ABQ restaurants make changes, react to coronavirus health order


  1. I joke everyone in New Mexico gets the virus

  2. The 2020 media induced panic pandemic continues to grow minute by minute

  3. nice video you deserve more subscribers

  4. Can I please hear some good news for once.


  6. They’re already operating at 25% capacity, except for the bars, …. fearless buzzfiends

  7. Schools are closed, but Childrens choice just said hey if you need daycare were open, a.k.a. everyone’s going to get it

  8. Who fuckin cares

  9. Social distancing. Exactly what the government wants.

  10. Corona Virus sounds like an STD you'd catch from a chick in Albuquerque.

  11. Have Their Taxes Been Cut In Half ???

  12. This [email protected]÷t is getting way out of hand and people are now just being stupid

  13. What about delivery service who has more than 50 people like the post office, ups, fed ex distribution centers ect….

  14. Bull shit Virus,
    bull shit New Mexico Governor !

  15. Rude boy cookies?! What a stupid idea

  16. Devin Nunes recommends going to your local pub.

  17. Spray your incoming mail, Amazon boxes, the products in those boxes, cans of whatever you buy at the store with lysol.
    Spray everything g you don't grow in your pathetic backyard with lysol.

  18. I bet everyone is using a straw now hahaha 😂

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