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hey guys welcome to your intermediate and advanced yoga class today is going to be a yoga class that i created for those of you that are looking to advance their yoga practice now if you find some of these postures a little bit too challenging then you can also do the modifications that i have provided at the top of this video now remember guys yoga is a journey so where ever you are in your practice right now in this moment is exactly where you need to be all this class is doing is allowing you to start expand your knowledge expend your practice so overtime these postures can become part of your regular flow but don’t worry about it if you can’t do it right away, just do your best and overtime it will come to you so if you’re ready grab a mat lets do it ok guys lets begin today at the back of your mat childspose feet and knees together interlace your fingers behind your back look up towards the sky inhale exhale forhead to the floor arms up as high as possible hold slowly rise up to kneeling position fingers interlaced open the chest arch the baack exhale take it all the way down come on up again arms reach sinking right back over to childs pose this time arms reaching forward rounding through to all fours tuck your toes up to downward facing dog lengthening through the spine deep breath in exhale rounding forward into plank slowly come back to downward dog three more times two more rounding through to plank shoulders over the wrists and push back downward dog last one rounding forward hold your plank chaturanga dandasana all the way down to your mat upwards facing dog lift open through the chest exhale downward facing dog reach right leg to the sky from here bending the knee drop down to that left elbow open and stack the hips begin to circle the leg 4 times warm up the hips joints one more extend the leg come back over to both hands stepping forward reaching the arms up high lunge breath in release the hands interlace the fingers behind the back open the chest again and then gently bring the chest down hold up again open the chest and back down reaching the arms back up to the sky slowly lets take that twist left arm forward then release left hand to the floor arm up twisted high lunge make our way into prayer position with both hands so to begin left elbow to the right knee palms together hold keep twisting looking up towards the sky if you like to take it even further try extending both elbows come back to prayer from here step back for forward twisted chair feet together knees together breath in exhale untwist the body reach the arms up then reach both arms up release the arms inhale big reach exhale dive it down towards the mat inhale half way exhale step jump to plank chaturanga inhale upwards dog exhale downward facing dog lets take it to the other side left leg up bend the knee right elbow down begin to circle that left leg warming up the hip last one reach it up hold up to hands bend the knee and stepping forward high lunge deep breath in exhale arms up high lunge hold it here interlace the hands behind the back exhale take the chest down inhale open look up take it all the way down look up one more time releasing the hands exhale right arm forward left arm back twist and then slowly from here you’re going to let that right hand come down left arm reaches up to the sky lets take elbow to knee palms together into your twisted high lunge staying here or one more step forward and extend the elbows palms together again when you’re ready step forward twist untwist the body arms reach up and then release inhale drive it down inhale half way step or jump to plank chaturanga upward dog and downward facing dog take a moment to breath reach rightly up big step foreard shift all of the weight to that right foot standing split hands staying on the ground you can stay here or try to gran that standing ankle finding balance breathe then slowly releasing hands to the hip left knee up to chest then sanding pigeon ankle top of the knee sinking low hands in prayer slowly come on up taking the bird of paradise left heel off the mat left hand through the legs your right to the right foot slowly begin to lift keeping the balance on right foot see how far you can extend the left leg grounding the ball of your foot coming into yogi squat tows turning away from you sinking nice and low hold here takebone pointing right down breathing in exhale slowly release the hands slowly come up heel tow the feet back together into our standing forward fold slowly round up inhale arms up exhale forward inhale half way exhale step or jump into plank chaturanga upward facing dog downward facing dog taking it to the other side bend your knee stepping forward to your high lunge forst shifting weight to that left foot standing split right leg reaches up holding that ankle or holding the mat finding the balance palms down slowly lets lift right knee to your belly botton hold standing pigeon ankle above your knee sinking low remember guys if you like to stay here a little longer and skip the bird of paradise you can thats totally fine just take it to your own pace slowly come on up now if you are doing bird of paradise come down with ball of your foot to the floor eight hand comes in between the legs left arm over and behind the back try to interlace the fingers shift your weight to the left foot slowly lift yourself up stay here with knee bent or if you like to take it further extend the knee this is advanced so no pressure slowly come down release the hands palms down now were going to do our crow posture come on over to your hadns knees coming over top of those triceps see if you can lift one foot of the ground at a time if you want to start out by getting the knees on the triceps first that can be the first step if you can’t lift your feet off the ground thats ok just hold and try it when you’re ready come out of this posture by stepping back into plank deep breath in chattering dandasana inhale upward dog exhale downward facing dog slowly from here coming forward to plank rounding through each vertebra hold come back to downward dog again plank downward dog last one just holding chaturanga upwards facing dog downward facing dog inhale left leg reaches up big sep forward between the two hands grounding the right heel warrior 2 left palm peaceful warrior extended side angle left fingers towards the ground hold it here or take a bind shoulders opening out! deep breath in when you’re ready slowly come out of the posture reach the right arm up warrior 2 turning the toes in wide legged forward fold forehead reaching for the mat holding here and breathing contunie to hold it contunie to hold the stretch now I’m going to throw something really advanced for those of you now I’m going to throw in something advanced here that feel comfortable with this hold the fold if you don’t know how to do it ptherwise bring your weight into those forarms begin to bring legs up i will do a tutorial one of these days about how to do this slowly coming of your hand stand coming back to forward fold roll yourself up to standing arms up inahle turning right toes out warrior 2 warrior 2 other side opening the right play taking peaceful warrior come back into extended side angle staying here or taking your bind holding here stay in your extended side angle come on up up to your warrior 2 arms up turning right toes in left toes out face the front of the mat stepping forward inhale arms up dive it down half way come to plank inhale upwards facing dog exhale downward facing dog take a moment to breath in exhale out make your way to the knees and then childs pose rollinover to one side hug your knees and make your way to the back and you exhale taking spinal twist look over left shoulder come back to centre switching sides take it across right arm out back to center rleasing arms and legs slowly arms release to the side lets come toe to seated inhale arms up thank you guys so much for joining me today on our advanced yoga im so proud of your for finishing this with me today feel free to comment like or subscrive and of cource don’t forget to subscribe


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