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he doesn't slow to anger is better my team I'm he that ruined his spirit then he had taken a city proverbs 16:32 it is by faithfulness and the little things that we become trustworthy sentinels God carefully against the little irritations not allowing them to arouse your soul and you will gain many victories when great troubles come you will be prepared to resist the enemy manfully and normally its old inherit certain on christ-like traits of character it is the grand and noble work of a lifetime to keep on these tendencies to wrong it is the little things that cross our paths that are likely to cause us to lose our power of self-control so long as we are in the world we shall meet without those influences there will be provocations that test the temple and it is by meeting yendo in spirit that the Christian graces are developed if price dwells in us we shall take charge kind forbearing share all amid frets and irritations day by day and year by year which conquer self and broke into a noble terrorism this is our lotted task but it cannot be accomplished Jesus resolute decision unwavering purpose continual watchfulness and unceasing prayer each one happen could never battle to fight not even God can't make our characters Noble or lives useful unless we become co-workers with him those who decline the struggle lose the strength and joy of victory we need to own record of trials and difficulties all these books heaven will take care of them God won't understand you as you open your heart to him he knows what discipline each one means if you ask them he will surely give you power to resist evil your faith your faith will be increased and you will give evidence to others of keeping the power of God your strength and growth in grace come only from one source if when you attempt it and tried you start bravely for the right the victory is yours you are one step nearer to perfection of Christian character a holy light from heaven those chambers of your soul and you are surrounded by a pure fragrant atmosphere as we go through Saturday may we reflect on how we can develop self-control regardless of the situation that we find ourselves in happy Sabbath once again but the white for the scripture or the reading from the spirit of prophecy as we get started this morning brothers and sisters if we could just check it make sure our cell phones on silent or off that way there aren't any interruptions during the course of our service this morning as far as possible let us kneel for a word of Prayer let me–let is done loving father in thanks lunch for giving us life and even the blessing of your Sabbath and now as we come before you opening your word Lord we are asking for the gift of your Holy Spirit that spiritual things might be understood that our minds would be in touch with thee that we would be impressed as to how these passages how these scriptures relate to our personal lives so please speak to our hearts that we may be convicted speak to our hearts that we may be converted please speak through me is my prayer in Jesus name we ask these blessings amen I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to the book of second Samuel turn with me in your mom's the book of second Samuel Chapter thirteen second Samuel Chapter thirteen and for those of you that have been studying with us you understand that last Sabbath had a privilege of examining Joseph we examined the four individuals who had dreams in a timeframe of Joseph looking at Joseph as the things that transpired in Joseph's time the Bible says that if these last days that God would pour out his spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy that your young men shall dream dreams your old mention visions so as that prophecy is given in the book of Joel chapter 2 we must look at the past that we might understand the future at least estie's 1:9 and Ecclesiastes 3:15 tells us very clearly that that which hath been is that which shall be history always repeats it so if we desire to understand how these visions and dreams will happen in these last days we must look at the past and understand what happen in history even in the days of Joseph because Joseph is brought to view in the book of Genesis and the Bible says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first so in order for us to understand both kept in these last days we must understand what happens in the first days in the book of Genesis so we examine those four dreams or those four individuals that happens in the days of Joseph you had Joseph you had the butler you had the baker and you had Pharaoh and we examined those four dreams but there's another expect that we must understand concerning Joseph that Joseph by interpreting the dream correctly was able to enlighten the world with the glory of God the character of God and his time in Earth's history which is a type of what happened in the days of Daniel were in the days of Daniel there was another King that had dreams there was a couple of kings actually that had dreams and as the dream was not understood God is showing us that Daniel through his close connection with God was able to interpret the dream correctly and that is how Babylon found out the truth for his time that is how the world was lightened with the glory of God in Daniels day through the kingdom of Babylon and then it was repeated in the kingdom of Persia how Daniel correctly interpreted the dream and heard the Persian Empire was able to understand the things of God even as the handwriting was over the wall and the Persian Empire came in over to Babylon then we know that as stuff as God delivered Daniel Loxton when the government enforce the law that took away Daniels religious liberty Daniel was able to enlighten the world with DeLuca so it happened in the days of Joseph correctly interpreting the dream it happened in the midst of Daniel correctly interpreting the dream and God is doing the same thing in these last days by the Word of God and by the Spirit of God we must be able to correctly interpret the dreams that we might be prepared for what is coming on a planet earth why because God has given us these dreams as a gift of prophecy to foretell the future what does it happen in these last days now we know that Daniel I'm sorry not Daniel but Joseph had a coat of many colors and when in the dark a rainbow of many colors to let the world know that God would not destroy the earth in these last days that God would not destroy the earth with water specifically we know that the earth will waste away as a garment we understand that we are not to save the planet but then this world will wax old like a garment but in light of that rainbow that God has given as an identifying mark to see that God's promises will be kept God he under this word and just as we understand that we also must understand that the Satan counterfeits everything that God does Satan counterfeits everything that God does so now that LGBT community has hijacked the rainbow symbol and is using it as their identifying mark and as these abominations are being done Satan's agenda is being pushed even by God to profess people Advent health which used to be called Adventist Health but Advent health is nastily a special rainbow themed coffee from Barney's coffee and tea in honor of the victims of the 2016 pulse tragedy some of you may remember in 2016 there were many men died in a nightclub and I believe the name of it was pulse it