AI for Fraud Prevention in Healthcare

health care is a three point four trillion dollar industry in the United States it's also an industry where fraud waste and abuse are rampant yet health care insurers are fighting fraud with one hand tied behind their backs that's because current fraud detection techniques are not optimal with largely postpay analytics and highly manual efforts and as fraudsters adapt and evolve even new proof of concepts are faring no better it's clearly time for a more intelligent approach bright Aryan is a leader in advanced artificial intelligence solutions that are relevant insightful and actionable we deploy them across many industries to solve fraud related problems every day our innovative AI uses a proprietary representation of the behavior of every entity at the individual level enabling automated self learning and adaptation in real-time with the ability to identify existing and emerging fraud patterns and schemes from simple to complex it's so good we even apply AI to look at every transaction falling through our MasterCard payment network saving our customers billions of dollars through fraud prevention with our real-world experience in AI we can quickly develop and test proof of concepts by identifying more fraud schemes from historical claims provider and other data sources we can fuel AI solutions to increase fraud identification reduce false positives and stop fraud before payments are made the result cost containment for the industry and assurance that health care dollars go where they really matter real patient care

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