A WEEKLY VLOG | Getting My Health on Track… Then getting SICK

hello guys happy Monday I am starting up this vlog again really late in the day it's actually 3 p.m. I wouldn't do a weekly love this so that's gonna take neither on a walk um but I just wanted to I guess sit down for two seconds with you guys and talk about how I'm feeling because I think as I briefly touched on in my last video I'm not feeling the healthiest I'm not feeling the greatest and I really want this video to be sort of a dedicated health vlog because lord knows I need it I guess this is sort of a starting point for the next few weeks I have put on probably like four kilos I don't worry myself but I did the other day at my parents house and I was like oh she again white doesn't matter I can also see in my body that it's just not as tight as it usually is um I was working my leather pants that I wore to Coachella and those were loose on me there and now they had like they had like little cutouts in them my love hand was like sticking like squishing third though I was like oh the most important thing is that you are healthy happy fit and doing the best that you can and I certainly haven't been doing the best that I can so I've been canceling every gym session that I've been looking into I have been buying myself packets and packets of packets of lollies and eating just the most ridiculous amount of iterates and bad foods and just I don't feel good on the inside I don't feel good on the outside so it's Monday it's a fresh week I am going to really focus on not bothering about the way that my body looks but the way that my insides feel so in saying that I'm gonna go walk Noah to the park now um she needs a little run around it's such a beautiful day outside so I'm like I'm excited to actually get out and about I've just finished editing my video for tomorrow and I have a few video ideas actually this week I'm gonna do that I don't know whether your car this car totally goes against everything I've just said but you know those videos going around the order the thing in order the same thing as the person in front of you it's going around on YouTube right now I'm gonna do that this week as well I'm excited I'm pumped it's gonna be good I'm back from my walk and I'm just having some turkey with peas and potatoes I really just want a big block of chocolate but baby steps baby steps okay guys I'm in the car now I'm gonna head to a MAC store sorry we're parked now as I was saying I'm just on my way to go to Mac's store a MAC store I'm gonna go buy myself a few these with lambs to support the cause I love the color and I've got a few birthdays and stuff coming up so I might give it to a few friends and my sister and stuff so I'll tell you been a little bit more about it once I go in because it's really amazing please excuse my messy background but I'm putting the myelin on I'm so terrible at putting lipstick on matches my top now but basically I want to tell you guys a little bit about the big one fever got fun cuz I was saying to the girls from icarly q guys honestly don't promote this nearly enough cuz it's such an incredible cause and yet I don't know if it was just me maybe it was just me but I just feel like not enough people know about it so I mean obviously insert the clips that I took from Mac here now because that's why I went to film and show you guys this year's a Viva Glam ambassador is Winnie Harlow she is incredible she's so beautiful so hot and such an amazing person for being a part of such an amazing cause over time Mac has had some of the most incredible ambassadors that had Elton John that they've had RuPaul they've had I believe Lady Gaga every single dollar of the selling price of this lipstick goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund I bought three I bought one for myself for my sister and one for another president just in case I need to give someone at present you guys have any people's birthday's coming up or you have you know any weddings or anything that you need to get a gift for someone or if you've been looking for a beautiful deep red lipstick I would highly suggest going and buying it from Mac because not only are you getting the sickest lipstick of all time you know your money is going towards people in need as you can see here a few of the facts from the installation one Viva Glam lipstick purchases a full day of meals for two homeless LGBTQ and plus youth on Viva Glam lipstick buyers 254 condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV one Viva Glam lipstick tests for teen pregnant mothers for HIV to support the health for women you buying one lipstick can literally change lives and that's actually their slogan it's changed your lipstick and change a life all you have to do is go buy an amazing beautiful lipstick and you'll change life so I think it's a really important cause I'm like quite literally obsessed with this lipstick I think I'm gonna be wearing red lips lips a lot more often now morning guys this morning is the first morning that I've woken up with a sore throat surprisingly after Coachella and Easter and my just terrible diet and all that alcohol I've been drinking it surprises me that today's you're in there that I've waking up with the sounds right I was convinced I was gonna get sick off to Coachella but nothing I was completely fine and I think the only reason that I would Psalter is because it's freezing like yesterday it was freezing I've got Fashion Week why couldn't I have been sick when I had but anyway I'm gonna take lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of my probiotics and vitamins try to kill this before it turns into a flu right I'm just going to make some toast for breakfast I'm gonna have peanut butter toast with banana on it then I'm gonna head to my christina takes on apple cider vinegar this is what I'm gonna start doing every morning about half an hour before I eat if you guys don't like doing apple cider vinegar shots and apple cider vinegar a tablet with all the same ingredient has all the same benefits also going to take one of my probiotics for my sore throat I'm not making a smoothie or anything right now so I'm not gonna take my boat of collagen I'm actually just going to take my SUP collagen it's like the most delicious berry cordial shot it's like so so tasty so I'm gonna do that this morning as well I look so tired I can tell when I'm getting sick when I wake up in my face is so puffy this is like probably like at the yummiest elf tree no I've had usually this stuff tastes hope grows so it's got biotin vitamin C vitamin a zinc my b6 Jasmine green tea extract marine collagen 5 grams like a little health and wellness shot as well as a collagen shot look how stingy my banana is oh my god such foods Boh all right okay ten wraps yes so heaps forward to freaks on the way out please squeeze the shoulders give me four more yes radio that session is finito those body scans were so interesting because we did those were these guys I don't know whether you guys remember but in one of my vlogs