Air Force BMT Details: PT (Physical Training) Monitor // WHAT TO EXPECT

hey what's going on YouTube I'm David kappa rino thank you so much for finding your way to my channel and if you're new here take the time out subscribe now before you miss out on all the content I'm dishing out I'm helping people with everything air force related basic tech school operational Air Force I got so many videos coming up if you had if you little bit if you don't know this already I'm posting a video day for all of 2018 and if you're already subscribed and you're catching me again in this video welcome back so for Air Force BMT details today I want to talk about the PT monitors so this one's gonna be pretty straightforward because there isn't much that you do but it is decent responsibility then yeah you have to remember what to do so the biggest thing is PT monitor you have to do is to make sure that you lead the flight in PT there's always going to be an MTA with like a megaphone of some sort shouting out the different workouts you guys will be doing and simply what you do is you just repeat what the MTA is saying but you're speaking to your flight so if you could just imagine you guys are the flight and if I was a PT monitor they're gonna say something like the next exercise is the Russian twist and then you repeat back Russian twist so it's gonna be in that same fashion but you are the motivator speaker leader of your flight for PT because there are times where the MT is will have like not a dance-off but like a cheer-off or like a who can be louder thing especially in the later weeks when you're getting more relaxed than the MT eyes are just kind of like whatever we're just pushing this flight out you want to make sure you can be as loud as possible maybe not so much in the earlier weeks wait until about week six or seven or so and make sure you have good form okay if you're gonna be PT monitor you want to make sure that you're not just kind of biessing the workouts because your MTA's gonna be able to tell so again ultimately you're responsible for the flights PT test so if there's someone who is digressing like they started out with their first PT test is 30 push-ups now it's 25 push-ups and then with your next PT test there's 20 push-ups your MTI may pull you decide and be like hey I don't know what's going on here but you got to fix this there was a couple people that had to go to I think it's called the go fit or be fit program afterwards and it was like right before we graduated so they went there and you do like to exercise sessions a day for six days a week for I think a week or two and then you take a PT test and if you don't pass that PT test then you get kicked out but that's after failing your PT test that's that's not so later water Bruce whistle so if you're following me on my journey Here I am doing a 96 hour fast I have a four day weekend so I have today off the weekend and then Monday off for Presidents Day and the only thing I'm allowed to have is water and black coffee so I literally have just plain coffee which I normally have I normally just put cream in my coffee I don't really get like the super sugar drinks anyway unless it's pumpkin spice pumpkin spice I go apeshit over I will I will knock people over to get some pumpkin spice latte or what's really good that's out now is this new blonde gross tore this blonde coffee which they've always had the blonde roast coffee but this is a totally different thing and what I got was the it was a venti blonde vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso it had just the right amount of sweetness it was so good and the other one that's out right now that's really good as a smoked butterscotch I don't know if that's new this year but I don't remember seeing that last year and it was really good but I put that off for 96 hours so if you're curious right now I'm in our I think it's like 20 or 21 of not eating I haven't had a single calorie besides maybe the two or three calories in this coffee in my body for 21 22 hours final time I could eat is going to be a 10:30 ish it's like 10:00 10:30 on Monday night wish me luck I'm doing this to hopefully cut some stubborn stomach weight their stomach inches whatever so far I think I'm down like 5 pounds in the last like week doing various different exercises and like techniques like this like I did to 16 hours fast in a row where I only had an 8 hour period where I was able to eat still working out twice a day so for the next 4 days I'm actually gonna shoot this video edit it and then go to the gym so we'll see how I perform I actually feel kind of I don't know if I feel light-headed because if the coffee I'm having after not eating for so long or if I'm actually feeling light-headed because I haven't eaten in 21 hours and my body is like whoa what's going on here so our Mt I asked our flight who is big into fitness or who worked at a gym before or something like that and there was a guy that raised his hand and he ended up being our PT monitor so if you're asked a question like that you kind of know what's coming next so every time you guys have PT you're still gonna get in the flight like everyone else and you guys are gonna march out to the PT pad but then after you guys get set up to do PT you're actually going to go in front of the flight and perform all the different exercises like I mentioned earlier so again when they say the next exercise are the push ups you're gonna yell out to your flight and then they're gonna say like by the four count and then you are going to count with them so as you're doing push ups it's going to be like one two three one and that one at the end of three is the four count where you did one rep in the sequence that the emcee eyes are dishing out so if they say you're gonna do like 20 push-ups by the four count guess how many pushups you're doing which it's a trick let me tell you because there's like two or three push-ups you do in between the one rep so think about it you do one two three one one two three – so you actually do like two or three of them in between each rep so you can expect to do barony or 40 push-ups you don't have to do this but our PT monitor did it which I thought was actually pretty cool and to a certain extent kind of sucked because he would pull out a couple people who are like maybe like the bottom 10% or bottom 10 20 people 15 people maybe in the flight because again if you