was an LGBTQ Club in Orlando it goes on to say Advent Health Central Florida you can get this coffee at the Advent health Orlando campus marketplace gift shops so Advent health their gift shop is and LGBTQ coffee and the proceeds from the 49 blend will be donated to the one Orlando Alliance it has its mission the one Orlando Alliance unifies and empowers LGBTQ plus organizations in Central Florida so not only are they uniting with the LGBT agenda but they're also selling something is destroying the nervous system that is destroying the flowing of the blood to the brain and intercepting the electronic pulses that God even desires to sin by means of his holy spirit that we are promoting health destroying products and financing the LGBT community we are adding sin to sin it goes on to stay at health facebook page links to two hashtags Orlando strong in Orlando United both of these are LGBTQ links dedicated to promoting the LGBT lifestyle in the aftermath of the 2016 pulse shootings under the guise of mourning a patch today should be supporting biblical repentance and freedom from LGBTQ sin so remember most people don't even understand that coffee not only causes heart palpitations it increases the blue individuals it also disturbs the nervous system it also inhibits flow of blood to the brain a myriad of other things that I could mention I don't have them written here but brothers and sisters coffee because of the caffeine vehicle and II the use of decaf has a small percentage of caffeine based on the rules and regulations of the FDA there is an allowance for a percentage of caffeine chocolate coffee these things contain caffeine it is through the things of use in our diet is best and to remove them from the diet the Bible says whether therefore ye eat or drink or so ever you all to the glory of God we can't just pray over things and think that it's okay why God gave us specific instruction – God gave specific instruction to Adam and Eve and as he gave that specific instruction to Adam and Eve people they could eat and what they could not eat that was in the beginning the Bible says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first as God gave them specific instruction into their diet likewise in these last days God is giving us specific instruction in relation to our diet for those of you that have been joining us on the radio due to the support of those of you that happens supporting saving of ministry we find out on the radio every day every day we're on the radio sharing the first the second and third angels method with the world we are one 11:10 a.m. at 5:30 Monday through Friday 5:30 Monday through Friday and 3:30 on the weekends Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 on 11:10 a.m. for those of you watching online if you desire to tune in with us you can go to w-k-y-t-dot-com if you desire to tune in again that's weekdays 5:30 weekends 3:30 so na is showing us that us people are going into folks pets and God has given the rainbow as an identifying mark to let us we can trust the word of God's Word cannot lie we can trust it so Joseph had a coat of many colors and God has shown us some things concerning the close of probation and his church with the dark day that is a future we've been studying this for a period of weeks now for those of you that haven't studied that you can go to our YouTube channel and just type in dark day prophecy a number of different videos will come up pertaining to that prophecy and if that we are now in second Samuel Chapter thirteen notice what it says in verse eighteen second samuel chapter 13 beginning in verse 18 notice what it says remember talking about a coat of many colors it says we're gonna start at 17 then he called his servant that ministered unto him and said put now this women this woman out from me and both the door after her so there was a shut door after the woman was put out this is another confirmation verse 18 says and she had a garment of diverse colors upon her for with such robes were the Kings daughters that were virgins a parable then his servant brought her out and bolted the door after her so notice we have a woman that is put out and the door is open after her what is God saying what is a woman in Bible prophecy to church 2nd Corinthians 11 and verse 2 also Jeremiah 6 and verse 2 coupled with isaiah 51:16 a woman is a church in a prophecy and a virgin is a your church am Harlan is an apostate Church and we know that the heart of revelation 17 is none other than the papacy none other than the Roman Catholic system the harlot of religion the whore of abominations of the earth the founder of the Baptist denomination preached ists but we have water down to messages in the Baptist Church the founder of the Lutheran Church preached this but their watering down the messages in the Lutheran Church the founder of the Methodist Church John Wesley preached this but we're watering down the messages were no longer exposing Catholicism a horde of Bible prophecy so in the light of these things brothers and sisters we need to come back to the old paths where Bible talks is preached so that people can know where we are prophetically and what God expects of them at this time in Earth's history so the woman was put out and the door was bolted after her showing you a door on the church at a time where she's clothed with a coat of many colors what is God saying well the colors brings to view the rainbow and brings to view Joseph the prophetic gift and God's Word cannot lie the proper gift and God's Word cannot lie at a time where God will shut the door on the church and when will that door be shut we looked at it last week agooo write down in your notes to Jeremiah 31 verse 35 to 37 the dark day God will shut probation on his people that profess the belief the third angels message now in light of the third angel I know some of you I'm saying the third angel deals with the mark of the beast crisis when he Rapide relation 14 verse 9 and 10 Revelation 14 verse 9 and 10 brings to view the third angels message which is the warning against the Beast the image of the beast and the mark of the beast the beast of Bible prophecy all the prices agreed that it is the whore it is the Roman Catholic Church that is the true Beast of Bible prophecy now in light of that let us turn to the book of Joel chapter 2 Joel chapter 2 we look at this before but there's an aspect to this chapter that we have not examined now we have not fully studied line upon line precept upon precept here a little there a little that is how the Word of God we must allow the Bible to explain itself and as we allow the Bible to explain itself God will reveal to us who are humble what his word is saying not putting our own construction upon the Scriptures not putting our own interpretation upon the Word of God but allowing the in other words allowing God to speak for himself we're in Joel 2 beginning in verse 27 Joel 2 beginning in verse 27 notice what God says and don't know that I am the midst of Israel and that I am the Lord your God and none else and my people shall never be ashamed God is making it clear that there's gonna be a doubt in these last days that God is in the midst of his people God is going to reveal himself in a marked way when Joseph correctly interpret dream and the things that Joseph said came to pass just as said was there be doubt in anybody's mind whether Joseph was a man of God whether God had spoken through Joseph was there any doubt there