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thank you so much baby thank you paul
eakins and very thankful i start following you or Abraham who’s that
breath or volume okay something happens to more than two years ago I lost my
husband who was my support emotional support actually I realized that and he
led me to you actually and he is here I know he is yeah and a husband or anyone
for your emotional support doesn’t turn out to be that good of an idea does it I’ll try their kind of flaky they mean
well but they’re flaky yeah I’m trying to hold my dear today because I’m full
of joy right now I’m very happy yeah actually I was always happy he gave me
that happiness he taught me and him leaving gave me more happiness showed me
how to live my self yes the teachings that led me to you now I want to keep
enjoying that happiness that I learned but I’m stuck I know I’m happy but then
I’m stuck why am I stuck because i don’t know i think i’m holding myself
responsible but he is not here well it may be a little bit of that but it’s
more of a little bit of this so you’re really going to enjoy this we’ve been
having these conversations with esther too so here’s the thing your inner being
you follow everything we’ve said already here today yes and we want you to just
for a moment picture your inner being here
what is really your now while you’re over there and what you think is your
now and we’re going to make a very powerful statement to you to all of you
but really to you to all of you really to you this is all of you especially to
you your intervene never looks back because your inner being is always
looking here in the now so when you look back you sort of separate yourself from
that so there is this thing that happens with true love where you keep
remembering the true love because it felt so good when it was now so you keep
remembering the true love but in doing so in the remembering you separating
yourself from the now we said to Esther the other day not that long ago it’s
sort of like you have a lid on both ends of it something happened someone brought
something that Jerry handled almost every morning doesn’t matter what it was
but it was something that after related to him and quite often she would look at
it and pick it up and use it to make herself feel bad under the pretense of holding to a deer
memory and then a very enlightened being came into houston just broke it and at
first gesture thought you must die and then she felt a release from it it was
like holding to the past is not letting her live in the now so now let’s step
back a little bit there’s this idea of turning thoughts to things and so
yesterday was thinking oh because sometimes can any of you see energy
around ester yeah so one of Esther’s friends more than one but especially one
of Esther’s friends can see the energy of Jerry who’s always hanging around
these here parts got a bead on him yeah so Esther’s keeps saying well I’m so
auditory I’m not visual I can’t see him I want to turn those thoughts to things
she’s not trying to bring Jerry back into his physical experience she’s wiser
than that but still longing for more of the tangible and in doing so not
allowing her true relationship with who he now is and where he is and so as we
explained to Esther that is sort of like having a lid on both ends it cannot be
this again nor do you want it to be you think you do but you don’t you think you
do but you don’t you think you do but you don’t because like this example that
we were offering before of the child who has become all of this you have become
so much more than that walls and so our words to Esther that sister in the
beginning were stopped looking for him where he isn’t and start looking for him
where he is and after did pretty good with that for a while and then she began
saying things to us and this is the place that you are at two she began
saying I really really really lie manifestation I can meditate that’s just
fine I can imagine that’s just fine I can find vibrational alignment I can
care about emotional blending all of that’s really good but my favorite
favorite favorite favorite thing is when those thoughts turn to things i can see
and hear and smell and taste and touch that’s what I want most of all you see
and so we began to explain to Esther that she has to stop trying to turn that
thought back into a thing that it’s not ever going to turn into and focus on
other things that are turning into manifestations and there was something
about that explanation that finally broke her loose it’s like it took the
lid off of both ends now she can and you can do have that full expanded
relationship with that eternal consciousness that is not so different
than you remember it being it’s just more and always pure positive energy you
say okay so I understood this yes it yes i have understand yes yes I’m very happy
all this yeah I’m traveling again be traveled a lot yeah I’m doing everything
that we dreamt off yes everything is perfect everything is perfect I mean I’m
so glad it is safely different way I’m doing everything that we dreamt up blah
blah blah I’m doing everything that I have put into my vortex feel the
difference in the emotional impact of that I’m doing everything that we dreamt
up doesn’t that make you want to cry and write a novel no I’m following my bliss I’m doing
what’s in my vortex because you were emotionally dependent on something that
you cannot be emotionally dependent upon yes and so we interrupted you wisely thank you so I’m traveling I’m doing
everything and I love being loved I I am loved I know I’m saying all that and I
have brought this another man in my life yes but I’m not letting me go here tell
us more he’s so much like him yes so much and I told him your vortex is full
of that right that’s why but i’m not letting this go and he is like not
