AAE tv | Wholism | The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life | Dr T Colin Campbell | 8.6.16


  1. Thanks so much for this interview. Great program, and Mr. Campbell, you are my biggest hero.

  2. 😊

  3. Ethann you have the best interviewing skills – and you ask super intelligent questions-thank you !

  4. Thank you!

  5. <3 Thank You <3 I have lived and raised my four children with…Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food..Our diets strayed, became a mixture and societal ways loomed in. But when illness and disease visited …..This Truth, I have upheld in all of natures plant forms..

  6. Very interesting work and very enthusiastic man. Thank you for this interview .

  7. Great interview. I think he's right when he says to eat lots of different types of fruit that are unprocessed, many types of vegetables, less (but some) fish, vegetable oils, and few refined carbohydrates. Avoid meats and dairy. Yes, that last one is the biggest change for most people.

  8. thank you both…

  9. Excellent interview, Ethann. Eat your mushrooms!

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