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nineteen-year-old Joanne Addams is a budding artist with an eye for style and fashion with dreams of becoming an art teacher she has everything to look forward to except that Joanne has an embarrassing secret she's addicted to potatoes and survives on a diet of chips mash and crisps in the day I'd sacre-coeur between five and ten packets of crisps the only time I'm not eaten was when I'm asleep she's terrified of eating fruit and veg I live in fear of lumpy food game into my mouth and making me feel and her fear of all things new doesn't end with food I always think there's someone following me are gonna kidnap me and that's Joanne changes her ways she lists serious health problems are you ready to see what the future holds oh my god getting her to beat her addictions will be the job of clinical psychologist Steven briars a nutritionist Nathalie Savona Natalie will encourage Joanne just stop being stubborn is that something that you think you might try it looks like sex to me while Steven will work on Joanne the state of mind you ready to go for it by getting the ball rolling over the next four weeks they'll try to reverse a lifetime of bad eating habits Johnathan's lives in Middlesboro to her family mum Harold digests an older brother pull on her boyfriend of three years Tom lives just around the corner a talented artist Joanne is about to enroll on a fine art course at University she might be about to enter a whole new world but there's one thing that won't be changing her Porsche for all things potato for dinner every day Joanne eats mashed potato but only when made by her mum I will only much potato made by my mom because I know that mum I was gonna do it the way I want it so I just don't trust anyone else to do it on special occasions Joanne treats herself to chips but even they must be bought from one of two trusted chip shops if my mum gets me some chips I can always tell that no they are Colombian nobody can lie to me about food we have accepted it it is the norm in our house we don't think about it now because it's gone on for so long the main server dies is crisps and lots of them that's breakfast that's lunch that's tea her parents buy a shocking one hundred bags of crisps a week to keep Joe a man happy on an average day it'd be wake up crisps Brett time well Chris lunch time probably two packets of Christmas when I get home small Christmas and then maybe chips are rush Patel jo-ann's grandma's worried about her potato fuels diet noise officers something healthy to eat instead it's one of these little nice salads it's got little bits of everything it looks like to try it new food to make me feel panicky and I was worried I live in fear of lumpy food getting past my lips and to run because I'm not used to it all that I have to spit out the food they're in there to keep these embarrassing situations to a minimum jo-ann has developed a useful avoidance strategy coz I've got a nut allergy I can use that as an excuse so that sometimes say oh I am gonna eat a home because I'd be wary of nuts only eating her mum's mash means that Joanne always have to eat dinner at home the family fear for her help we worry about you on every day I needed to be strong and healthy and we're pretty desperate for her to change and debarment with boyfriend tom is also concerned about the future good we'll move it see she's gonna be over when she's older she's gonna be free on stuff at just 19 Joann is already worried that her food problem is holding her back in life now that I'm going to university I plan to move on as I'm following my career I want my food to be move on with me I want to change now before it's too late [Applause] it's day one of Joanne's nutritional makeover she's been summoned to London for her first meeting with the experts too nervous to come alone she's bought her dad before they begin their work Natalie and Steven have a surprise in store for Joanne whilst dad Jeff waits in the foyer the experts hope to focus Joanne on the job ahead okay John you're here because you're ready to make some changes but what we've got for you now is a collection of messages from people who also really care about how you do so we're gonna leave you to watch this and then we'll come back and talk to you about it afterwards all right do you know that you mean the world to me and from my heart I really want you to think that you're normal like everybody else I think about it every day and every time we come into the house ACCI empty packet of crisps you can say there's 10 o'clock there's half-past ten there's 11 o'clock and every day we think well one day will you change I don't tell you as much but you talk about it worries me Lourdes that to think that you could be affected by this when you get older I'll see I want to be with you as long as I can so I thought you till like feel ill or anything like that let's think about what this food thing's doing to your health cuz I want you to be with me for a long long time I'm gonna crab you can achieve fantastic future be in front of you if you just take this step and get over the hurdle please go for it let's do it together how was that for you thank you never feel a bit guilty no didn't really said that before like that they were I didn't realize it without were each so whose comments affected you the most probably mum and dad yeah what part of what they were saying really got through to you think about me being you forever so how do you feel about your eating habits affecting the relationship with Tom well we don't do things that other people do we do go out for meals but not very often and I get it's not like a happy time is the embarrassment factor a big thing for you why are you very conscious of various issues I'm very conscious of what other people are saying I always think that people are talking about me because I'm like I'm not