was no doubt because Joseph said look seven years 57 years of famine and that is exactly how it was done when he correctly interpreted the Baker in the butler's dream and said look you're gonna live and you're gonna die it was exactly as Joseph said when Joseph said my brothers are gonna bow down to me based upon the dream that wasn't exactly what happened why because God was speaking through those dreams and because of Joseph's connection he was able to correctly interpret the dream there's gonna be no doubt that God is in the midst of his people when prophecy is fulfilled in these last days that's surrounding the dark day that is yet future where in Joel 28 I'm sorry Joel 2 in verse 28 the by says and it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams and your business and also upon my servants and upon the hand mades in those days will I pour out my spirit and I will show wonders in heaven and in the earth blood and fire and pillars of smoke the Sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon and the blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come is that a dark day yes it is that is a dark day that is yet future that is in connection with prophesy prophesy notice what it says in verse 32 and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered for in Mount Zion take note now for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance as the Lord had said and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call so in other words we see this people that God posed and those who call upon the name of the Lord are connected with Mount Zion and Jerusalem Mount Zion and Jerusalem and this consists of the renew the Rimon so God is bringing to view some identifying marks concerning the remnant but notice another identifying mark that God gives for the remnant turn with me to Revelation chapter 12 Revelation chapter 12 beginning at verse 17 notice what the Bible says revelation 12 and verse 17 notice what the Bible says I'm not going to give you my opinion brothers and sisters I'm going to give you the word of the Living God notice what it says in Revelation 12 and verse 17 the Bible says and the dragon that Satan was wroth with the woman that's the church and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus so who is Satan upset with those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Peters now revelation 19:10 tells us that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy so in other words the woman that Satan is specifically upset with in these last days have the prophetic gift number one and 10 of God's commandments including God's seven day Sabbath why are they keeping the seventh-day Sabbath because the Roman Catholic Church has changed the day of worship from Sunday I'm sorry from Saturday to Sunday it is the wrong Catholic Church says that the mark of her authority is Sunday that's what the Roman Catholic Church says it's in there it's on all their literature so in light of that Satan is specifically upset with a specific group of people those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy other words the prophetic gift now in light of that we must understand for those and sisters that you can't keep the commandments you in your own power cannot keep the commandments of God Jesus said without me you can do nothing you know it's amazing we say no but you can't steal you can't kill you can't lie you can't commit adultery you can't worship idols you can't take the Lord's name in vain we say you do these things but when it comes to that fourth commandment the only commandment that says remember we say oh that was done away the only one that says remember that one was done away if we would faithfully study the Word of God will see that even the disciples kept the Sabbath at the death of Jesus in Luke 23 and they kept the seven-day Sabbath after the death of Jesus in acts 17 acts 13 and X 8 X 13 X 17 X 18 after the death of Christ after he resurrected an ascended to heaven he kept the disciple kept the Sabbath holy but let us move on that's not our subject matter just wanted us know that see for God's people that needed it turn with me to the book of Joel let's go back to the book of Joel I want you to see that Zion and Jerusalem are one of the same Zion and Jerusalem are one and the same in the Word of God turn with me to the book of joel joel j OE l chapter 3 notice in verse 14 joel 3 beginning at verse 14 notice what it says when we come down to verse 16 the Bible says it all beginning in verse 14 it says multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision for the sake of the Lord is near in the valley of decision in other words many of God's people are in the valley of decision they're considering what should I do should I go to church on Sunday should I go to church on Saturday should it go to this church should I go to that church what should I do I'm hearing this I'm hearing the Catholic Church establish Sunday the Bible the authority for the change multitudes in the valley of decision and God wants you to make a choice and Jesus said let me keep my Commandments that's what Jesus said that's John 14 and verse 15 15 verse 10 jesus said in order for you to abide in my love as I abide in my father's love you must keep my Commandments the only way for you to abide and God's love is to keep his commandments they say oh we got to preach love well I'm a preach love we got a love God keep what you said notice what it says as we continue in verse 15 the Sun and the moon shall be darkened and the stars shall withdraw their shining the Lord also show or out of we're out of Zion and mutter his voice from where Jerusalem Zion and Jerusalem are one of the same notice what else continue to say and the heavens and the earth shall shake but the Lord will be the hope of his people and the strength of the children so God is showing us very clearly here that the UH tering of his voice out of Jerusalem and the roaring out of Zion are one of the same this is what you call Hebrew parallelism where God repeats himself using different words but he means the same thing let me show you again notice what it says is a very next book Amos chapter 1 and verse 2 does the exact same thing notice what it says amos 1 and verse 2 it says and he said the Lord will roll from Zion and utter his voice from Jerusalem one of the same Zion Jerusalem same thing continuing and the habitations of the Shepherds shall mourn and the top of Carmel shall wither showing us there's going to be dead in the preaching ministry there's gonna be death in the ministry it says the habitations of shepherds what is a shepherd one who leads a flock of sheep and the Shepherd's are going I'm sorry since the habitations of the head of the Shepherd's shall mourn why are they weeping because of death in the ministry that's why there we turn with me to the Book of Isaiah chapter 1 Isaiah chapter 1 notice without work how even in the church we have become Sodom and Gomorrah now we know in the world we have Sodom and Gomorrah we see LGBT here we see same-sex marriage there we legislate it in 2015 under the Obama administration and many of God's people voted to put that man in office and when you vote to put a man in off-duty on the sins that that man commits while in office that's the honest truth I'm not gonna lie to you brothers sisters my God says come out of Babylon and be separate and touch not the unclean thing because Babylon is United with the kings of the earth