Advanced Bodybuilding -MYOREPS Technique|| Info by Daman Singh


  1. I use Chuck Sipes advanced method of Bench Press.
    A Great article from Charles Poliquin.

  2. Sir can I use this technique while doing lat pull down exercise???

  3. Paji weight same rahega kay failure tak

  4. Pajji I love Ur content

  5. Guru ji jay sri Ram. …yeh btao muscle gain ke liy kon sa protien lu…..

  6. very nice sir.

  7. BrO WhY YouR SiZe Is NoT GrowinG

  8. u always true sir… plz make more videos on advanced techniques

  9. tu ni boldii tere chh tera yaar bolda

  10. DPT and FST7

  11. Super

  12. Bhai its called Rest-pause

  13. Thnks alot for advance lvl technique. Will b implementing in my sessions

  14. Desi gym.. Homemade pulley machine workout… Ghar pr banao body.. Dekho is video ko

  15. I have already tried this…this works soo good, intense pump and superb results in 2 months.

  16. I use the same technique : but little difference : maximum i can lift in dumbell like 25 kg for 5 reps . then 22.5 kg for 5 reps then going as low as 10kg and trust me 5 reps becomes impossible . no rest in between just 5 -8 sec of racking and unracking weights .

  17. bro you are completely natural ,,, great work , keep it up !

  18. Tu ni tere ch gym bolda….keep it up bro

  19. Bhai ji barhia

  20. Thanks paji

  21. Plz make video for Bie and Tri workout for size gain

  22. Thanks for sharing, useful tips 💪🏼

  23. Nice video sir

  24. Beautiful

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