even there same as them so that must affect your social life generally I means you feel like you're missing out yeah I do not think I've grown up but my eating habit has not grown up with me okay well I think now what we need to do is have a look at the food that you are eating in case the tears of her loved ones weren't enough motivation Stephen and Natalie have another a nutritional wake-up call and store why do you think we might have bought you to a child's nursery because my diet is a bit a good child's diet hmm run us through what you do eat then why actually is chips mashed potato crisps bread that's about it Wow it's very very very yeah what is it about these mushy children type foods that you like it's what I'm comfortable with them what textures I feel nice and more now that we know that potato dominates your diet we've got a surprise for you so what do you think all that's about really how many tears are in my lifetime in your lifetime you've been lucky about 4,000 potatoes there and that's how many potatoes you're getting through in a year I didn't think it was that many you're shocked shocked here so drown what's it like living on variations on a theme it gets quite frustrating I feel it's me socially because my boyfriend's family and my family have never actually got together for a meal or anything like that because obviously I feel embarrassed and just not comfortable in that position all right so our challenge then to use that by the end of this full week period you are going to have a meal together and eat the same things as everybody else yeah does that sound doable think so no what's really stunning about Joanne's diet is how restricted it is she's really only eating potatoes and she's eating them in a very salty fatty for most of the time so it's gonna be quite an uphill struggle to get her off that sort of childish way of eating the harsh reality of what lies ahead is too much for Joanne and she turns to her dad for comfort change love that's why it makes you do a friend Johanne now has just one month to overcome her unusual eating problem seeing all those potatoes I felt like stupid like as if to say why do I only this one type of food when there's loads of different types of foods out there but something stopping me from from getting like I'm getting to that stuff where I can eat those foods alongside a new diet Duran is starting a new life at Teesside University just three miles from where she lives with her parents in the canteen Joanne soon discovers there's only healthy food with no chips on offer she was warts to the next best thing I'm worried that some days I'm gonna be fancy and chips and just eating crisps and obviously I don't want people to think that I'm strange so I don't know get three bags of crisps because people have been looking at me thinking why is she in that many crisps issue some sort of weirdo today Joanne is in London to start her work with nutritionist Natalie it's her first step on the road to a life without spuds I am a bit anxious about it but also I know that she can't make me do anything that I don't want to do potatoes for so much of Joanne's diet that she really is in a disaster zone now there's nothing wrong with potatoes in themselves but she eats it in the most unhealthy forms I heard Joanne come on in Joanne you're perched right on the end of your seat there in fact half of you is not even on it what's that all about to try and put your mind at ease at least a little bit the purpose of this session here is for me to find out where your boundaries are with food so just sitting down near here I know you said you feel a bit nervous but what else are you feeling looking at all of this in smell on the coleslaw it's always one of those foods I've looked up and thought how can somebody eat that what if you were to pick out a tiny speck of Cara it looks like sex to me really yeah Mexico Souls definitely nowhere near menu at the moment and soon it appears that pretty much everything that natalie has to offer is off the menu how about you give these different masses ago I don't want to would you try that no in baked beans are one of the nation's favorite foods is that something that you think you might try no I thought that might help because it's you know something a lot of children like filled or why don't you why don't you try some of those different fruits no how do you feel about trying these I don't want to try it fish cake no the fact is that you've put yourself forward to this but you will need to keep trying those foods yeah what do you mean maybe it's after all that if you set mated him down I mean there was something negative that I did I'm more likely to yeah all right so it's almost like he wants some sort of schoolteacher or mum figure to be going right you've got to do this yeah what about cracking your own whip I can do that to a certain extent I'll probably let myself off of it okay well we'll see what we can do because it is gonna take all that practice Joanne's behavior is like a little toddler sitting there being asked to try something and in effect gang no I don't want to and it's like that stage of things was missed out when she was little no one actually said no no no you are eating that so at this stage I'm not actually convinced that Joanne has the strength of will that she's going to need to have to really change her diet but on the train back to Middlesboro jo-ann's in a more confident mood when I got back home it will be easier for me to try things that I want to try and like I'll do need pic in them and not somebody else if I could see myself eating chicken and chips no curry chips I would see myself as my Lola that would trick like a massive step for left me but chips with every meal is unlikely to impress nutritionist Natalie in Middlesboro Natalie has sent Joann a hamper of homework tasks designed to kick-start her new diet out with the