that's what revelation 18 in verse 3 tells us so therefore that if the next president or the next leader stiffeners whether presidents whatever position these are going to be the individuals that take away your religious freedom how can we vote to put such men in office how can we vote to put men that are going to enforce the large of the beats while we're on the subject just this week on Thursday New York is religious exemptions for required vaccines now some may look at that say okay well you now they remove that for for vaccines but we don't understand the depth of what this means most people don't understand that and that's what's gonna deal with right now the fact that New York has now enforced a law remove religious exemption that means your First Amendment right is being violated the First Amendment says that our government will make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof that's the First Amendment and the reason why that was the First Amendment is because the founders of America were fleeing persecution in Europe where over 50 million Christians died at the hand of the Catholic Church so as they were fleeing persecution and came to America they said the First Amendment of our Constitution will be religious liberty religious freedom that's now that Liberty has been removed by the state of New York under the crisis of measles outbreak it was the measles outbreak that encouraged the leaders in New York to pass this all I hope y'all catch this I hope you listen here the fact that the crisis brought forth the law we had to take away your religious liberty history is repeating in 9/11 at 9/11 in 2001 there was a Twin Towers that fell and the Patriot Act began to take away some of your liberties where they began to be able to listen in on phone calls they be able they were able to put cameras and and surveillance in different areas in the public square they were able to actually come to your door take away your guns and owe you to stumper your religious liberty I'm sorry your civil liberties were taken away the Patriot Act took away your civil liberties in 2000 after 9/11 even now we have a crisis of measles outbreak which move them to enforce now a law taking away your religious liberty to prevent or to avoid getting a see two reviews getting of X now it is mental free in the state of New York no longer religious exemptions now that's just one step of it let's take it a step further this is the state of New York if you don't want to get a vaccine what do you have to do you have to move to another state so what will happen when the National Sunday law comes which is the mark of the beast because the Beast is Catholicism and for Martha Authority is Sunday so the mark of the beast is a National Sunday law that is coming in the future right here in America that is going to take away your religious liberty to honor Saturday as the truth Saturday is the true day of worship but it's going to the law will take away your religious liberty from being able freely serve God however you want so in other words there will be a crisis of climate change of natural disasters that will lead to the passing of a National Sunday law why because they're going to say these natural disasters are dumbest on the land just like we saw a fire in Paradise last year when thousands of acres burned to the ground paradise was burning down how to find that to happen that was a judgment that was a judgment God is saying look this LGBT this same-sex marriage is an abomination and God laughs paradise in California to burn that was a judgment there's no paradise on this earth the only paradise is in heaven that's the only paradise and so I was sending a message to America and allowing paradise to burn happen to thought of in the portable it burned to the ground so in other words as the judgment fall upon the plant by sea tidal waves tsunamis hurricanes tornadoes earthquakes in doing that I am floods all the other natural disasters as these things transpire and get worse god it's gone revealed himself and God's people understanding now's the time to keep my seventh-day Sabbath holy the Bible says in the Book of Isaiah that woman judgments of God is in the land that the inhabitants of the earth shall learn righteousness well what is righteousness according to the word righteousness is the law of God Psalms 119 verse 152 I'm sorry 172 my speak of thy word for all that Commandments are righteousness in Isaiah 26 I believe in verse 9 elders that when the judgments of God are in the land the inhabitants of the earth shall learn righteousness in other words they will learn the truth about God's law so we see that this crisis of the measles outbreak led to the law of enforcing or removing religious exemption history repeats so if you don't want to have to deal with the eggs the the fact of taking a vaccine now in New York now when God told me in January of 2018 to preach that message because tell God's people now's not the time to buy a house or buy property or by land now we can see why God told me to pre such a message because when the Sunday law crisis comes you have to be able to move if the state that you live in enforces the want to be tied down to owning property to owning a house to owning land you better sell that and sell that property and use that money to store treasure in heaven because it might be destroyed by after that people are losing their homes hurricanes tornados earthquakes sinkholes they're losing their property losing their land I thought I was crazy when I was saying that in 2018 of January but I'm letting you know brothers and sisters it was the Lord that told me God's people now's not the time to buy now is the time to sell it was God that told me to say that and whatever he tells me in my heart that's what I'm gonna preach what do you say notice what the Bible says we're in isaiah chapter 1 isaiah chapter 1 beginning in verse 8 notice what the Bible says we're in isaiah chapter 1 beginning in verse 8 and notice what God says to his people concerning Sodom and Gomorrah the Bible says as the one between University and the daughter of Zion Zion is God's people according to Isaiah has a cottage in a vineyard as a lodge and a garden of cucumbers and the sea each city except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant we should have been as sodom and gomorrah and we should have been likened to the moral here the word of the Lord ye rulers of Sodom give ear unto the law of God he people of Gomorrah so what happens on a manga more forsaken in other words what have the LGBT society think what happening forsaking the law of God they've rejected God's law what did God say thou shalt not know and any relationship between the outside of a man and a woman is an abomination and God said is the violation of the seventh commandment this is the reality and how can we expect for God to bless america with such laws that God calls an abomination it's we're deceived how can we really make America great again when we assess abominable acts and it's even worse today notice what happened this week bear we have a magazine for minors for teens teaching them how to get an abortion behind their parents back listen to 106 Teen Vogue color instructing minors how to get abortion without parental consent oh this Dustin this is Fox News it says parents are blasting Teen Vogue for a recent sexual health identity column that instructs a pregnant minor on how to end a pregnancy without telling her parents