coming to take me that’s what we mean when we say you’ve got the lid on both
ends yeah and they need help with that well we just gave it to you and as it
settles in a little bit with you people say it’s about letting go well letting
go really sounds terrible because you never want to let it go Mia guilt that
guilt is not about letting go that guilt is about not going where the rest of you
is guilt is never about wrongdoing it’s about splitting the energy it’s about
not letting yourself go to wear your intervene is calling you so your inner
being is saying we’re going to put words to what your intervene is meaning come
over here this is what you’ve been asking for and all of us are over here
beckoning you here and you’re saying but shouldn’t I stay over here and your
inner being is saying no you foolish girl no no no your intervene doesn’t
talk like that that’s it is exactly how I hear it come come come come to all
that you’ve become come to all that you’ve become that’s exactly what we
were talking about having the lid on both ends you’re not letting your true
alignment be and that’s not going to be again either you see so let us ask you
this question so what do you think is in your vortex well a lot of a lot of a
buses love love so love relationship physicality conversation not of course they should
love talking all of those things so you’re going to like this so much so
just breathe deeply and take this in as we give it to you so as what’s in your
vortex as those thoughts turn to things what do you think those things are going
to look like this man this man you see the one yeah yeah yeah but then I why do
I feel resistance because you’re not going over there because something tells
me it’s not the right thing to do well what that is everyone is benefiting from
this conversation because that’s your human tendency to cling to what is or
what was rather than let yourself be on this continual evolution what you say it
was beautifully so beautifu Oh blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
on a regular basis you know whatever it is also beautiful basically but this is
the thing it’s beautiful but it’s not tangible it’s not thoughts turn to
things and in this environment thoughts turn to things that’s that tug of war
that you’ve got your sex toy images that’s that sort of war that you’ve got
going on within yourself is that you’re not willing to let your vortex manifest
into what you want because you’re still looking for what you want in a place
that it isn’t look over there look over there and then you will realize that it
is your vortex turning it is thoughts turning to things thoughts turning the
things thoughts turning the thing stops turning to did you hear what we said
astrix in expects that one friend after another will visit her and break another
piece of something just keep destroying whatever it is that
after I think she’s clinging to oh don’t touch that and touch that it’s right
where you left it housekeeper put it in a whole different place what’s wrong
with you don’t clean out that drawer those are the candy crumbs he left there
the candy from she left there leave those candy crumbs right where they were
I’m losing or things are breaking that attached me to him yeah buy one and is
hurting and you know who’s inspiring it he is keep sending messengers he sending
messengers that’s why if you want anything at all to be left you’ve got to
let go because all that you’ve come to and all that you want is turning two
things it is turning two things it’s just turning two different things and
that’s all right you say you know at one time you told in one video I saw that
one time Esther right after Jerry’s kraut wrote that she was so happy and
she looked at the picture or something and then she starts saying I’m so sorry
and I exactly that’s what I felt for me time and I’m happy and I feel like a
guilt that oh you showed me this bad but you see what you’re talking about and
everybody’s and I want to get relief from that everybody’s experiencing this
and this is the principle behind this once you grasp this then all of you will
be free of this bondage that comes to you in different ways it feels stronger
in some ways than others but this is what it is this now that you are clean
so tightly to that you are exploring and examining and focusing on is preventing
you from moving to the new and improved and so so these are the questions that
we have for you you accept that your inner being is the larger part of you
and still exists in non-physical even while you are in this body yes do you
acknowledge that your inner being is aware of you and where you are and you
acknowledge that your inner being is calling you in your physical personality
to the fullness of all that you are do you acknowledge that what you’re living
right now in terms of manifestation is only a this is going to be the hard part
but the answer is yes it’s only a scanty trailing version of who you really are
but the now that you think is so important that you’re seeing and
devouring with your physical senses is the fleeting trailing away part of you
and that the realness is where you’re going it’s the thoughts turning to the
things that’s why people say the joy is in the journey not in a dental office I
have dreamed of all this this this luxury this is this beautiful life yes
and I have it so it’s bad enough we’re just going to be blunt with all these
are the bad enough that you want to get most of your attention only two hearings
now rather than here where your inner being is calling you to but when you are
even looking back past back that’s when you stretch yourself and that’s why you
feel guilt yes that’s why you feel pain that’s why you feel any of those
negative emotions it’s because you’re not letting yourself go freely to war

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