After FDA Warning, BioDelivery Resumes Manufacturing ONSOLIS

this is the financial news network I'm Christy Duffy bio delivery Sciences International has resumed manufacturing the pain management drug for adult patients with cancer or on solace on solace was approved in july two thousand nine but temporarily shut down production at the aviva drug delivery systems facility after receiving a warning letter from ms singleton the florida district director of the public health service sector of the fda in may 2010 singleton described that the facility violated quote current good manufacturing practice regulations for finish from pseudo calls during inspections of the facility in fall 2009 marks ergo president and chief executive officer of BDS i stated quote we are pleased to announce that operations at aviva and the production of on solace have resumed on the schedule we have previously indicated we now estimate that on soil supplies will be available no later than march two thousand eleven to support a commercial launch in canada also as previously mentioned there has been sufficient Stockman solace on hand to support continuing us sales activity without disruption bio delivery sciences closed seven tenths of a percent higher on monday at two dollars and ninety four cents for further updates stay tuned you're watching the financial news network I'm Christy Duffy

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