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I'm gonna set it down [Applause] me neither well today's video I just want to tell you and show y'all how to get shredded ass and this here machine this treadmill is one example how to get shredded now I didn't know about fasted cardio until I started doing bodybuilding shows that's the secret to fitness that a lot of people don't know about let me stop this right here so yeah that's the secret to fitness that they don't tell you guys you know they don't tell you by fasting cardio that's the number one fat-burning exercising what does fasted cardio fasted cardio is when you wake up and boarding and you starving hungry that's the most crucial point to get shredded abs you do your Vasi cardio then you do your abs which we gonna do decks so remember all you need to do is get a treadmill you don't have a treadmill you go outside walk if you have a bike you can ride a bike and you do at least 25 to 30 minutes and like 3.5 on a treadmill and man you'll see all that fat burn up believe me that's the secret bed of fact everybody always coming on my email social media how do I lose weight how to lose weight stop eating firstly especially carbs then you do fasted cardio man I'm telling you your little 40 to 50 pounds in the buff guaranteed so now let's get to the half exercise that the fasted cardio is over I go down to the ground and I'll start off with crunches okay when I do crunches we keep in constant tension pumping I'm with 25 to 50 reps per set doing four set of crunches so for set of basically failure 25 no less than 25 reps all the way up to 50 reps per set all right so you got that four set a 25 to 50 of course our lay flat on the ground and I bring my knees up parallel 90 degrees and I cross my feet because you don't want none of this to interfere what you focus it on your abs so we come here I put my I don't put my hand behind my head cuz I don't want to scrunch my cheddar but to my chest so I put it right here push my head back straight and clutch out right here 2 3 4 so now that defense my elbows to go up to where my knees are 6 and I don't want to relax back here we keep an attention right there you see it you see that don't you see the Mobley's yeah clean only I always knew I'd make away sin ability center pay keep it real keep it straight keep it real no time very authentic it my only I am eternal mr. greens trance I got for you hey see you at the top spin allowed for you big you up and they look down on you take one less no one's around for you I won't I know we gonna do floor leg wrist floor lay ground floor ladies gonna lean back like this and these hard to man cuz you got to get the right ankle and it's gonna be just a lot of tension on the abdominal wall so you come right here lean back feet up slightly and you pulling it back with your knees hey go on for 25 and this hit Bank knee lower to middle apps now we do side twist I love these exercises because this exercise right here get some ABS enough Domino's and obliques sore every single time and I've been doing this a blue team for 32 years and you know a lot of you guys watch my videos and even ask Kylie what's your a protein this is my half routine basically when I was prepared for bodybuilding shows when I just want to get extra cuts in my abs which also in this video I'll show you guys is also about diet how you eat so we go get to this exercise you open your feet up here you want a wide base because object appears you don't want you your hips to twist you want to keep them planted straight so from there I come up here on my hands bring it right here right keep them elbows up and with twisting right here then you twist it as much as you can twist four five six go for twenty five seven eight nine ten left 12 13 14 15 now I'm going to open up I'll open it up in this stretching like crazy two four five six seven eight nine ten and as you see my hips not twisted I'm using all bleeps oh wait slop getting trimmed up an edge stuff right so I'm doing four set of anywhere from thirty because I'm doing 15 like this fifteen you want an even number so I'm doing up to 50 reps I knew 25 and 25 so you want to keep everything with abdominals high risk son of God no I am NOT son of man let's keep following the fingers coming in this is side bends we do side bends in no ways because we don't want the muscle to protrude you want to stay with a slim waist slam that down the wall you don't want it to start protruding and death with weight to do I'm gonna do a whole another video about the age of the future all right so there's some now you want to hope your feet shoulder will way wider than shoulder width because you know what don't be in your waist or legs or any of that my knees are locked so we just go go sign like this for stretches your abs and your waistline I'm going 25 like this then I start pulling up more hands going up to my armpits and the stretch knit like crazy I get sore every time I do tea Tony baby me me at the bank told my mama break the tray like the enema change away worked for babies kids hard times couldn't make the rent working on couldn't save a cent lonely nights just me and God sweater him always me grab a paper see the nose hate coming by the tools walk a mile in my shoes some you can never do got my back against the wall bet I always go to hold you or send a shot sight back on Superman with the Moose Rock'em Sock'em drop popcorn play to win never lose another exercise that I've been doing lately because it's been becoming a trend and the fitness and bodybuilding world so people won't have bubble guts is the vacuum so I've been doing that practically every day before I give the shower and they've been helping out a lot of Java C AB shredded obliques and so I just want to continue to have a flat stomach I don't want a bubble gun because to meet people with bubble guts and make bodybuilding look bad and make fit this look bad you know I mean so we want to keep flat stomachs right that's the key or with this bodybuilding stuff is be aesthetic look like a statue you want to get it on the countertop or right here I have a chair and so you want to come put both hands down right here and the angle where you can be similar relaxed and all you want to do is focus on your stomach and you want to try to suck your stomach into you back and so here we go so you want to breathe out all the air and suck it in something it in barn is possible do you relax and you do this I do it the light 10 times for like 30 seconds of peace so that's it y'all that's my half routine and the key would have to get shredded like this you know it's more than just this routine you can't have protein powders you can't have creatine you can't have a diet full of high fructose corn syrup trans fats you can't have all this stuff man you know the main creatine mixture might retain water you won't be shredded and vascular like County muscle protein powders have chemicals in it that your body don't register so your body retains water and fat to fight off the shit that you don't know about this in your body and I've been trying to teach you guys this but a lot of you don't listen you think protein powder is gonna get you both you think protein powder is going to have a mass benefit to your life and here it is I've been trained 32 years plus no injuries been looking amazing since I was a teenager 16 years old I've been buff and I'm trying to give you guys all of my years of learning trial and error just working out when I had migraines for 16 years of my life and I'm giving you guys this information to where you don't have to go through trial and error we don't want no cutting and bulking season we don't want no cheat meals good cuz guess what if you eat clean all week long shred it looking good feeling good have one cheat meal full of sodium and full of trans fats you can gain 10 pounds of water weight in that one meal and mess up everything you gave so you don't want to do that man you want to sit shredded looking phenomenal because all the guys that you guys look up to and worship look good all the time you don't be this dope when we look at bodybuilding and not to knock bodybuilding they're promoting offseason where they get fat then the whole season you don't want to do that to your body because your body goes in shock and don't know how to react so you don't want to do that you want to stay looking for Dobrow all your life you never know if you might hey somebody might see you get an acting role like Kylie muscle was you get a modeling gig you get noticed by a supper big companies you don't want to get fat to shred up all that stay looking good all your life bad I love y'all keep put it for success a lot of my viewers are not subscribers make sure you hit the subscribe button like but I'm gonna give you out his uncut raw version the game I'm not going to talk over your head with this fitness stuff I'm gonna keep this simple playing a simple bed I love y'all keep put for success and we oughtta hey get your hands homeboy cut the camera pretty girl what does it take to be extreme Colleen muscle takes his workouts to the extreme with – mud and hyvee aminos – uh dad – me nose increases strength energy focus endurance builds lean muscle and enhances recovery get the most out of your workouts be a part of team – with – mud and hi beautiful be a part of team – ordered your – mud – me no today


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