get home because chances are going to be pretty hungry so if you can make yourself something that's all right kind of pre-made or if you know you maybe have some some some some cards leftover you can maybe have some oatmeal just try to portion that out as good as you can instead of going down the street to fast-food place again burgers and fries and all this stuff cuz that'll easily add up it's about anywhere from hundreds of calories to 1,500 2,000 calories spending what you get that's just an extra 2,000 calories you don't need so yeah other than that drink water like I said throughout the day be sure you're hydrating I'd say at least a gallon for the day and then while you're out drinking if you remember try to drink some cups of water and when you get home I literally go to my fridge and I chug water until I feel sick like I'll chug literary chug a liter maybe two liters before bed and you're gonna have to get up a lot throughout the night and throw the bathroom but it's gonna just help filter everything out so that way you don't feel terrible next morning what I do want to say is if you think you're gonna go out and drink try to if you can schedule it on a day where you maybe have an off day get the next day because your performance in the gym is not going to be that you're not going to really you might be may want to go but your performance won't be there man especially if you work out early if you do work out the next day I'd say wait until evening you know afternoon evening four five six o'clock so you can go get a lift in sometimes actually a really good workouts Sundays after a drink if I go later in the day so it is what it is it's part of life so don't be too scared of it with that said I'm not gonna be drinking like really I kind of already have the day like next Saturday's Daniels wedding so I'll probably ask for drinks there other than that Matt says that his event in May so I know everyone's gonna go out then maybe one more time in May like maybe body power with the ghost people and everything like that after celebrating the expo but that's that's all I've got until my show so I kind of already have this predetermined I'm not going to come home and like grab it I'm just not really like it come home and grab a beer guy if you are a wine person then you can totally account for a glass wine maybe one and a half or two it's not gonna ruin you so that's all if you're gonna get super fucked up and drunk and have like ten shots and that's kind of a different that's gonna affect you a little bit more back protein protein synthesis you're just running a bit and kind of hold you back from the gym but I would stress that too much have a good time focus on being there with your friends and yeah those are my main tips so don't think I've enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching give it a thumbs up if you did and we will see you in the night yeah I sort of have that peeler


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