AHS COVID-19 Information – How you can help frontline healthcare staff

Hello, my name is David Zygun, and I’m a Zone
Medical Director for Alberta Health Services. I’m also an intensive care physician. The teams that I work with take care of the
sickest patients in our system, and each day we are
aware of the need for hospital capacity to provide the care essential for Albertans at
their time of need. This is why I’m urging all Albertans to
stay at home. The decisions
we make will affect the hospital’s capacity to care for the sickest patients in our system. We need to do this to
protect ourselves, to protect our family, and to give our system
the ability to care for the patients who will be affected by COVID-19. This is a time of we. We are all in this together. What does this mean? This means washing our hands regularly. Avoiding touching our face. Disinfecting and cleaning
surfaces regularly. And most importantly…
staying home. We can get through this,
but we need to work together.

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