AEROBIC Music – Fitness Workouts and Dance

AEROBIC Music – Fitness Workouts and Dance


  1. sa tombe bien je vais faire une petite séance  de couse a pied 

  2. "Who are the RawBrahs?"

  3. Brilliant Mix

  4. Me encanto gracias ahora a terminar con esos kilos de mas voy por 5 kg

  5. sucks in china,, can't see

  6. Genial

  7. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Forget exercising – put it on and party

  9. もやし

  10. ゴーヤ

  11. muito bom, é um otimo estimulo para treinar…

  12. ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣This is just amazing for studying ♣ ♣ ♣

  13. Haciendo ejercicio

  14. I absolutely adore your work ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. Oh yeah, she is really fit and feminine too.  I love strong and fit brunette babes!

  16. tiene una nota ritmica en acorde para ejercitar a solas!!!

  17. Man that one has really  have groove… that session.

  18. Eu adoro tudo que desrespeita academia movimento corporal

  19. What is that second song in the queue that starts about 5:00 in?

  20. how to download

  21. wow!

  22. 😂

  23. Super mix, I've started aerobics today. How can I download this mix?

    23 San Lucas St. Fairview Quezon City
    CP# 0921-730-1662 / 0906-799-6175 / Tel# 573-1425
    E-mail add: [email protected]

  25. That cover pic, tho…

  26. nice

  27. Hey! great video, keep it going! looking forward to seeing more 🙂 liked and subbed!

  28. ¿Cuántas bpm?

  29. nice

  30. 122 bpm aproximadamente????

  31. dope

  32. nice

  33. why the heck do peeps like this

  34. Viva le nostre Cici belle da tutto il mondo uauuu

  35. Viva le Cici belle del mondo

  36. Eish, I was looking out for cardio and the tracks seem alright but the advertising is a little counter productive, is Google god? Bit sheety if someone wants to try and get in shape and the first thing they get told is just to hide it under elastic?

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