old your first task is to turn your back on the temptation and clear your kitchen of all potatoes and that means crisps too my god I don't let the other awake feel like I need them to move I'm on Christmas feels a bit sad I was like betrayus unable to watch good spuds go in the bin Joanne's dad hatches a rescue plan for his tatties we say panda like do I know every beggar in there but worried um I'm going to start like saying and stuff like that because I haven't net anything feed all week and without my Christmas it I'm not gonna fit I'm gonna feel empty today Joanne has her first session with clinical psychologist Steven briars – chance for him to probe Joanne's childhood for the origins of her food problems what do you think it is about potato based foods that you like so much John mashed potato reminds me of when I was younger really and taking me back to coming on from school and have enough play at fluffy mashed potato already for me so back to a whole bunch of memories associated with being at home being safe being comfortable yeah okay now I was quite interested in the fact that your dad came down when we first met you do you want to tell me about why he came and what would have been like if you hadn't come Oh fearful of being on my own I always think there's someone following me are gonna kidnap me it sounds like the world can sometimes seem for you like a pretty dangerous and unfriendly place yeah I always like to think oh if this person's gonna do this to me I'll do this now planned it all before it's even come anywhere near to happening and what do your parents feel about your anxieties about the world how if they tried to deal with that my parents always have been there to make sure that I was never really left unearths so the were always would accommodate me I mean do you feel that that's been a helpful thing for you or do you think it's made this difficulty worse maybe if they hadn't I would have grown out of it okay you mentioned allergies do you want to tell me a little bit more about those I've got a peanut allergy which and I don't believe had since I was born my brother else has it and he's that older brother I've always been told that fight or not I I'll die so I think a fear of Fuji was implanted in me when I was little as if food was evil like that makes a lot of sense I mean it does sound as if your kind of issue with food is somehow linked into your sense of insecurity that you get when you're away from someone who can make you feel safe because I mean your your your diet does seem to represent her some ways a reluctance to to grow up so I think those two things are tied up in some way that we need to think about a little bit further because of a nut allergy Joanna does have good reason to be nervous around some foods but her restricted diet seems to reflect a more general distrust of the world it's as if developmentally she's never got past the point where she can feel safe in the world without maintaining that connection to home and her parents I'm gonna have to try and help her to stand on her own two feet a bit more because I think it's time for to really let go and start growing up back home Joanna's left questioning Stephens suggestion that her parents have accommodated her food problems I don't think he was playing in my parents but in some some things he said I felt like he was a bit which I didn't really want to respond to because I obviously I feel guilty and I don't want to say it oh yeah it's all their fault but I don't think feel like it is all that fun with her childish diet of crisps and mash off-limits Juwan sets about the first of Natalie's tasks I want you to wait three new vegetables a day this will put you well on the way to it in your father day and otherwise this one looks like an mmm to me it looks like oh oh the leaves my leaves I don't even know what this what is looks like okay I'm scanning for tears and failure it just looks all really not like food to know and when faced with food she doesn't want to eat as always Joanne turns to her mom you stomach tiny tiny little bit disgusting I swear you like them even 3 pieces of vegetable to a piece of fruit where do I don't know anyone who does that I don't want to be a house freak disgustin Joanne's back in London to visit the doctor with Natalie she's plugged up enough courage to leave her dad behind but she's brought her mum and set doctor pixie McKenna is a GP with a special interest in eating problems she's analyzed the results of Joanne's blood tests and while Joanne prepares to get the results hide your own nice to meet you her mum settles into the waiting room outside I was just wondering how do you feel on a day-to-day basis would you feel faint or dizzy and about downtown I would fix can start to feel a bit dizzy am i right yeah a week would you ever get sore mouth or fright yeah I didn't get em sometimes the middle of my tongue really so even when I have a drink it hurts sometimes have you had any problems with your hair yeah it doesn't grow very much it does grow up just grow long and they remember me never get long right when we looked at your blood results and it doesn't surprise me at all that the things that you're complaining of there were two things that came up the first thing was that your red blood cells were very very fat and the reason for that is you're lacking in vitamin b12 I suppose I was really falling off the chair and surprised when I looked at the next result which was that you're deficient in protein that's quite a serious thing you have to have protein to survive if you ever look on television that kids who are starving and they have the Tommies that are bloated out that's because they're lacking protein and it's sign of malnutrition so it's quite it's quite a frightening thing proteins are the building blocks of our bodies they're made up of small components called amino acids these form in a