– Have you ever had a simple medical issue that wasn’t urgent and you
didn’t wanna wait several hours in the emergency room? Well I’ve thought of that. I’m a bilingual nurse practitioner and I offer secure video
medical visits online. Now these appointments can
be booked independently through my secure portal
that you access on my website by pressing the Book Now button, now you can view them,
you don’t need to book, and see if something works for you. I do about two to three clinic days a week and you access this portal
at Now there is a fee that
does apply for these visits and it is meant for
transient, short-term care and that’s non-urgent,
and that doesn’t need a direct in-person, physical exam. Now if you choose to book and appointment you will be triggered to fill out some secure pre-visit questionnaires and to fill out your medical history and to see if it’s appropriate. If it is appropriate then I
can accept the appointment, if it isn’t then I will guide
you to seek care in person. Now these appointments
are for only exclusively for Fredericton, Oromocto
and the surrounding area. Thanks, my name is Lynne Theriault Sehgal, and again, I’m a bilingual
nurse practitioner.

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