Advanced workout you can do with a Foot or Ankle Injury. "Hurt Foot Fitness!"

hi YouTube friends its Caroline here and today I want to take you through a hurt foot fabulous workout video this videos designed for those of you who are recovering from a foot or lower leg injury I know how hard it is to stay positive and fit while recovering from any foot or lower leg injury and I here to help you stay positive and feel your very best as you feel yourself so make sure that before you start this video you check with your doctor or physical therapist and of course always always listen to your body be smart and if anything earth stop and rest and take your time taking really good care of yourself are you ready to get started alright let's roll it in that and lay down onto your back so we are going to get started with a fit and fabulous hurt foot sit up so you're just going to bend your knees and reach your arms over your head take a nice deep breath inhale and as you exhale you're going to roll all the way up stretch the shoulders and roll all the way back down and lay long so let's lift up and lower down again if any of these exercise moves put any stress on your injury you're going to stop because you're too smart to make anything hurt so listen to your body and breathe alright fit and fabulous my hurt foot friend you're doing great let's try a few more stretching the shoulders at the top I want this to raise your heart rate and also we're just uh mcmutt off this is probably going to be one of my most advanced hurts foot workouts so if it's challenging don't be hard on yourself know that you will get stronger and fitter as you continue to be consistent with your exercise ok you can give me two more listen up quote last one you're amazing nice job I want you to sit up bring your legs together lower back into a V sit and your hands in prayer position let's say free please foot or lower leg injuries please heal soon I'm sending love to you with your heads in the prayer position twist touch the elbow down and twist so we're praying and sending love to your injury for fast recovery you know your body hears everything your mind says so if you can send your injury some love and some light your body's going to pick up on that and it's going to say alright I just sent that I'll heal and you'll feel fabulous up right now you should be throwing your stomach muscles and breathing stay with me stay positive and keep squeezing those ribs in couth heart rate is up and are on fire you're doing great I want you to give me two more with those friends last one return to Center now with these prayers I want you to reach up and then bring them duck and reach and then so we're saying giving love to my injury today I'm just giving it lots of love and saying you know what if I love you you're going to really start to heal and soon I'll feel better all right we're almost there I know your stomach is on fire okay two more reach out last one nice job lower all the way down and flip onto your belly reach your arms really long and again as you turn be careful with your injury okay don't do anything silly so you're going to reach those arms up nice and long I want you to lift your body off the floor and squeeze your elbows towards your bottom and then reach here we go let's squeeze and reach now right now I'm feeling my butt my hamstrings my stomach my lower back my upper back and oh my shoulders and says you can't get a great workout without your foot so you keep that in mind and squeeze those shoulder blades I'm so happy you're here good keep it up squeeze you should really feel your butt muscle work as well see if you can lift those legs a little higher just two more last one this workout is real reach those arms long and you're going to swim okay my friends kick the legs kick the arms breathe nice and strong whoa get it going get it going get it going all right can you do it for eight lift a little higher six the count down almost there three two and lift you're amazing bring those elbows underneath your shoulders I want you to bring your knees together heels towards your bottom squeeze your stomach in and modify it's light poles so I recovered from a sesamoid injury and I used a lot of Center planks to help me if you don't know what that's what it is it's a tiny little bone in your foot that takes forever to heal so I got really really creative with workouts and you know what I stay in great shape all it takes is the willingness to listen to what your body needs just being outside the box and to really start to develop a program where you can keep moving and keep fit hold those tummy muscles in keep breathing you should be feeling everything now I want you to lift up to your hands and hold you're gonna come up keep squeezing your heel towards your butt engaging your hamstring muscles and then lower right back down do it again lift lift lower down down and now you're probably thinking shoot hopefully I sign up for in this video lifting up will lower it down well you signed up for exercise my friend and exercise is one of the best ways to make your mind and your body filled so I want you to keep going up and down one of my favorite clients called these commandos I don't know what I want to call them yet but commando sounds super fun so let's stick with that Laura's down do your ribs in and make sure you're alternating which arm goes down first and lowers oh my gosh my hugs feel awesome thank you I love happy a happy ass happy life okay let's do one more each side shoulder the burden thank you very much and then lower all the way back down extend your legs long now this one I call booty beats and you're not going to actually touch your heels but I want you to think about touching your booty so your legs are mat distance apart your heads going to go down you'll lift the legs up and then you're just going to squeeze the legs in and up so you have to use your abs here if you don't use your abs you're going to feel your lower back and I don't want that so you squeeze your