Acid Reflux | Signs & Symptoms | Disease Prevention | Registered Dietitian (RD) / Nutrition Expert

hey guys Jenny PRG registered dietitian and nutrition expert thanks so much for checking in this video is all about acid reflux disease or GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease I'm gonna give you some signs and symptoms as well as the definition and I'll be sure to make a few videos on foods to limit and avoid if you do have acid reflux as well as foods to incorporate into your diet so first things first what is it acid reflux is a disease that affects 1 in 5 Americans or about 20% of Americans and what happens is it's a digestive disorder where food fluid and even stomach acid comes back up through your esophagus which leads me to signs and symptoms so heartburn would be obvious however not everybody who has acid reflux actually experiences heartburn some other signs and symptoms are coughing abdominal pain bad breath nausea and vomiting so acid reflux can be temporary it could also be a long term and it can occur in anybody really any age so thanks so much for watching stay tuned for more videos quick shout out to my fat to fit weight loss group on Facebook make sure you guys subscribe give me a thumbs up and be sure to comment below anything about this video or different topics you want to hear about thanks so much for watching

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