long chain to create a protein molecule protein is involved in every life function in the body from carrying oxygen and red blood cells on the inside to growing hair on the outside what we really need to give you a feel for is what protein and b12 deficiency could be like for you I'm gonna do a little experiment follow me I'm gonna hand you over to Bela who's going to transform you into the future don't be nervous Pixies medical makeover will show Joe and the impact protein a b12 deficiency could eventually have on her appearance meanwhile Natalie wants to give Joanne's mum Carol a makeover too but of the dietary kind Carol I know that you are 100% behind Joanne in changing her diet and I've got one favor to ask you and that is for you all to eat exactly how Joanne used to eat for three days right that's something you think you could take on I can't imagine myself having a plate of potato for Marty it's just really bad thinking do you think it's something you could do for three days if it's gonna helped you on yes award Carol my family's request surprising but it's nothing compared to the shock Joanne's about to get are you ready to see what the future holds thanks take a long hard look in the mirror oh my god it's horrible you've got all the side effects of b12 and protein deficiency Eric really old and scabby lips nice hair as well they hear the hiss probably the one of the worst fad to throw it after wear wig we've done list you're on to illustrate to you that 10 years down the line this is perhaps the way you could be looking door off right so a lot more incentive to change your diet then yeah good I feel like this is answers a few questions in my mind like I haven't seen anything going on because obviously like the protein and the blood cells are inside so late you can talk about that as much as you like but I'm just like oh yeah fly's over my head but if when it's the appearance if I'm walking down the streets and like everyone can tell that's like it's hard work of color but I don't want to stay like this I need to change the next day Carol and Jeff begin their potato-based diet and in typical Joanne style start the day with a big bag of crisps pastry horrible taste in your mouth no I can't either salt and vinegar out of my lunch brings yet more delicious crisps next sooner I get them all with the better that's the end of our lunch today at tea time things get really interesting as they tuck into a lovely crunchy sandwich of crisps one Chris sandwich remind you when you're a kid used to have a baby no today I'm having a flat meanwhile Joanne has a struggle of her own to deal with she's tackling some of Natalie's homework with Tom's help a bit like along people they've got like little hairs on them I feel I don't think I like them CEO statements I still go back to McChrystal probably had always been my favorite food by day three the relentless diet of crisps and chips means Carol and Jeff have earned a Sunday night treat a plate of mash just joking take this early bed this way no this hasn't even got any different textures or taste so it's just exactly the same as every mouthful that's just so boring I can't believe that she's done it all this time that's me said I quit no I'd like to have the willpower to keep on going like mother like daughter after less than a week Joanne's thrown in her tips too by buying some tonight not hungry I'm not desperate and I've watched that many people eating crisps and chips I've coming and I just wanted some chips I don't feel really about it because I don't want to starve myself I don't want to make myself feel ill I don't believe in miserable any well I have tried I think I've done well so I think I deserve some chips the nur of the chippy may have melted Joanne's resolve but if she's to stand any chance of beating her potato problem she'll need far greater self-control she's on her way to meet Stephen who has planned a covert operation to protect life dependency in the firing line when I don't know what the activity is going to be it makes me feel quite like listen I'm just about what I could be so it makes me feel like I don't trust him sounded like Steven look it's ruined it's like tell me what's gonna happen in a world that feels full of danger for her Jones learned coke partly by relying on other people to make her feel safe today I want to prove to her that actually she already has what it takes to face a challenging situation under pressure and my hope is that this will encourage her to ditch her childish dependency and hopefully the restricted diet that goes with it hiya John oh yeah good are you ready for more fun and games today yeah specifically wargames you are gonna be in charge very big gun on a tank you're gonna be the one who's going to be giving orders telling me what to do alright the idea is I want you to sort of come out of that dependent vulnerable role and start acting with some kind of real authority and taking responsibility for yourself all right so we're gonna get started Stephen wants Joanne to stop being so dependent on other people if she can take charge in this environment it might help to change how she perceives herself and her food problem okay your vehicle awaits madam as far as the gun is concerned you're in charge all right you have to tell me exactly what to do so give those orders and don't hold back Joanne's job is to aim the gun but with Stephen in charge of loading and firing she'll need to be a hard taskmaster if they're to be successful all right John now you may find that I'm a little bit slow a little bit lazy all right you're really gonna have to keep the pressure on me all right you've got to be the one who sort of makes it happening just as some ways you're gonna have to make it happen with your diet right but purposes of this exercise join our lives with no mum or dad to hold her hand this is one year experience Joanne will have