Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center's Forensic Medical Unit

we see domestic violence sexual assault human trafficking patients vulnerable adults for neglect or abuse elder patients for also sexual abuse or neglect and pediatric patients for sexual abuse and neglect I actually came to Shady Grove to become a forensic nurse right out of nursing school I learned about forensic nursing in the last semester of nursing school they did a link of really brief presentation said that Shady Grove was the only Hospital in this county that did it and something about the work that was being done here I just knew right then that that's what I wanted to do sometimes you walk in that room patients crying they maybe just kind of balled up and wanted to talk to you sometimes you start that way and then by the time they leave the unit they're like hugging you and saying thank you so much for this you made this process a lot easier than I thought forensic nursing serves as a bridge between the legal system and the medical system a patient isn't just a patient with medical we realize that a patient isn't a victim with legal needs a patient is a person who has many needs our approach is really holistic and I think it embodies the mission of Shady Grove we have to look at the whole person we don't just focus on their physical injuries or their emotional state or their basic medians we look at everything even what they're gonna need when they leave here

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