abs in tight for it goes down to the mat squeeze that booty booty booty reach all right we're lifting those like off the floor I want you to engage those muscles bring them back to life that's your reality keep going for me who use the movie oh it is so good okay two more and last one nice shot lower it down and I want you to push your hip back into a child's clothes carefully take a deep breath inhale and a long breath out exhale we are not done with your buns my friends so come back to plank position with your wall sorry tabletop position love you correct what knees under hips hands underneath shoulders now all you're going to do is lift one leg up towards the sky touch it down and then open it out towards the side touch it up okay so we go up down and up so I'll be honest with you I'm still recovering from my foot injury and you look pretty good shape I have not run or jumped in like nine months yup that's a long time but I found ways to keep my body and my mind sane and I really want to share those with you so I'm happy you're here and I'm happy that I'm talking so much I've distracted you from the fact of your butt muscle might be burning because mine is too so I want you to really squeeze glutes hamstrings hips glutes hamstrings and hips oh my god I'm so happy we're here this feels fabulous tomorrow I hope you walk or hopefully if you're not in the boot strut with a nice strong but alright piece of stomach in tight you got to keep those ABS really working for you you're just going to give me four more and your bottom should be on five on them left two good last one oh alright my friend lift it back up now you reach it out and you're going to squeeze it in here we go reach out and now sometimes I'll do this on my forearms and if you need to you could do fists for risk if your wrists are a bit cranky today right now the part of your butt that it touches your hamstring should be like really working hard for you so I also happening think about it keep that knee up keep your ribs in tummy is tight oh my gosh it helps that I'm wearing a cute outfit because it just keeps me moving and feeling better about that Thank You New Balance okay we just got four more and three two more strong wow this is fabulous last one good job you're going to lower it down and face me coming on to your elbow so before we get to the second side we're going to work a side plank so I'm going to keep the knees and when the hips lift it up nice and strong top arm goes up and you hold good we got to get those sides of stomach right so I want you to know that I believe in you and your body's ability to heal it will get better and in fact the fact that you're doing exercise is finding ways to stay positive and to keep moving while you heal it is going to help you get there a little bit faster so I want to acknowledge that you're doing something for yourself to help yourself get through this like brutal process of being out of the activity active life that you love so major props to you my friend major props right now you should be feeling this hip and your abs he's doing that awesome okay stay with it keep breathing and lower it down extend your legs long and reach your whole body down on the floor now for me I like to do the top arm over my head and the front arm forward you can play around with it and see what works for you we got one rectus eyes before we switch sides so you'll lift your top leg up and then you're just going to crunch up lift the bottom leg up hold and then lower it down arms goes over let's try it again top leg up bottom leg hold and Jim it's a little bit dancer E so if you're doing uncoordinated please no stress just get your abs working you should feel your inner thighs actually you're going top leg up inner thighs squeeze this is one of my favorite oblique exercises and even if you're not hurt it's a great exercise so you know maybe keep this one in your routine when you're not out of the boot when you're fully healed lift up oh this is good let's try four more so up reach up squeeze and up you can do whatever you want to with that top arm just try not to use the bottom arm just do the exercise because I think that's called cheating yeah so lift and lift hold good and lower now all I want you to do is lift your legs off the ground and we're just going to lift and lower up and down now I have my top arm here you can also rest if your neck is kind of cranky and you'll still get like oh my gosh inner thighs abs like crazy right now I'm going to love you tomorrow thank you for being a youtube subscriber this is crazy I will for you and rest okay that was it anything so bring it up Neal be careful one hand down and all you're going to do is stretch over to the side Oh and then we'll stretch the other side now when I was really in the beginning safes of recovery I would soar in the weirdest places because you're getting around awkwardly in life and so your body gets really sore so I'll be putting up a foam rolling video to help you with that soreness II should check the channel for that too but before we get set let's decide – lucky for you you've got two sides to your body so I want you to come to tabletop position with the hands and any shoulders needs a minute careful with whatever injury you got and we're going to do the up and side so stomach in nice and strong you'll go lift in side and up poop you know what also really helps besides exercise is staying positive in really good people you gotta find people who will help you even on the hard days get through your injury so if you don't have those people yet check out some of the other youtube subscribers on this channel you know people have been posting their comments on the comment walls and connecting with each others of injuries and it's a positive community I'm really proud of all of you because I really love the energy that you put on the comment wall so I want to thank you for that because I found a lot of support from that and I think you should connect to each other to find support them