ABS + BOOTY 2 in 1 At Home Workout (No Equipment)

hey guys welcome back today we are going to be doing a 15 minute no equipment workout that is focused all on our core and our booties you guys really love these circuits and I'm really excited to bring a new one to you guys today so like I said this workouts 15 minutes long just make sure that you can see your screen so you can follow along with me we're going to be doing about 15 different exercises we're not going to take any reps that's just going to be constant movement I really want you to focus on mine too muscle making sure every single movement is nice strong slow and controlled other than that all you will need is a little bit of space yourself and a soft surface such as a mat I will link the maps that I use in the description down below if you guys are interested in some further ado let's get to it alright guys we're going to take our opposite leg opposite arm reach out and crunch which side all right we're gonna stand up we're going to do some double pulse squat take a squat pulse and into the box all right we're going to do some curtsy lunges on a one side for 30 seconds so you're going to take one leg diagonally mutton-chop and in that's up using that glute to push you back and the other side alright next we're going to stick around and we're just going to do some regular elbow to knee crunches so on the ground feet flat on the floor we reach up meet our elbow or knee in the center all right we're going to stay on back we're gonna do some on one leg and glute bridges so extend one leg up straight we lift up hips press to the ceiling as high as possible and lower there would switch like so extend your other leg get those hips nice and high all right we're going to stay here on our backs we're going to take a crash position we're going to do some leg drops here just dropping as far as you can to keep your back on the floor and back up more seconds you're gonna flip over into a tabletop position we're gonna do some donkey kicks starting with one leg we kick up to the back end that foot as high as possible then up to the side to the side keep those core nice and tight we're gonna switch legs all right we're going to stay in this position we're going to take a donkey kick position hold here extend the leg and Bend and other leg extend and in pull that leg as high as possible squeeze those booties all right position to some rainbow legs so using your other leg I'm going to extend straight diagonally back then up to this side back and side hold your cords nice and tight this is going to work both of your core and those glutes so keep everything nice and strong when you get all right we're going to come down for elbows for some oblique dips on one side up lower and squeeze switch sides really focus on the suite up lover and squeeze pull lower squeeze pull when you came all right we're going to stay on our side on the ground here we're going to do it two side crunches so we do one two we hold one two three four one two one two three four keep those toes pointing straight out in front of you and switch sides sweet sweet and pulse two three four squeeze squeeze all right we're going to come to a plank position on our hands we're going to extend one leg up to the chest up to the chest squeeze those glutes as you get your leg up there anywhere switch legs all right we're going to stand out for some rivers blend this with a pulse so you come down to the pulse it up here for 30 seconds and then we'll switch and do the other leg all right switch legs so nice and low nice and strong all right we're going to do some standing side leg lifts you can do this either holding on to a wall like so or test your balance keep that like parallel to the floor so your toes are facing forward really squeezing back the loop as you bring your leg up switch legs well that coordinates and tie it as well keep the slight bend in your supporting leg all right lastly now let's break out we're going to head into a plank on our elbows and we're going to lift each leg squeezing those glutes holding that core nice and strong twenty more seconds keep holding nice and strong all right guys so I hope you enjoyed this note equipment workout that is focused all on our court and on our booties if you guys enjoyed this workout please make sure to give this video a thumbs up let me know how you did in the comments down below and make sure that you are subscribed because I'm here every single day this month bringing you guys a brand new workout and then we'll see you guys tomorrow you


  1. Happy Saturday! And happy DAY 22 of the MADFIT SUMMER WORKOUT MARATHON! hope you enjoy this one! Much love! -Maddie

  2. Blessings from Spain, I am doing your abs routine and I am very happy with it, keep the hard work

  3. Awesome!

  4. half of the butt exercises are working ur legs not butt

  5. Your workout vids are amazing!! I use your workouts everyday! Thank you. ☺️💕

  6. The sound of your voice is not very clear but I love your workouts

  7. Damn, your hamstrings flex like biceps !

  8. You make working out fun. I may or may not have kicked the wall though. I have limited space. XD

  9. Can I get her body just by doing exercises at home with no weight lifting??

  10. Hey I stumbled upon this video from your other channel where you were sharing pre+post meal recipes (I adore your pantry too!). Can't wait to try this workout 🙂 Could I make a small suggestion please? Perhaps use a lapel mic (you can get them off Amazon) so that we can hear your voice clearly. I really enjoy another workout channel (Blogilates) and sound absolutely makes a tonne of difference which I personally feel helps to gain more views/subscribers. Thank you so much for this wonderful video and greetings from Singapore!

  11. I think i need to start on my bad eating habits

  12. what app do you use for the timer for these exercises>

  13. 😍😍😍

  14. Where do you buy your leggings and shorts?

  15. I looked fit, thought I was fit til I tried your exercise routines. Thanks for enlightening me

  16. You’re so got damn awesome!! I’m ordering that yoga mat an using yo code for sure!!

  17. I love your channel! You give me power to do gymnastics

  18. I love your workout!!

    PS: I'd like to see Kyle workout too hahhaha

  19. ok this video is exactly what i needed so thank you so much, you are the reason why i started working out.

  20. Love it u are gonna get so many subscribers

  21. Just finished, such a good workout!

  22. This helps me so much, thanks👍

  23. Love what you do hut at the end could you do a cool down as well?

  24. I just found your channel and I am really enjoying to workouts thank you so much in helping me with my goal of making jv next year

  25. Yesss! Combining this with my 3 mile run tomorrow. You’re so dedicated and so passionate and so inspiring. I get so fucking pumped when YouTube sends me my notification you’ve uploaded a video.

  26. Great video

  27. I’ll be doing workout in the morning be for work thank you see you soon x

  28. Thank you for this!! Just did it and it’s such a great workout. I really appreciate your content!!

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  30. Love yaa do Camila Cabs and Shawn Mednes please you do it so good

  31. Yay I’m early! I love your videos they always inspire me to workout! 🏋🏽‍♂️

  32. OMG thank you!! I was looking for abs/booty workout cause I wanted to try working out my lazy ass, cause you know summer and all of that but I couldn't find anything, and here you are!! Thank you so much again 💕 But the worst is that I'm bored of everything after some days so I don't think I would try to workout more than 2 days,

    Wish me luck guys 😀

  33. Happy Saturday to you Maddie! Doing this one now!!!! Such a motivator you are!!!

  34. Please name the song 1.33

  35. I love your videos even though I just found them. I will definitely being doing some as soon as I'm not sore from a recent workout. I also really love the uniqueness of your workouts. There are exercises that look fun and that I've never seen before. So much variety!

  36. Shout out me plz, I want you to do a word routine using the called delicate by Taylor's Swift

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  39. I was blessed to have a naturally large booty, especially for a white girl, but it needs to be toned so badly. So if you have any additional videos about toning the booty that would be awesome!!

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  41. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey to fitness! You've been a major part of my journey and your constant motivation, support, and upload always help with struggles I face. Thank you so much! You've truly made me happier with my body and myself.

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    perfectly balanced as all things should be

  43. You are so awesome
    And now….. let's try not to die

  44. 😌😌😌😊

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