Abraham Hicks ~ On Health Problems

hello Abraham it's good to be here again I'd like to I like I'd liked you to help me to get consistently into that open free flowing energy and because I I had some physical things and I meditated about it and and then I had this this impression that it is all something about energy flowing and restrictions and then it and yeah perfect translation and the block of thought because that's right yeah all right and yeah and I know if you have something in the physical manifestation it drags you there every time only because yeah you're so observant if you get less observant yes it would help you a great deal that's the thing about you see negative emotion is an indicator that that in your juncture you're not having a happy meeting in other words negative emotion is the first indicator but if you miss it and don't do something about shifting thought and focus it gets bigger but it's still just an indicator yeah I know that and I'm not but but you say you know it but if you knew it the way we want you to know it now so so don't rush it off let's stay here for a moment and find a new way of you knowing at a more emphatic way of you knowing it physical conditions unwanted physical conditions are indicators of vibration that isn't serving you period so when you put it into the proximity when you when you get it in your mind that it's only and that's the operative word only an indicator it's only an indicator it's only an indicator by emotion what what kind of indicator is it so I have I have myself being trained so or what I usually think I can do with that I can cope with that I can deal with that so well often well then we think you should put novocaine in your hands or in your fanny so that you can sit on the hot stove I can cope now I don't really like the odor but I am coffee it doesn't hurt like it did before the novocaine so I am coping and I can hold on for a while because I have a good Fanny but in time hopings gonna wear thin if we were standing in your physical shoes we would get sensitive and we would stop coping we would get him we would get really really really particular about negative emotion and we would guide our thoughts so that negative emotion ceases and in doing so we would get a different indicator because the physical condition is just an indicator of chronic thought an indicator of chronic thought I had a dream about this that said there is a solution so I went around for four days there is a solution there is a solution and it felt good I know it felt like that feels like hope yeah and I had the feeling you have the analogy San Diego you MA and I had the feeling I have I'm halfway to to to where I have to go and then well let's move some energy here because as we listen to you as as we just give you the floor and allow you to speak your normal conversation your normal conversation is this is what this is what you have been saying with words vibrationally here is where I am I don't like it here is where I am I don't like it here is where I am I don't like it here's where I am I don't like it here is where I am I don't like it here is where I am I don't like it here is where I am I don't like it I did some processes here's where I am I don't like it I did more processes Here I am I don't like it I know what you're talking about Abraham Here I am I don't like it I intellectually get it Here I am I don't like and so it's likely it's like that's where your vibrational set point is and and so you'd reach for another thought but it just brings you right here and you reach for another thought and it just brings you right here and you reach for another thought and it just brings you right here until in time because you're because your habit of thought was right there now your physical apparatus is giving you another indication a more emphatic indication of that vibration and and once a physical manifestation gives you an indication now you have all the more reason to notice what is it just sort of compounds the Here I am and I don't want to be here vibration and so when we say you got a let loose of that you say well I would like to but it's really hard now that I have this manifestation and we say that's not a good enough excuse because you weren't doing it even before you had that manifestation so let's not worry about the manifestation compounding it let's just call it what it is we love you very much sloppy thinking let's just call it what it is we love you very much lazy thinking let's just call it what it is now by loving mean by lazy thinking we love you very much when we when we say it lazy thinking what we mean is law of attraction doesn't give you very much leeway because law of attraction will bring you more thoughts and life experience and others that are very much where you are so it takes effort it takes deliberate focus it takes decisiveness it takes determination to find another thought and we've been giving you all an easy way into that as we say get off the subject of where you are and feel your way forward feel your way forward so breathe in with us and as you breathe in give us your best word that begins with the letter A that you think is an inside the vortex word appreciate that I'm here on this one word okay appreciation breathe out breathe in again now give us a word that you think is an inside the vortex an emotional word that starts with the letter B best feeling bright feeling one word one word makes you focus better better better balanced better being now a word that starts with C inside the vortex good feeling word emotional word cherish D delicious to the divine II effective easy and say knees energy F free T good H healthy happy harmony healthy healthy not so much because it makes you choose the other side of the stick so feel for it feel for the feeling of in other words which word feels better healthy sort of activates the opposite end of it but happy happy harmony I ideal joyas creative now let's see um kinda kind L lovely m-more and new Oh open P prosperous q queued up for more resolution Reville Reville Bravo safe now feel it feel it inside the vortex never looking for safety inside the vortex saver feel the difference yes yes yes tender unique vortex like value the vigor then figure wonderful wonderful one welcome yes welcome we're really interested in your X word why yes in other words do you feel do you feel how you had to focus because it didn't come easy and as we play with you a little bit we ask for finer focus because we're not just going through the alphabet we're going through the alphabet with a reason to find in the vortex feeling words but do you feel the distraction of the other in other words that's the best work you've done on this subject of well-being in a long long long long time that's a valuable a valuable period of time because you deliberately even though it wasn't necessarily easy and especially in front of all of these people to make your way through and find those feelings but you did and did you hear her did you feel her coming on and getting stronger and clearer it got flowing better and better and better than Barry yeah you could have just done the easy thing which is explain what's been going on but you did the more difficult thing you ignored what's been going on or what is going on in terms of manifestation and you felt forward you felt forward and you did it long enough that your vibration shifted and your setpoint is now not in the place that it was when you sat down here you moved it you see you moved it you moved it which means the amount and you have right now an immediate emotional indicator vibrational indicator that's letting you know that you moved in other words have you feel right now feel a little euphoric don't you feel a little hopeful right here so so you the emotion that you feel now is your instant indicator that you moved your vibration you moved your vibration your indicator tells you that you did and now the physical condition has to move to the physical condition has to move to meet the new vibration so now the question is and we'll give you the answer and you won't like it but it's alright the question is so I moved did I move far enough that I can hold here probably not you're going to do that a few times you're going to do that and other things like it a few times until you move and hold and move and hold and move and hold you're going to establish a new vibrational point of Attraction and during motion your mood is going to indicate that you've moved and so is your physical condition it is law


  1. What is wrong with feeling "safe"? Why we should never looking for "safety" inside the vortex???

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  3. Amazing. Just wonderful. I love mycellf!

  4. Fanny in australian means the P word (female part) in American.

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