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abdominal pain is one of the most common medical complaints and kids some causes are completely harmless while others are life-threatening most often the associated symptoms quit to the cause of the pain abdominal pain with a normal physical exam normal x-ray studies and normal lab tests is likely to be benign this so-called functional pain is centered over the belly button and pressing on the belly does not make it worse children respond differently to abdominal pain some children tolerate significant pain before telling their parents for others anxiety excitement and fear can cause disabling pain it is important to consider the age of the child how long the symptoms have been occurring the character of the pain what makes the pain better or worse and what other symptoms are present so what are some serious causes of abdominal pain gastroenteritis especially when your child is dehydrated stomach ulcers pancreatitis a gallstone blocking the bile duct appendicitis kidney stones into susceptible obstruction this list may give you belly pain just thinking about it we should I see a doctor well if your child has severe or persistent symptoms high fever if your child is unable to drink fluids if your child is unusually ill appearing if there's blood in your child's stool urine or vomiting vomited material if there is belly tick tenderness or pressing on your child's belly or if your child jumps up and down the pain gets worse yellow skin color or vomiting with a yellow or bright green appearance talk to your doctor about your child's specific case this has been dr. Michael Davis for more information on this and other kids health topics please visit our website healthy kid tips calm

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