to tackle head-on at the top of the hill the two tanks take their positions on parallel tracks the enemy tank on one side and Joanne's tank on the other now you come on sir I charge it Lord sorry boss tell me rights especially with Stephen struggling down below its lucky it's paintballs not bombs but as the battle continues Joanne begins to show stronger leadership ready on your command yeah it was really good I I had good fun it was good take in charge you know there's quite a hard edge in you somewhere isn't there you're not just this fluffy little creature there's actually some steel in there as well this is nice yeah once I got going I was like right come on yeah yeah I can't be bossy tell me about it I thought this activity was really good fun it helps to make me think of the pressure that I've got on myself to change not for me for me for everybody else as well and to put the pressure on myself so I don't let myself let myself just say I don't 1 2 but as long as I'm focused and got the pressure on me and this is the only way I'm gonna do it I think the great thing about today is that John really has proved that you know when pushed to it she can step up to the mark and be a very different person from this kind of helpless vulnerable child that we see around food so much and it's important because although what we did today was a bit of a laugh you know she is gonna have to take command of her own life particularly when it comes to her diet if she's ever really get this eating problem round Joanne has anxieties about traveling outside of Middlesboro but having shown her steely aside Steven wants to put her new inner strength to the test in a real-life situation she will be dropped off in a village 20 miles from the comfort of her home and we'll have to make her way back using nothing but her own initiative manaman there are people I've seen look a bit rough like you can see how those bodies up places and caravans about probably a few weirdos around here randomness could just pop out anywhere next one comes at 9 minutes past for 40 minutes Stuart this Hills this feels like where could I go if something happen the weird thing that cars seem to slow down look at yet and like you just think why why do you know what you're putting me through were your doors again there's millions of them out there as the bus arrives Joanne can breathe a sigh of relief little station paces please that I found it I thought it was gonna be harder than this so yes prove to me that I can't do things like this but it still has it changed the way I feel about right we go five more minutes it will be home read it so you completed the mission completed the mission but it's not just her fear of danger that's putting Joanne on edge the demands of her diet are also getting her down I'm not hungry that it's really affecting everything in my life and I feel like because I'm not hungry I'm getting that irritable and snappy with people and especially like people class my mom my dad especially Tom as well I'm just like not being myself at all because I'm not hungry I'm just like her and showing everybody and blaming everybody else except myself with Joanne struggling on all fronts the experts meet up to discuss her a problem I think the thing that I've discovered about her is there are some quite significant attachment issues going on and one of the results of this is that she's created a Dyer it actually ties her to harm and also it's induced a real fear of new experiences generally well there's also the health aspect of her poor diet she's low in b12 she's low in protein which is just ridiculous in this day and age in this country to be low in protein so I'm gonna have to get her looking at foods that are going to increase her b12 and protein levels and I think I'm gonna have to do some work with her parents who I think in trying to protect their daughter from her food anxieties actually unfortunately have been making things worse with Natalie worried about the lack of nutrients in Joanne's diet she's brought her to Whitby to try and introduce to her a whole new food group Joanne's blood tests showed that she was severely lacking in protein and a great source of protein is fish so here we are by the seaside to look at the origins of fish and how she could incorporate that into her diet [Laughter] people would quite happily buy it I don't really think about where it came well let it crawl on your hand well how do you feel about the thought that these sorts of foods crab or muscle or something I'm not sure we'll have to explore like the actual part they even ate before like I can tell you if I'm comfortable the one you knew you weren't gonna get away with just a nice little trip to the beach what do you fancy then Oh try some prawn thank you we should really try a muscle given that we just found some on the beach don't dare try it I don't have to try somewhere else first okay good all right yeah just pop it all in your mouth that's amazing that's the tricky thing to do and you're just evening yeah please could we have a crab sandwich really so I break off a little bit for you you just break off a little bit open your mouth all right Hector Spanish is quite strong test uh-huh hmm yeah crumpets it's not bad yeah so you could get used to it at the moment that's why you're not really used to anything that's amazing John chomping away through a crab sandwich yeah this is no good like you get used to it I don't like every bite so really opening up a whole new world for you isn't it yeah I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the chase other foods that I've tried have carved to it but I feel like I'm gone and eat that I feel like I've got used to a seafood on a whole I've seen it today being caught and nothing like I've combat idiot to a certain extent of where I can maybe try and go on and try things at home cook it myself explore fish whether