haven't watched my other videos I actually mentioned in there too but seems fitting I'll mention it now your PT tests are posted in the day room for everyone to see and it's by your number for your bed I believe either the number for your bed or another number your MTI gives you but it's listed there so you know your number and you look at that number and you can see your results because you will take several PT tests while there you will have an intro one which will be your baseline at BMT and then you'll have one every two weeks and then your final so as a PT monitor this is something you should probably be reviewing and another good thing that your dorm chief and element leader should do is get everyone together maybe once a week maybe every other week probably once a week because every week you're doing new new things and everything is always constantly moving and changing so if you have your dorm chief and all the leaders have like a debrief for the week in the day room like on a Saturday or Sunday when the MTI isn't there and just kind of like hey you know what just so the flights all together like how's everyone doing you know here's what we're doing here's like what I want for you guys because the dorm chief is the leader of the flight like he represents you guys so if he's not doing that the PT monitor should be and just having like hey look you know I want to make sure that everyone's getting the appropriate training they need so the point being is our PT monitor brought those bottom 10 or 15 people into the day room and was like hey you know what I just noticed that you guys you need help with AI push-ups and sit-ups so we're just gonna do a couple steps right now so just like three sets of 10 just so you've got that extra practice end because remember when you're doing PT you're doing PT every day except Sundays I think Sunday's is tentative because normally besides the first Sunday your MTA's gonna be there after that every Sunday your mci shouldn't be there there's gonna be like a wandering nti that makes sense there's gonna be an empty Ike who's like assigned to a building a floor or a flight and they will go around like hourly or every hour and just kind of check up on you guys so it depends on whatever schedule you're MTI is on you may start off with a cardio day where you just go and run for 35 minutes or you may start off with what they call like a strength there at Cal esthetics so this is gonna range from everywhere from push-ups to situps to various forms of stretching and really that's about it like you don't lift any weights you don't go to a gym you do different forms of calisthenics that's more or less what it is and actually I was kind of in a unique position because right before I left they wanted to implement a new PT program so if some of you guys are watching this and then you're going through basic after you get out if you could actually message me and tell me like what the PT program was like and I want to compare it to my notes for when I went through and see if it actually changed if they implemented that or not I actually don't have enough room here to show you what kind of workouts but it's more or less just different forms of push-ups like there is a pyramid pushup there is a triangle pushup which is basically when you do push-ups like this and you do it from your chest because it hits different parts of your arm there are different stretches you may have you team up with someone and actually do other workouts there's all sorts of ways you can tweak a push-up and tweak a sit-up that your MTI will do because i notice depending on who was teaching the PT for that day it was different and really that's all you need to know about PT monitor it's a pretty straightforward job and kind of like the education monitor you really only need to do your job whenever you're actually doing that activity however if you want to be an all-star and put more effort into it you don't get any extra ribbons you don't get any extra credit at the end of the basic you don't get any accolades for it really it's something that you just get voluntold to do and you do it but it's doing you and your flight a great disservice if you don't at least try and put some extra effort into it I was one of those bottom people and I felt like crap and now I'm very happy to see how much my PT test has grown over the two years I've been in because I originally started at an 89 and my one before last was a 95 and I'm so pissed about this one I didn't want to say it but I want to be honest with you guys my last one most previous one was a 94 point – I was point eight away or it equivalent to like I was like six seconds or like seven seconds away from getting a 95 percent on my PT test I scored over 90 so if you get 90 or over you don't have to test again for another year but if you get less than 90 so that's eighty nine point nine or less you have to go every six months so that's it for PT monitor if there's anything else you guys want to know about the PT monitor or any other Air Force BMT detail or anything about the Air Force in general go ahead leave a comment down below I'll be sure to get back to you guys and I just wanted to make sure that I'm addressing any questions that you guys have and if you watch this video and you still haven't subscribed yet and you're a new watcher please look do this help me help you help me go and subscribe go and help yourself for your future Air Force career let me help you get educated and I'll give you some insight onto some things you can expect but going through BMT tech school and in the Air Force or if you don't plan on enlisting and you just hey does the Air Force do this or what is it like in the Air Force you just have general questions you don't plan on I'm listening but you ran across this video and painted this bar at this video go ahead and leave a comment down below I'll be sure to get back to you I want to make sure I can give back provide value and help those people out because when I was going through the Air Force and I'm listening there is very little information out there now that I've been through I have those answers to the questions I had previously so go ahead and subscribe if you haven't if you've already subscribed thank you guys for watching I truly appreciate your time I truly appreciate everyone's time I'll see in the next video


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