because having access to abortion should be right regardless of your parents beliefs so now we have magazines that are teaching the children how to kill how to commit murder I don't violate the law of God abominable it's an abomination parents please make sure you know what your children are reading and watching on YouTube what they're reading in their magazines in their books make sure you're teaching them the Word of God more than anything because that's the number one book they ought to be reading we are brothers and sisters this is where we are you know some people say well you know brother brother brother now shoot you a little too hard no the Lord told me to cry aloud and spare nine and a lift up my voice like a trumpet and the show my people their sins in the house of Jacob their transgressions that's what the Lord told me I love you and I'm not gonna allow to see anybody go in a false pad and do everything I can to save them from the false paths that's my duty as a watchman another issue regarding the children here we have spectrum magazine spectrum is have taken some twenty three and they have perverted it they taken Psalms 23 and perverted Psalms 23 now this this Psalms 23 modified for those who like ice cream ice cream so those of you could because some people won't believe these things but when I say I got I wanted to show that for those watching online it says Psalms 23 modified for those like scream listen to this now there there this is now Psalms 23 is what their quotes supposedly quote the Lord makes me ice cream on a hot summer day I don't need anything else just takes what he offers and no one is very good but you know so you says the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want it says he lets me lie down in a tub of cool peeled bananas and then shares this dr. chip mint with me we walk together and compare notes and we discover new stores and tried the flavors even though I sometimes travel the rocky road I am Not Afraid you pour a gallon of chocolate syrup over my head and vanilla mousse fill up and fall out of my bowl your spoon helps me eat it all thankfully your napkins always clean my face Oh God's love will watch over me every day that I breathe and I will sit in God's ice-cream parlour forever this is a bombing that is a perversion of the Scriptures have no place in any trend this is a church magazine spectrum magazine read publishing such abominable stuff we're perverting the Word of God and and and while some of you must understand this is saving health ministry keeps going help amen and health is not just about being healthy is about being holy and we must understand that ice cream is not the best thing for you it's not the best thing for you if you want some ice cream get some plant base ice cream the milk contains rb/gh I'm sorry RTB th which is the bovine growth hormone of the cows that are being fed genetically modified organisms so when you eat the ice cream you take on the GMOs that the cows are being fed you also take on the disease that the cow has because we know there's a prophecy in the book of Hosea that tells us that the beasts of the field will come down with sickness in the last days that is why God is bringing us to a plant-based diet inspiration second coming of Jesus we must also understand that the combination of milk and sugar clogs the system and creates the environment for fermentation in the stomach therefore promoting disease also it has been proven that genetically modified organisms cause cancer so if the cows are being fed GMOs and I eat the cow I eat the milk from the cow what am I taking in GMOs I'm taking in cancer this is God wants us to be holy and healthy not sick and diseased therefore there must be some temperance and what we eat and how we drink I can't just eat everything I can to drink everything I need some if somebody wants something cool on a hot summer day I would encourage you get some sorbet or get some and baste ice cream but not Breyers or not you know rocky road and all these other ice creams that contain millions and not to mention the chocolate is caffeine which could be the would let us move on Isaiah one so we just read how God says the rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah have cast aside my law they cast aside my love God says let us examine a bit further turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Isaiah to Isaiah 2 beginning at verse 1 Isaiah 2 beginning at verse 1 notice what the Bible says the Bible says in Isaiah 2 beginning in verse 1 the word that Isaiah the son of Amoz so concerning Judah and Jerusalem in other words concerning self-supporting work and the conference the general conference both aspects of the work verse 2 and come to pass in the last days are we living in the last days yes we are it shall come to pass that in the last days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow to it so notice it says God establishing a mountain in the last days this reminds me of annual chapter – were the stone that smoked the month the smote the image became a mountain it became a mountain and broke in pieces the gold the brass and all the other metals implement pieces said verse three and many people shall go and say come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob and he will teach us of his ways and we will walk in his paths for out of Zion shall go forth what the law the law will go forth of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem the law of God the word of the Lord are inseparable the law of God and the word of the book are inseparable inseparable and in the context here verse two says that this will happen in the last days God is not talking about climb a literal mountain God is talking about climbing a spiritual mountain even Mount Zion where the 144,000 are standing upon Mount Zion in Revelation 14 showing us the 144,000 will keep all ten of God's commandments showing us that the hundred and forty-four thousand will honor God's law will keep God's law holy and estaphan holy even the seventh-day Sabbath which is Saturday so what kind of showing us so we have Zion mountain and we have the law of God in the last days are we living in the last days absolutely showing us now is the time for us to climb this spiritual mountain so what God is telling us therefore is that if you want to grow in your Christian walk you got to keep all 10 of God's commandments if you want to climb higher if you want to come up higher as Christ told John in the book of Revelation come up higher we have to come up higher of this mountain even Mount Zion as many sing the song marching design but not understanding what the song is really saying they've got a higher in our spiritual we can't be gossiping and backbiting because that's breaking the ninth commandment patrons in profits pastry phenomena we can't eat lying and watching Christian movies why because a Christian movie is an oxymoron you're acting the actors and by acting you are not promoting the truth you are promoting falsehood you are bearing false witness by acting you're not telling the truth you're bearing false witness you're breaking the ninth commandment you're following the way of the world you're following the actrix sits and plays and for those that were watching the NBA finals this week you're involved in idolatry because sports its modern-day idolatry how many children watching sports when they grow up they say I want to be like this sports figure I want to be like that