Joanne's had the most enormous success today to have confronted fish which for a lot of people's quite a scary food head-on and enjoyed it I mean she's well on her way to being able to eat a full meal but there's one vital ingredient missing to that full meal and that's vegetables so that's what we need to tackle next with her visit to Whitby a success Joanne embarks on a seafood diet she sees food and eats it too I was attempting the chicken oh my god tonight push took a trial cheese on toast rusty these are bringing closer to the junk foods ask classes normal I don't classes they the squash aubergine over the past week Joanne's managed a variety of tasty treats but with only one week to go before the final meal she still not managed a single vegetable with I could cite like weed crunch in you know I still don't understand why people want to eat vegetables they're just not nice I don't understand still having helped you and start to take responsibility for her diet Stevens call the family to a mysterious countryside location he wants to find out more about the source of her attachment issues and ask for their help and pushing Joanne forward what I've learned about Joanne's so far is that her incredibly hyper cautious attitude to food is only one aspect of a generally hyper cautious attitude to pretty much everything today I want to find out a little bit more about the source of these insecurities when I met Joanne I was really struck by how anxious she is about quite a lot of things and not just about new foods you know I mean even coming down to London you came with her which is quite unusual for somebody who's nearly 20 I don't find that unusual to be honest okay because she's never been to London before she would go on to something that she was quite anxious about anywhere I think going on Iran or Germany to even more anxious oh it's interesting and it is noticeable also that you know she is at college but she has chosen a college which is on your doorstep how do you feel about that that's fine by me to be honest do you quite like having her close by yes but she likes that security do you think that because she's been so anxious that it's inclined you to be a little overprotective with her I'm sure that's a factor yeah have you pushed her to step out and do things on her own probably not how are you right now as far as her eating is concerned how did you react once she started making it clear that she did not want to put these foods in an earth as well as we gave in really didn't we well we still hoped it one day that she would start to eat normally would that day hasn't come mm-hmm okay I think what is clear from what you're telling me is that because you've perceived it to be this anxious rather sensitive person you haven't pushed her forward all right now we've got an activity for her which I hope is going to give you both the opportunity rather than protecting her from her fears actually to literally give her a bit of a push come with me I thought Stephen had a lot of good things to say in the fact that we need to maybe push around a little bit harder than we would normally been some of these reasons were quite right really hi Joanna are you today no what's going on they nervous are you up for a bit of an adventure depends what it is Joanna how do you feel about putting yourself inside a plastic ball you're being brought down and Bill okay okay well fine okay so ready in your mind you've got disaster scenario it's kind of flooding into your head haven't you all right now listen I can promise you it is completely safe all right what I want you to do is just kind of go okay well regardless of what this is like I'm gonna commit myself to doing it then I'll judge what it's like in your pop I think really as a symbolic gesture it would be good if the two of you were involved in actually launching Joanne off so we're gonna give it a push you are going to give her a push is that okay are you feeling tired bit nervous now that I'm in it you're gonna do fine I already in that from three weeks one you've already done the hard work okay you ready to go for it you want to know what it's gonna feel I know but the whole point of this journey is whether you can get past that needs to know before you can commit to doing something are you ready it said yes we're not asking your day okay guys my god she gets to whether she survived yeah well then you go okay we haven't come all the way down the hill was that as terrible as you thought it was going to do it was good fun I went once I got going it was one big crash well I need a bit my tongue was good good brilliant so all that anxiety up at the top yeah do you think that really was necessary it doesn't when it comes to food the more you delay actually it's counterproductive because they're reinforcing the message that this could potentially be dangerous so try and cut down on the safety behaviors and really just go for it how did today brilliant over there I'm glad I did it in the end it was really good and I can see how easily achieve that's so I think I should dump about food actually just go for it and then see what it's like just think it wasn't like that what's the worst that can happen I think the great thing from the point of view of John's parents is that they really seemed very prepared to sort of you know give that ball a shove and I hope very much that they are going to be prepared to let her stand on our own two feet a lot more because that's exactly what she needs to be doing with regard to everything nataly's determined to make Joanne overcome her vegetable fears and ask Carol to play the pushy parent in a blindfold taste test to help achieve this weird texture but not an awful taste like jelly did you buy it all along which is out of it it's not enough if you just don't eat the mouse and for dinner I check slimy though I like that taste isn't too bad eyes have