Air Force physical fitness test

talk to anyone who knows him and there is no question that airman first class Greggy Bulevar is a highly motivated airman he recognizes his potential to do great things on and off duty on and off the track when he heard that the Air Force is mile-and-a-half record was seven minutes four seconds Bulevar wanted to change that what seems to be crazy that I'm aiming for is under seven minutes I guess we'll find out Tuesday if I have that type of energy and just to 107 minutes his leadership doesn't think it's so crazy honestly there wasn't a doubt in my mind after I saw him run that he could do it Bulevar set his personal best for the mile and a half run while a student at Technical Training School his time was seven minutes 25 seconds that's 21 seconds short I think with a little bit push I could definitely get closer or even at least Boykin so the final extra push five days before the test Bulevar trained with eight laps of 800 meter sprints a minute and five seconds that I just went if I could keep that up for eight laps that would be great I was only I'll be great because my goal is to win a minute and ten seconds each lap on my PT test it's crazy his fastest laps clocked in at 1:05 his slowest 113 the only lap under a minute ten Bulevar would train again twice more than rest on Sunday and Monday with test day set for Tuesday friends co-workers and squadron leadership came out to cheer him on but today it would take more than cheers to propel airman Bulevar to a 7-minute mile and a half in the end it was his preparation that cost him the record yeah just over trained that's all the way I could have felt my legs just giving up on him I fall for that official time 8 minutes 18 seconds he fell short of the Air Force record but did achieve something closer to home but I still got something to be fought off since I got the squadron record speaking of that record there's still some question on who old to the fastest mile and a half in an official Air Force PT test

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  1. good job bro you dont give up and can you message me i have a question about the air force and i know you have gone through the 8 1/2 weeks of training

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