sports figure they don't say I want to be like Jesus you know many of us remember the song I want to be like Mike you know I want to be like Jesus and so by promoting sports to your children you are promoting idolatry this is modern-day idolatry that's why they have these sports idols and they want their germs and they want to buy their shoes you have parents spending over $200 on a pair of sneakers that is idolatry you're idolizing the fashion you're either fighting the person you're analyzing that that fashionable thing is idolatry idolatry you don't need to spend $200 on a pair of sneakers you can get a very good pair of sneakers for 60 $70 what do you say Amen turn with me in your Bibles to the book of actually I want you to understand for the second time we can't turn their Micah for verse 1 through 3 says the exact same thing Micah for 1 through 3 says the same thing we won't turn there for time sake but I want you to see something in verse 5 we're in Isaiah 2 and verse 5 notice what it says Isaiah 2 and verse 5 all the house of Jacob come ye and let us walk in the light of the Lord so God is saying to the house of the last day let us walk in the light of the law of God let us walk in the list in the book of proverbs chapter 6 verse 23 others just took back three books proverbs 6 and verse 23 notice what the Bible says proverbs 6 and verse 20 is for the commandment is a lamp and the law is light and reproofs of instruction are the way of life so the Bible says for the commandment is a lamp and the law is light so if we must walk in the light let's dock some meaning we must keep all 10 of God's commandments Alton not just some all 10 of God's commandments let us examine another one turn with me to Isaiah 51 Isaiah 51 notice what it says Isaiah 51 and let us begin in verse 1 and while you're turning there I want you to keep in mind that righteousness is tied in with the law of God how do we know psalm 119 verse 1 72 there it says my tongue shall speak of thy word for all that Commandments are righteousness so God's commandments are righteousness will notice what it says about righteousness here in Isaiah 51 Isaiah 51 beginning in verse 1 the Bible says hearken to me ye that follow at the righteousness God says listen to me if you're following my law ye that seek the Lord look unto the rock and see our Hume and to the hole of the pit when see our need look unto Abraham your father and it's a sin that are you for I called him alone and blessed him and increased him God called him out alone not in a group of people alone some of you that are listening to this message God is calling you alone none of your family might accept the savage truth but God is speaking to you some of you God speaking to you and some of the things that I have stated God is calling you alone to separate from Christian movies God is calling you alone to separate from the lgbtq God is calling you alone to separate from the ways of the world and to come out of sports God is calling you alone verse 3 Isaiah 51 for the Lord shall comfort Zion talking about Zion now he will cover all her waste places and he will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert like the Garden of the Lord joven blackness shall be found there in Thanksgiving and the voice of melody hearken unto me my people hear unto me o my nation for a law shall proceed from me and I will make my judgment to rest for a life of the people for all right we just read in Psalms I'm sorry proverbs 6 and verse 23 that the commandment is a land and the law is light so – that the light of the law of God must be obeyed even God's seventh-day Sabbath it must be obeyed God is establishing his righteousness even the righteousness which is by faith what is the gospel the Bible says for I'm not ashamed of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first and also to the Greek for there in me in the gospel is the righteousness of God revealed and how is it revealed by faith the just shall live by faith do you have the faith to believe God can take care of you when they pass a law stating that you won't be able to buy or sell will you trust God and that out that's the question were you trusted turn with me to the book Mecca Raya chapter 8 Zechariah chapter II notice what it says zechariah zechariah is the second to last book of the Old Testament second to last book of the Old Testament notice what it says Zechariah 8 beginning in verse 3 the Bible says in Zechariah 8 in verse 3 it says say I am returned unto Zion and will dwell in the midst of where Jerusalem sian and Jerusalem are one and the same same thing notice what he says I will dwell in the midst of groups and she'll be I'm sorry dwell in the midst of Jerusalem and Jerusalem shall be called a city of truth of the Lord of Hosts the holy mountain so again Jerusalem is also called Zion and Jerusalem is called a city but a city of truth well what is truth according to the Word of God what is truth turn with me in your Bibles to the Book of Psalms 119 verse 151 Psalms 119 verse 151 knowest what the Bible calls truth what is truth jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me thus jesus said so Jesus is very much connected with the truth well what is what else in the Bible is referred to as the truth notice what it says psalm 119 verse 151 the Bible says thou art near O Lord and all that Commandments are true psalm 119 100 minutes are true it doesn't say some of them it doesn't say nine of them it says all of them are our God's truth does that mean well – to says if you break one you break them all if you break the fun you break them all that James 2 verse 10 through 12 if you break one you break them all therefore we must obey God 7 days 7 this is the remnant we're identifying who the remnant are those who keep God's commandments not those who are in business gbt not those who are funding financially the lgbtq know that that's not God's remnant it's not God's remnant why because they're breaking the law of God notice what it says same chapter verse 1 42 same chapter verse 1 42 notice what it says verse 1 42 of the same chapter thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and thy law is the truth so God's law is the truth the whole law must be obeyed not some of it and Jerusalem is a city of truth their hope and expect to be in the heavenly Jerusalem we better be obeying the law of God especially God 787 notice what it says and Hebrews turn with me in your Bibles of the book of Hebrews chapter 12 and beginning at verse 21 Hebrews chapter 12 beginning at verse 21 we're going to read down to verse 23 I want you to understand brothers and sisters that Moses went up a mountain that he may receive the Ten Commandments and the Bible says when Moses came down that mountain that his face shone with the glory of God and if we want to shine with life if we flesh shine with the glory of God we must embrace his ten commandments even allowed God to write his law on your heart notice what it says we're in Hebrews 12 beginning in verse 21 the Bible says and so terrible was the sight that Moses said exceedingly fear and quake the law of God calls a shaking cause of shaking amongst God's people there was a wait hey verse 22 but ye are come unto Mount Zion and unto the city of the Living God the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels to the General Assembly and the Church of the firstborn which are written in heaven and to God the judge of all and to the spirits of just men