access and choice no matter where in the world he may be watching from these two principles are at the heart of every regulatory battle over vaping in just the past few weeks developments in Canada indicate a major shift in that struggle as the federal government announced plans to introduce this fall the country's first ever federal vaping regulations historically Canada has set the trend in the tobacco control movement and now its approach to vaping could light a path for the rest of the world to follow by all indications the new regulations may be friendly and could secure access to vaping product and choice for Canadian vapors in late September the Canadian federal government announced it would address the growing phenomenon of e-cigarettes with new legislation that would strike a balance between protecting youth from nicotine addiction and tobacco use with that of allowing adult smokers to legally access vaping products the government plans to achieve this by amending the tobacco act in order to create a new legislative framework which would allow vaping products to be used for smoking cessation or as a potentially less harmful alternative to smoking it's this last point that as many vaping advocates hopeful as it appears the Justin Trudeau led Liberal government is heating at least some of the recommendations in the HESA report vaping towards a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes produced by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on health as reg watch reported last June vaping activists walk government to create a new product category for vapor products exclusive to harm reduction our our whole public health system is built on the basis of harm reduction separating this and going into a tobacco harm reduction not cessation not cessation products which is an emetic medicinal sense but going into a tobacco harm reduction product that's where we need to go joining us today to talk about what we know so far in regards to the new federal regulations and what they could possibly mean for Canadian vapors is Sam Town communications chair at the Canadian vaping Association Sam thanks for coming on the show please tell our viewers about the CBA and what it is you do the can vaping Association advocates for the vaping industry in Canada we represent you know more than 200 members from the vaping industry from manufacturers to distributors to benders and shops you know our goal is to lobby the governments with our efforts to to ensure that the government makes sensible regulation for vaping products in Canada Sam what's the number-one goal the CVA is trying to achieve the number-one goal the CBA is looking for of course is to legitimize the industry or what the government ensured that access and choice is there for for people the arts that are looking to switch from from smoking to vaping and that is our mandate is to be able to work with all different levels of government and to ensure that the rights of not only vapors but you know potential smokers that they will have legal access to this product across the country Sam as we know the Trudeau government has announced it plans to draw up what would be the first-ever federal vaping regulations this fall is this a positive sign it is you know it is a positive sign we we no regulation at the federal level was coming it was just a matter of time they acknowledge that e-cigarette is you know less harmful than cigarette smoking and can be seen as a useful tool to getting smokers to switch from smoking Sam what's the most important issue the government needs to first address in order to make regulation work for the industry the government first thing what they need to do is to reclassify nicotine in e-cigarettes and eliquid as a harm reduction product by doing that there they will legally allow access to vaping products across the country so this is something that is really important that you know I would say it's a very first step that the government will need to look at so one last nicotine is made legal everything else is moot that's right Sam while the government says it plans to create a new legislative framework as was recommended in a hazard report is there some concern then that the implementation would come via amendments to the tobacco act we're really looking at sensible regulation coming on the fire side you know we we understand that protecting youth is is a mandate on the government side we agree that you know there are certain aspects you know that we need to look at to protect youths and this would include things like packaging warning labels and signs and packaging and branding as well and you know I think these are the most important components that you know that we could we could adopt from the tobacco Sam Canada is well known for taking a lead role in banning tobacco advertising and in many jurisdictions we've seen vaping suffer the same fate well I retiring been you know it it would be a major problem I think what's really important here is we have to acknowledge that you know vaping is less harmful people need to have access to information people need to know the positive side of vaping that is much safer than smoking and if we do an advertising ban on on vaping products people are not going to have the access of information they're not gonna know that vaping part up is much safer I think what we really what the government really needs to look at is there should be some restrictions on advertisement you know there's no reason why advertisement need to be created to target youth we look at England for example you know advertisements is being put up by public health of England you know you could travel the streets of England and you would see advertisements you know and the government there is promoting East cigarettes you know and telling people that you know this product can be accessed you know consult your physicians I think Canada you know could really become a leader you know don't don't look at as being you know it's not a tobacco product we all know that but we need to do is endorse a product that is helping millions of people worldwide and an advertising ban would affect that Sam I know there's still a lot of unknowns and issues which can't be properly discussed until the regulations drop in the meantime does the CDA have a message you want to get out Brett it's really important that viewers vapors you know our members and of course public health and and government to know that CB will do whatever it takes to ensure the federal government provides sensible regulation so all adult smokers can have access to baby product a harm reduction product we are not going to back down on choices either you know including flavors you know without choice and and flavors in Eastern Europe we would be a it would be a failure favors is what provides advantage in securing smokers to switch Sam switching from smoking to vaping is being characterized as life saving as public health England states it's 95 percent less harmful than smoking right now can members of the Canadian vaping Association tell its customers that vaping could save lives unfortunately no so come later this year then with the new vaping regulations is it the hope that you could finally give smokers this message definitely I mean with four point you know from with more than 4.2 million smokers in Canada and their lives are obviously being affected from smoking if a less harmful product is being acknowledged by the government that they can have legal access to this product we're hoping one day we will be able to tell people that beeping saves lives well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brett Savage


  1. So, just read the HESA report. In a nutshell, it calls for new framework, more research, public consultations, product safety, warning labels, advertising standards, no access to minors, no tobacco company logos, and restricting use in "federally regulated public spaces".

    The two things that get me: recommendation 5 (e-cigarettes should be visually distinct from other tobacco products) seems like it would ban cigalikes. Not a huge loss to the vaping industry, but some people love their cigalikes.

    Recommendation 14 is the worst: "prohibit the use of flavourings in electronic cigarette liquids that are specifically designed to appeal to youth, such as candy flavourings". Dear Federal Government: I'm in my thirties, and I LOVE candy. I love candy-flavoured vapes, too. They aren't "specifically designed" for youth – they're designed for anyone who likes candy. This is the one recommendation that I really hope they don't adopt in the legislation.

    That said, it seems a whole lot more fair and balanced than the FDA nonsense the states has to put up with. Can't wait to see what the legislation looks like when it comes out.

  2. Not much to go off but still a positive report and of the Canadian government resources vaping as a harm reduction product then it will be the best news in the world and fingers cross may open the eyes of other countries governments One thing I will say is I'm from the UK and though Public Health England reports that vaper products are 95% safer than smoking out government still put in place the TPD regulations which classes vaper products as a tobacco related product and now it has passed all advertising on vaper products is now banned. In the weeks running up to the TPD rules and regs come in effect we was seeing TV advertising and billboard advertisement up until May 20th. A lot of people think we are ok on vaping in the UK with us having the backing of the PHE but the TPD regulations are still being put in place to cripple the industry.
    Let's hope the Canadian government can be the first to do it right and help save lives

  3. I am really hopeful that the Federal Government will make sensible regulations, and especially that it will be reclassified as a Harm Reduction product. That being said, we have all seen government back pedal so I am not ready to break out the champagne just yet! It would be great for Canada to show other countries what sensible looks like when it comes to vaping, and for Canada to finally put its citizens health first….ahead of raking in tobacco tax money they have fed on for so long. I'll believe they can be sensible and ethical once they prove it though! Thanks for helping keep this issue front and center Brent! You are definitely one of the good guys!

  4. This is showing me hope of the vaping community but not giving any real answers of what government is planning and says we cannot know till after regulation drops, this does not instill me with a lot of hope. Sounds like they already have their regulation shaped and ready and advocacy is being kept I the dark as much as the rest of us, our good ole tight lipped Canadian government.

  5. The shop I work at is a member of the CVA and we are truly grateful for all that they do. This video made my day!

  6. Good luck Canada

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