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pregnant women the aged and disabled in quake Rome a community in the Ummah Easter streets of a central region are the most affected as they are having to travel several kilometers so whenever to access health care the residents there are threatening to resist attempts by politicians if a chips compound abandoned for the past four months is not fixed immediately to cater for their health from quick room Henry Kristy buhdeuce reports read to you Dorothy adieu and Mary Otto both went into labor one midnight a taxi in the nearby village was the savior as there was no vehicle around to send them to hospital they traveled on a terribly bumpy road over several kilometers to whenever the nearest health facility is about two hours drive from our my work around one drive from the next to anybody this peak for several are the women in this community where there is no health facility Community Health based planning services popularly known as chips compounds were introduced as interventions for areas like these for quake remover one of such facilities is only half baked and rot in a way the abandoned structure has been roofed with doors fixed but without windows Dorothy and Mary say even though they have their children now the pain and anxiety could have reduced had this chips compound been completed when they went into labour hospital on the approach one way up an eyebrow the chips compound is just about ten minutes away from my house the pain I endured kuda villas the facility was operating we need governments in salvation the page to be transported to any bar but for many other women in this community affording transportation fares is a problem so they deliver at home with all the risks associated the problems are not limited to pregnant women 46 year old coup d'etat has a mobility disability a hospital I say bad baby a bottle every election year come to quake Rome appealing for votes this time the community is leveraged in its numbers to demand the completion of the ships compound they will not allow political campaigns here in 2020 Daniel Kofi a German town development committee secretary of quick room you know we don't see this this project on printed before 2020 he doesn't even bother to step a foot here to come a campaign and we would change them with with with with messages and catalysis we are I'm speaking on behalf of my youth members if you really see the completion of this particular project you know protocol parties even they coming here to come a campaign it won't happen and I'm saying this will be abilities in the youth like we're not going to sit down for them to come and deceive us again today hundreds of them are receiving free health screening organized by the physical and mental health foundation in collaboration with the Rotary Club they appeared to other philanthropic individuals and organizations to come to the aid of the community today is a median edition of our collaboration as a club the Rotary Club of acrid and sumin collaborating with fiscal health and health and founder Health Foundation we dispensing medical services to the people of quick room and the GU moi is region of the Republic of Ghana and I being the Charter president and the current president of a club we took a short visit to the town had an interaction with the leadership of the town and realized that they have peculiar needs and some of these needs fell within our operations let's really give them a hand that's ten our services to them and then see how I could bring them some sort of medical relief a glance at the structures shows it should not take much for government to fix this chips compound with the agency it deserves Henrick receive a news report for joining us and we're still seeking answers as to why that ship's company been abandoned for the past four years when indeed pregnant women and other residents are suffering as a result and you saw in that report also that the physical and mental health foundation I gave some kind of help to the residents as well and Jeremiah and chroma is the co-founder and he's a health of a mental health officer and a co-founder and thankfully I haven't join us here in the studio for a brief discussion on this issue so I'm sure that prior to wanting to give offer your services to these residents you've tried to also find out as to why this chips compound has been abandoned did you get any answers the politicians always moving year by year oh yeah after year to promise them of completing it for them then even if you look at it it's it's almost nearing completion exactly as the doors have been fixed then it's left with the windows it has been moved but yet we still also want to find out why that project has been abandoned for the past four years amazing but let's talk about the condition of some of these residents because they have lack or no access to health care delivery in the area that's quick room specifically and you conductor that exercise for them together with other organizations what did you find what's the situation in terms of health amongst these residents you'd be surprised for we screened about 700 people in on that day and then out of the surrounded number we screened we had about 60% of them being screened of diabetics and hypertension but no one had an unknown there's a ban we had about 22 out of about 340 men that we screened having huge sums of lumps in their breasts and it's amazing for them most of them even say that they thought ideally the best one should be had a gap so they had no no idea about whether that situation is alarming on so progr going there they had not had access to those kind of screenings and all that you happen to give them their life in fact because of they have to travel for about two hours before they can assess the nearby go to many mercy so most often even in times of ill health they rely on her become cautions and helper medications because they feel reluctant to do that and also of the fact that the community is very poor the residents are very poor most of them could not even afford their price or the cost of bathroom sandals so majority were even walking barefooted so think about it such a situation financial difficulty and for them traveling all the way to win a bar versus health care was a challenge yes well so from what you have seen at least them is not just the media talking about it your Foundation has also seen at firsthand what do you reckon should be done in the immediate for them yes as a matter of agency the chip compound project should be completed I mean if you look at the pictures it doesn't take much to complete such a project it is almost to completion so we are still appealing on other stakeholders another philanthropic organization as well as the government to also see to the completion of this project it could be just it could even be me and you yeah if you were to find ourselves in quickl this are some of the challenges that you and to think that a pregnant woman will have to go through more labor when they are in labor already to be able to access healthcare but from what you discovered you talk about a 60% lifestyle diseases including diabetes and then of course and hypertension what kind of help were they given were they just screamed and left to the effects so we moved in with a team of specialists and then some had even been referred to we nearby and other facilities as well what we do as a foundation is that after the screen and if we even give a fair else we remediate that refer us to whichever hospital you have been referred to so definitely does that be detected for example those with their lungs in their breasts the everything is in control yes how long as your foundation been doing this about a year now okay and so far it's been successful how are you funding you're doing this all by yourself yes it's that's a main challenge now we are doing you're funding it ourselves and sometimes it's very difficult for example so many things goes into it this one we had to collaborate with Rotary Club of dance women to to do that there are so many similar similar like villages like this we only have these cases and so we are peeling to other philanthropic organization who can come to our aid and help us in that regard yes to Estella Wang's to other villages who are the same street okay okay um Jeremiah in coma any relation to dr. Cohen home alright we leave it here for now we're grateful for your time I'm sure that my church maybe we've had now very soon and other philanthropic organizations and individuals watching will also help us with that we indeed grateful Jeremiah and chrome is co-founder the physical and mental health foundation in Ghana and they helped bottom this situation on the quick room it's a light

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