made perfect so God is making it clear that those who are written in the book of life are those who are following the way of truth are following the Ten Commandments that are a part of this company Mount Zion just as Moses to the Mount the 144,000 will stand spiritually upon Mount Zion and physically increased comes back on Mount Zion notice what your Bible says as we close out turn with me to the book of Revelation chapter 14 Revelation chapter 14 beginning at verse 1 notice what your Bible says Revelation chapter 14 beginning at verse 1 and before I read this you know that there are people that are dying as a result of climbing a mountain in the physical sense already this year just 19 we've had 11 deaths of those that had 11 deaths as a result of climbing a mountain so what is God saying God is letting us know that Oh many will climb this mountain some will die along the way even as Moses died early ever since 1844 those who died sealed keeping God 7 a Sabbath and the third angels message will be brought up in the partial special resurrection notice this headline four bodies recovered from Mount Everest as Nepal seeks help in identifying dead climbers so in other words some have died climbing this mountain of Everest that's physical there's a spiritual express specifically for dead bodies for dead bodies is what it says in the article for dead bodies so if there is for dead bodies and we know that the number four represents the universal hole there are four corners of the earth there are over winds of heaven there is a fourth angel that is coming down even at this hour to enlighten the earth with God's glory God is revealing to us in understanding some will die as martyrs before the close of probation some will die as martyrs are you preparing now to die as a martyr some of you will die as a martyr because of what you're preaching or because of what you're saying or because of how you're living some of you will die as a martyr and God desires for you to be delivered and to be realizing don't fear death because here is the Bible says I have not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind God shouldn't be fearful God wants you to boldly preach the truth to boldly call-outs in to cry aloud and spare not that means to don't hold back now is not the hour to hold back we are too close to the second coming of Jesus now is not the hour to hold back anything from Jesus now is the out of it all God – for God why because Jesus laid it all on the altar for you and if Jesus laid it all on the altar for you then you want to lay it all of the other parties this is where we aren't running sisters it's where we are revelation 14 and verse 1 the publicans and I looked in lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion and with him 144,000 having his father's name written in their foreheads has God's name has God's character been written upon you have you been sealed with the seal of the Living God even God's seven days seven sealed with the character of God because God's character is his long right in the heart of the law it says and showing that showing mercy to the thousands of them that love me and keep my Commandments God's mercy is revealed to those that keep his Commandments that's Exodus chapter 20 and verse 5 God's mercy is revealed to those that keep his Commandments are you keeping all 10 of God's commandments is the question because those who stand on Mount Zion this remnant will keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus what is the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophecy God is showing us brothers and sisters now's the hour to lay it all on the altar now's the hour to be reading the writings of Ellen White who has fulfilled all the identifying marks for an inspired messenger – that has revealed that she was given the prophetic indeed a true prophetess a true messenger so now science is confirming the fact that LNG White was truly an inspired messenger science is confirming ice-creams not good for you I science is confirming cheese is not good for you science is confirming cows milk is not good for you science is confirming these things showing us that need to make necessary changes in our diets changes in our lifestyle I know I know pizza I know pizza that tastes good but it's not good for you I know it tasted I sit in front of the TV screen every every Sunday porter pizza watch football every Sunday watch basketball during the basketball season that used to be me but then Jesus touched me once God puts his hand on you once we fully surrender to God rose and sisters no entertainment in this world can replace Jesus because we must understand there will be no entertainment in heaven there'll be no sports no movies no games in heaven therefore we must entertain ourselves in the Word of God because we will be sitting at the feet of Jesus in heaven learning from Jesus and if we're going to be doing that in heaven that we better get used to it here otherwise you won't want to be there in heaven and those who are climbing Mount Zion at this power spiritually they will be accustomed to sitting at the feet of Jesus only as you sit at the feet of Jesus can you be transformed can you be changed can you be born again jesus said except a man be born again he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven how many of you want to be born again today do you want to be born again I invite you to raise your hand with me God wants you to be born again and to be born again means to be changed to be born again means to be transformed to be born again to be to beat means to become a new creature that's what it means to me morning to become chained to come a new person in Christ not in your own strength you can't keep the commandments in your own strength but in Jesus you can in Christ you can my prayer is that we will allow the Word of God to govern to shape to mold every aspect of our life because probation is about to close we have now in America passed the law in New York removing religious exemption a violation of your First Amendment right showing us that very soon a National Sunday law will be enforced and those who are living in New York right now that don't want to be forced to take a vaccine they have to move showing you now it's not the hour to be buying property to be buying land to be buying all these earthly things now is the hour to invest in God's work let us pray loving father your word is so clear please give us the faith to believe give us the faith to trust give us the faith to stand alone though the heavens fall cleanse us of all unrighteousness take away the love for sports the love for fashion the love for entertainment the love for movies the love for everything that is unlike Jesus take that love out of your people's hearts is my career and give us a love for righteousness give us a love for the truth give us a love for your word that we might take a stand in these last days please help us to hide your word in our hearts that we might not sin against thee we thank you for answering our petition now please seal us in the truth that we may become a part of the 144,000 in Jesus blessed name we pray a for those of you that are watching online I want to thank you for tuning in please do make sure that you tune back in we have more to reveal from the Word of God in in and right around 12:15 12:20 we'll go live again for our divine hour so may God bless you as you continue to do the Lord's will thank you for watching



