Access To Healthcare – The Pulse on JoyNews (17-6-19)

pregnant women the aged and disabled in quake Rome a community in the Gamma is district of the central region are the most affected as they are having to travel several kilometers to win a bar to access health care the residence they are threatening to resist attempt by politicians if the chips compound abandoned for the past four years is not fixed immediately to cater for their health from quick home Henry Quincy video reports Dorothy ad and Mary Otto both went into labor one midnight a taxi in the nearby village was the savior as there was no vehicle around to send them to hospital they traveled on a terribly bumpy road over several kilometers to Winnie burr the nearest health facility is about two hours drive from our current one to drive from the next about us to anybody this peak for several other women in this community where there is no health facility Community Health based planning services popularly known as chips compounds were introduced as interventions for areas like these for quake roam however one of such facilities is only half baked and rots in a way the abandoned structure has been roofed with doors fixed but without windows Dorothy and Mary say even though they have their children now the pain and anxiety could have reduced hatless chips compound been completed when they went into labour hospital on the approach one way a pan I allow the chips compound is just about 10 minutes away from our house that I indeed could have be less the facility was operating we need governments in salvation they paid to be transported to any bar but for many other women in this community afford in transportation fares is a problem so they deliver at home with all the risks associated the problems are not limited to pregnant women 46 year old coup d'etat has a mobility disability a hospital I say baby baby anymore battle by a jack the facility has been abandoned for this possibility likely struggle across the country most of these facilities friends every election year come to quake Rome appealing for votes this time the community is leveraged in its numbers to demand the completion of the strips compound they will not allow political campaigns here in 2020 Daniel Kofi a German is town development committee secretary of quick room you know we don't see this this project on printed before 2020 he didn't even bother to step a foot here to come a campaign and we would change them with with with with messages and catalysis we are we are I'm speaking about my huge memories if we see the completion of this particular project you know protocol parties women they coming here to come a campaign it won't happen and I'm saying this will be abilities in the youths that we are not going to sit down for them to come and receive asakim today hundreds of them are receiving free health screening organized by the physical and mental health foundation in collaboration with the Rotary Club they appealed to other philanthropic individuals and organizations to come to the aid of the community a glance at the structures shows it should not take much for government to fix the strips compound with the agency it deserves Henrico CBDs report for joinings by 50 comes in there speaking

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