up too okay so I just I think you guys are so special and my butt hurts right hey we've got some more to do now again depending on your injury you can point flex or point to put in the foot so you play with your foot and make it feel good for you and whatever it needs to go so can you give me just for Boop and out your butt is on fire and we still have a few more things to do right okay last one let me get strong and we go up now you're going to reach and curl so reach this is one of my favorite especially for her foot because it doesn't put any impact on your legs or your doesn't involve weight bearing and it will really work the butt so you should be feeling this one quite a bit right now especially because we worked at the bill on the other side so stomach stays in nice and strong when you think about a long spine and really trying to keep that leg parallel to the floor I know it's hard but I also know you're amazing and you can do it okay so keep that in mind keep breathing staying strong oh wow my butt is burning Oh last two and last one nice job is going to bring it down and we'll swing over to the side elbow goes underneath shoulder knees going over and under hips stomach in nice and strong I played side two so we lift it up and push it forward stomach in and you hold good reach up now is some of my current football videos we do an exercise where the leg goes up but not today so if you want that exercise you got to try the other videos and lucky for you I'm actually putting together a hurt foot exercise program so I'm excited and I'll be sharing that with you soon so you'll have to check back into the channel for that fun fun fitness fabulous stuff kind of that feeling awesome I'm so happy you're here man isn't it amazing how a little bit of exercise can completely make your day better it's pretty cool it's just like a magic tool for happiness all right lower it down now we got that side oblique exercise feel lower all the way down this arm can be in front or can be out you just make it work for you top arm goes over and this is the little coordinated one so top leg goes up bottom leg goes up we hold reach and then we lowered top leg up hold reach I like the flanker that also really works those inner thighs and you know when you're coming back from a foot injury you want your life to do stuff because sometimes it feels like they're not alive I need them to come back to life so it's nice to do exercises don't putting stress on that injury just to kind of bring some white back to those muscle you know you miss them sometimes lift cut it and don't feel so good in the obliques you'll have to let me know if you like this exercise I'll include it in more videos just for you right now all right we'll work it and we haven't even done the pulse yet okay we only have three more after this one think about how long your body feels on our floor good just two more lift reach up pull and down last one lift reach up pull and down now you can either lift your torso off the floor and beat or let your head go so find that way so I'm going to go down for to this side and just show you I'm beating those legs together really working my obliques my inner thighs everything is on fire who says you can't exercise some of the hurt foot we're getting creative here you just got two more and last one all right bend the knees bring it in a little bit of a stretch to counterbalance that work reach it over like a mermaid and down and reach now you can play with this stretch and just make it fit your body so please feel free to adjust make it fit you you repeat a few beautifully unique and that's what makes you you okay so we get back over to your bottom be careful and then we're just going to do two beginning stomach series one last time and you are on the home stretch my friend so I'm going to resew shoulders up lower it down and above the head and lift now I have this exercise a lot for posture because it feels really good to stretch the shoulders right now you're probably thinking meant but Caroline's feels really good on my own muscle yeah that's it so just a few to finish out nice and strong we're going to finish with a prayer for an injury to help us heal up going to be so good keep going with me she's breathing I want you to say to yourself your stronger and stronger with every step stronger and stronger with every deep breath stronger and stronger every day let's try two more oh my goodness last one Oh bring both hands to Prince give a little note of positive energy to your injury let's have it he'll twist side and side now you're squeezing the wrist in staying strong and smiling smiling is very advanced they say I think it differs McKellen is right did you smile who cares about calories it's about feeling good all right you've got four more and three just two more last one good holding and center squeeze your stomach in right now I want you to say to your injury I love you safety for teaching me the lessons I need to learn thank you for helping me grow strong inside and out thank you for healing because you were healing my friend when you're ready lift it up and relax so I want to do one stretch with you it's called cat-cow to end our workout so I want you to bring your hands raise your shoulders and your knees and your hips round your spine arch your back tuck your chin and then belly down look up you look really nice too try it again around and tuck and belly down Luca come back to neutral and then slowly return to any comfortable speed my friend I can't thank you enough for subscribing to my youtube channel and sharing this video with all of your hurts but funds I know how hard it is to come back from an injury but I also believe in you and your body's ability to heal so thank you so much for joining me today for the tert foot workout video I hope it served you in feeling your very very best I'm sending a lot of love and gratitude to you I'll see you again soon at Caroline Jordan fitness comm hi


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