  2. the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14, of which the seventy weeks form a part. The preaching of
    each was based upon the fulfillment of a different portion of the same great
    prophetic period.  {GC88 351.1}  How can the 2300 prophecy be a  DIFFERENT PORTION OF THE 2300 DAY PROPHECY?  IT CANT, THE ONLY WAY THAT THE
    (Simple English People) {GC88 350.1}

    {Ed. 178.2}  The history which the great I AM has

    marked out in His word, uniting link after link in the prophetic chain, from
    eternity in the past to eternity in the future, tells us where we are today in
    the procession of the ages, and what may be expected in the time to come

    The commencement of the chain of truth was given to him, and he was led on to

    search for link after link, until he looked with wonder and admiration upon the
    Word of God. He saw there a perfect chain of truth. That Word which he had
    regarded as uninspired now opened before his vision in its beauty and glory..
    {EW 229.1}

    NOTE: commencement means Beginning.. So Ellen White Says God Gave Him the First link

    and then another Link Then another Link= a Chain "uniting link after link
    in the prophetic chain,"

    So What was the First Link: so Miller and his associates proclaimed

    that the longest and last prophetic period brought to view in the Bible ( LET

    so I took that and my Bible, and set down to
    my desk, and read nothing else, except the newspapers a little, for I was
    determined to know what my Bible meant. I began at Genesis, and read on slowly;
    and when I came to a text that I could could [sic] not understand, I searched
    through the Bible to find out what it meant. After I had gone through the Bible
    in this way, O, how bright and glorious the truth appeared! I found what I have
    been preaching to you. I was satisfied that the seven times terminated in 1843.
    Then I came to the 2300 days; they brought me to the same conclusion;..
    Whatever the Bible teaches, I will hold on to it. …" {1843 ApH, TSAM

    The Lord does not repeat things that are of no great consequence.– {8MR 413.2

    Is the 2520 or 7 Times in the Bible?

    1. King  Nebuchadnezzar  Dan. 4:16 ..and let seven times pass over him.  (is 2520 Days 360 days a yr x 7=2520 days Ellen White Says this time was 7 YRS.

    2. Dan. 5:2           Belshazzar, whiles he tasted the
    wine, commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father
    Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple which [was] in Jerusalem. Compare
    Scripture with Scripture or Subject with Subject (1 Cor.2:13)  with Num. 7:84-86.  all the silver vessels [weighed] two thousand
    and four hundred [shekels], after the shekel of the sanctuary: ( =2400…)all
    the gold of the spoons [was] an hundred and twenty [shekels]. =120 + 2400=2520.

    3. Dan. 5:25 And this [is] the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.
    5:26 This [is] the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 5:27 TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
    5:28 PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians
    Mene, mene, TEKEL, UPHARSIN = 2520 in Arabic which points us to the time of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Woe in our time.

    4.Ps.  12:6            The words of the LORD [are] pure words: [as] silver tried in a furnace of earth,
    purified seven times. Again Seven times is 7 yrs or 2520 days How Many Years did
    it Take to Make the King James Bible 7 yrs. 2nd witness to this is Jesus is the
    Word of god that was Tried in the Fire of the Furnace in  Dan.3:19 Then
    was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against
    Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: …commanded that they should heat the furnace
    one seven times more than it was wont to be heated.  Dan. 3:25              He
    answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire,
    and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God. 

    Note God's People was tried by Fire Seven Times. Did you Get it. Zec.13:9            And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them
    as gold is tried: 1 Peter. 1:7   That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: 

    Was not God's people Tried like Vessels of Gold and Silver. 2 tim. 2:20   But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to
    honour, and some to dishonour.  2:21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, [and] prepared unto every good work. 

    We can see:

    1. 2520 or 7 Times is connected to the time of Babylon.

    2. it is Connected to the time of the Image ( Dan. 3:18,19, Dan. 5:24-28)

    3. it is connected to the Sanctuary  Lev. 16:19,
    Num. 7:84-86,  677 b.c.–1844, the Bread
    in the Sanctuary Represents Christ which was in the Furnace heated 7 Times.

    4. God's People will be tried by the Fire i.e on the 7 Times. Just like Shadrach,
    Meshach, and Abednego upon the 7 Times, Just like the Millerites was tested on
    the 7 Times. Just like Israel in Lev. 25:8 the land resting every 7th yr and why did God's people go into Captivity in Babylon? 2 Chron. 36:21 To fulfil the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths: [for] as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath, to fulfil threescore and ten years.

    How Dose God teach us? Isa. 46:10    Declaring the end from the
    beginning, and from ancient times [the things] that are not [yet] done,

    Rev. 3:18  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich;

    So we see that Gold tried in the Fire has a lot to do with the 7 Times and the 2520.
    The Lord does not repeat things that are of no great consequence.– {8MR 413.2

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