to be like they stole my kind of me like chips like fries after the wet and wobbly a big fella with a bit of a challenge to it but if that had been four weeks ago she wouldn't have even put them near her mouth two days before the final challenge Juwan turns 20 she may be leaving her teens behind but can she let go of her childish diet – I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and the diet that I was eating not gonna make excuses anymore and I'm good not gonna eat like a child anymore it's the morning of the final challenge and as every young girl knows it's not what you eat but what you wear that matters most decided if I want to feel confident I'm gonna have to look good so I got a new jumper dress a new bag and some high shoes you feel good when you're walking in her shoes I think if I like strict what is that table I'm gonna feel like good about it our fears about today are as actual and just doesn't go through with it and my other fear is that she decides this is how top of the table what there's all these strangers that okay I'm ready arriving at the restaurant with boyfriend Tom and family do one knows that today she faces a lifetime first eating the same meal as everyone else courage confidence Natalie and Steven arrived to give some last minute words of encouragement he's getting optimistic about eating your meals today the vegetables are the wari anything I've got a few like strategies in my mind like thinking just go for it and just do it it won't hurt me it's just food it's not like keep saying it myself but absolutely what you say is right you know don't overthink it and just go for it right you've done a lot of hard work Joanne and we're both confident that you can clear your plate writes the best of luck good luck yeah the worst scenario is if she gets upset and storms off or something like that but even if it's your Anne starts to falter we'd all be there to make sure that she steadies herself up and gets back on the straight and narrow all right hello guys I think your table is ready because of Joanne's restricted diet her in-laws and her parents have never been able to eat together before in fact today they're meeting for the first time all right good luck we'll see you later how'd you end us today I think depends entirely on which part of her personality wins a cause if we get the dependent helpless bit of her that we're used to seeing in relation to food and she's probably doomed but on the other hand if we see the steely a harder more determined bit of her then I think she could just make it on the menu is a roast for the old familiar mashed potatoes but the biggest challenge for Joanne will no doubt be the side order of vegetables it's your own portion of it I can spot you just go to the skin on action lashes quite alright I know it's not dead dry like so we all be properly together one I can't use a knife and fork are little have I got them in the right hands but that just shows how stage it's doesn't even know what to do with a knife and fall straight down gone what do you think I think it's better I want to just show the whole thing it I've had enough downfall I just can't believe how well you've done today so the meal is over be gone and what about the veg I struggled with it but I got it down and did you have any other mashed potato I wasn't bad it was alright it was safe it wasn't made by your mum yeah it sounds like you really have taken everything on board I think of my old guy is stupid though I didn't want to say so at the time but now you mention it I just can't believe how well is your answer and today go give it all to 100% she you really did it it's gonna be a good confident restaurants and stuff it's gonna cost me a bit more money but I've already to violence because she won't feel tough around and stuff so it's a billion we didn't realize the problem that you are added it came as quite a shock and she's done remarkably well I think I've done really well with it and the strategies that I've used have worked as well I got point full I think it was a big play so I didn't I didn't finish the whole play off but I'm really pleased to what I did one month on that has Joann left her potato filled diet behind for good her supermarket visits are no longer restricted to the crisps pile and she's excited to see what else is on offer what about just trying the pineapple once they try one of em yet days seem to go by where I don't even think about crisps chips and mush I'm are like ear fancy a cheese toastie now when we go to a supermarket we don't buy a hundred packs of crisps away through maybe by 20 at the most so it's really good potatoes haven't been banished for good but at family meal times they've taken a back seat I still eat crisps chips mashed sometimes but I never have them on their own anymore then I enjoy other things better than them now they're all boring foods things new ones and make excited her new diet means Tom can romances lady like never before and I have their two-piece chicken and chips classic male piece it's really good for a relationship because we can't even say things and you don't feel like stuff didn't feel like just good about going out helped us okay chicken and chips I prefer the chicken and that don't even eat all the chips the don't taste as good anymore stretch and socializing with uni friends is a fun rather than a fearful experience I think it's a life changing the way I can eat now is especially fun that my university friends are quite adventurous with food I can got flesh has laid goes well now and at home mum can have some time out as Joanne loves nothing more than cooking up a cheese toastie never ever would I go back to my old diet of crisp chips and I'm so boring I can't believe I will even do and I think it's really stupid click on-screen for more videos of extraordinary humans you


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