Adderall dangers and health problems from Rx drugs.

hey guys it's Amanda from supermodel mama and I just wanted to get your guys's opinions I guess it is um we're going to be doing a topic on adderall use and I want to know truly how many of you take this stuff because there's a lot of a lot of things that can go wrong when you're on this stuff and we are going to be posting a very informative extremely important video that I really encourage you all to watch so be sure to stay tuned and comment below let me know the truth you know I've taken this stuff before I'm not gonna lie I took it for a really long time and I got addicted to it and it's serious and I really am passionate about helping you guys get off of this Justin and I are really passionate about helping you guys kick the habit it's not easy but we are going to post a video soon so stay tuned and let me know what you guys think and how many of you actually take this stuff so excuse me that I'm still in the same outfit as last night but we were talking about it this morning and I just had to post this video real quick and let you guys know to stay tuned for it because we're gonna help you guys and it's not going to be easy but we're here to help so yeah stay tuned


  1. Why can't u just stuck to it is there danger to taking it other than getting addicted to it?

  2. "Supermodel mom"
    Nope. Not going to watch this.

  3. I'm coming off of taking adderall and I was taking up to 100mg a day or more got to where I lost count well it been day 4 and it is hell coming off and I was using it for bout a year

  4. Hi! Im a 24 year old female that has been on it for a long time as well (4-5+ yrs) as a way to deal with my eating disorder and lose weight. Over the years it has been extremely detrimental to my emotional, mental, and physical health 🙁 I really want to quit! I want to quit within the next month or so… wean off/taper off method I think might be best for me. I'd be really interested to hear your story and how you kicked it.  you have a great body!!! youre beautiful and fit! My biggest fear is that when I quit I will gain a bunch of weight or become bulimic again!  

  5. Hey whats and natural alternative to alderall. Can anybody help me out

  6. havent been on adderall… my twin sis and I both been prescribed "dexedrine spansules" …. and we quit 2 months ago… COLD TURKEY on our own… and feeling SOOOO much better.. been on these damn pills for 7 years… and it was TIME to get the heck off them…. sure sometimes feel depressed but… now we're all about health… eating healthy.. and just feels great to do it without meds.. never wanna be on meds again… good job girl… keep going!

  7. I was wondering how you got ride of your kidney stones and how you were able to deal with the withdrawal. I was recently able to admit to myself that I have an addiction to adderall. Today is my first day without it in a few months, so I've just started juicing and eating a raw food diet in an attempt to detox from the drug. I am worried after watching some of your videos because I've been having lower back pain and trouble peeing for the past couple months. What would you suggest I do?

  8. hi there 🙂 I got your email, I will be emailing you back today. Proud of you for making the choice YOURSELF to kick this stuff. You are not alone and I am here to help you, <3

  9. Please make that video!!! I started taking it last summer and quickly got addicted…I tried to quit starting in January but have relapsed a few times, flushed tons of pills… My last run was 28 days. I'm ready to do this for real this time. Outside of my life on pills I was a very active, healthy person. I want to get back to being me again and you inspire me and make me know it's possible!

  10. lol uppers and downers. i did that too. never could catch a buzz from bud when i took adderall it overpowered the mmj

  11. Im on dat good kush an adderall

  12. yes, this is sad but very common….i too was one of those people who abused it thats why Im so passionate about giving people the truth and helping people find natural ways to focus and be at their optimum performance.

  13. The name for it here in America is Adderall and its suppose to help treat ADHD

  14. my best friend abuses it often and lied to her doctor to get it.

  15. whats the medicine called and what does it spose to help with?

  16. maybe from my vlog about it later I can help you help those you know of who take it. knowledge is power!

  17. its a drug to "help" with "adhd" that is highly addictive and often abused my so many people

  18. maybe from the video we will post tonight you can learn some ways to help old is he if you dont mind me asking?

  19. Ill address that in the video tonight if you think of anything else, feel free to let me know!

  20. SO PROUD to hear you say that! You will feel so much better with working out and doing it the right way, i promise!


  21. yes, adderall has the EXACT SAME chemical structure as meth (speed) I hope you can show ur cousin the video when I post it tonight.. she could really do some damage to her body if she is not careful

  22. water is a good start but ill post a blog too 🙂

  23. yes! i can write a blog about it for you!

  24. what is the difference between ritalin and adderall? if you say adderall is dangerous, is ritalin as dangerous?

  25. I guess youre right, best to face it straight on instead of trying to take shortcuts and cheat my weight. I cant wait for the vlog. 😀

  26. Ive done it a couple times but all times hated the way it made me feel. I felt like my heart was racing like I was on speed or something. I do have a cousin who takes it for the sole purpose of losing weight cause she is too lazy to lose it the right way. Interested on hearing what you have to say about it!

  27. it will help in school because its a stimulate and it helps you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time but if you take this stuff consistently you will not be healthy after time. If your having problems learning in school you have to look at what your eating and your lifestyle because if you get those things in check you wont need a drug to help you do good in school thats the whole reason im doing this video is to expose the truth about adder all. come back to watch the vlog.

  28. It wont make you fit it will make you dependent on a drug. its the worse thing to do to try to get fit. the best way to go about it is to love yourself eat good food and do cardio interval training. stick around to watch my vlog on why adderall isnt good.


  29. I don't even know what it is…

  30. My brother is on it but I've never personally used it.

  31. i took adderall before an it actually helped me a lot an helped me with school, i never got addicted to it. but everyones different

  32. I havent done it before, but Im looking to. Im only fifteen, so everything i buy at the apothecary and stuff goes through my parents, and obviously they wont let me take it.
    I have read about it alot, and everyone says its a huge no-no, but i dont really see why. I just want to get fit – this seems like the easiest way.

  33. Adderall is the Drug name for it here in the US it probably has a different name there and its a huge problem here in the US. Im glad its not so "common" over there!

  34. I am sorry, I have no idea what ADDERALL is. I just googled it…
    So what I want to say is: That it is NOT commen in Germany to take- I have never heart of eat before. But I am pretty sure, that we something else in Germany, which makes the same stuff as adderall does and it prob super bad for you, too.

    Cant wait to watch your next video!

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