a while back and it was was 29.5% muscle mass I was 21 plus 0.5 percent body fat and now I am 30.2% muscle mass and I'm eighteen point nine percent body fat so I've actually improved since I did those scans ages ago but in saying that I really wish I had done these scans before Coachella because I feel like I was the fittest and strongest I've ever been but um because I'm like as you guys have seen been eating like a sack of potatoes so it's interesting that I still in person it's like six months ago so we're gonna do those scans again in five weeks time because that's the five week challenge that he's doing and I'm excited to see if I can improve on that because I know I can I know right now I can feel in my body like it's soft but it's something to strive towards and it's like a goal that I can have in the next five weeks just to decrease my body fat and increase my muscle mass so they have it I'm gonna go off to a meeting now with Jess from Mack where she was in Tokyo with us and I'm obsessed with her so okay guys I'm gonna make myself a smoothie before I head out to my meeting I'm having vanilla protein which is my current favorite from Topeka I'm putting spirulina in for extra protein and for some greens but it's gonna be banana and peanut butter otherwise because that doesn't get too much of a flavor if you put just a small amount and put some banana chunks some cinnamon lots of ice to make it thick and I've got this powdered peanut butter that goes really well in smoothies I've had it for a while and I stopped using it and it was at the top of my cupboard and I just add two huge tablespoons of this not really thickens up the smoothie I'm gonna drink this and then I'm probably just gonna say my gym gear so I'll just head out and then it's not to go get a haircut huh say goodbye to Allah's long shaggy yeah let's go get you a haircut my love I've just finished up at my meeting and my throat is feeling so much worse than it was this morning I was hoping I would just sort of start feeling better during the day but I had a big vegetable soup which will hopefully help I'm gonna head home and make some taste and lemon and honey maybe so anger mania look who we have here oh it's made me dougie a Gooden II dug this his name Simba no no oh my gosh she's so soft I'm heading to my parents house now it's about 5:00 p.m. good meeting tonight dinner meeting which is just casual thank God because it's freezing I could not get dressed up even if I tried and now I can go have a run around at my friend's house well girls gonna have a big few days because self she's been angry at me so yeah I'm gonna head there now I will most likely talk to you guys tomorrow though Oh Wednesday I'm taking my little girl to go so that it's about 7:00 a.m. like I'm not getting sick out of course even though I freaking took lots of cold and flu and lots of lemon soup last night drink lots of water I had a green juice in the afternoon I even got a miso soup but I really was of course just as soon as I start my health log it's happens of course but I'm you know with myself into the doctor and get good medicine and I'll slow shot to stop myself from getting in close take her for a quick run outside in Centennial Park so that she gets a little bit tired ducks comes in the road hello ducks ducks crossing the road excuse me excuse me what a waddle oh my god my poor baby I don't know that's because I'm sick Opie was my little baby but first I'm gonna cry oh I was supposed to film the water everything in the person in front of me ates oldest challenge today do I think I'm feeling up to it so I'm going to do down Friday and hopefully cuz it's Mother's Day this weekend I feel of time to edit that for you guys before some day and then this will probably go up the following Wednesday and on Saturday because then the first week starts on Sunday I have so much to do before Fashion Week it starts Sunday goes through to Wednesday I'm going to so many shows I don't organize anything I've got her bed ready for her I'm gonna go pick her up my little girl is ready to come home update I've done nothing really all day because I'm just trying to rest so come my little angel poor girl poor girl you okay very brave very brave gosh I'm gonna bring you down my laptop and we're gonna perch here for the night I'm just gonna give her lots of snuggles and love and we can be seated together just healthy for more healthy blogs not doing so well what one okay guys sorry I haven't been on my camera today it's Thursday but it's like 5 p.m. I had a meeting today at my house and that went for like 5 hours um I haven't done much else cuz I was just obviously still recovering I'm feeling a little bit better now sorry I was feeling better during the day but now I'm feeling a little bit sort of sore and tired again I'm just cooking up some dinner so I'll show you guys just made lucky yummy little chicken and veggie stir-fry I'm gonna have some rice I feel like I've just done this in a really weird way but I'm just boiling up super icing my pan and I'm gonna have dinner kind of early cuz I'm so hungry I'm gonna have an early night come on guys I have just come back home from doing a sauna at Flo revive my flu shot finally and I'm just making it some lunch I've have a cleaner coming in a second and then I'm making my Fashion Week's I'm making my Fashion Week select as well over here I'll show you then this afternoon after the scrubber to handle from getting a spray tan with L effect before Fashion Week and then I'm filming a video tonight with Nick so I thought I'd give you a bit of a down-low of my day it's gonna be busy today especially what I can but otherwise I'm probably gonna be ending this vlog today and starting our mukbang tonight so keep your eyes peeled and then Fashion Week vlogs next week I've had a big shower and I'm gonna head to the parlor room in Clovelly which is where we're doing the event for el Ferguson's sort of power possession she's putting on an event for like a spray tan with LFX which is her town and to get our nails done and stuff which is so lovely I've been looking forward to this all week to be honest so I'm gonna bring you guys along I've decided because it's gonna get dark by the time Nate gets home tonight it's as it's Friday night um I think I might film the mokbang tomorrow I'm just making a lot right now hooked up getting my babe admins on my say vitamins hey guys this is actually always later they couldn't I feel this love I'm in the midst of Fashion Week right now and I'm going to just say goodbye it and it's look here good that you guys enjoying it stay tuned for a holy of more videos coming sorry the for the lack of two videos this week but I have lots in the works so stay tuned fashion week mental hands let's get ready with me as things like that so hope you guys enjoyed it love you lots see you next time


  1. You're so gorgeous! I just know I'm gonna become friends with you one day💞

  2. Healthy and happy means healthy diet exercise and meditation to relax ur mental state I do hope u try baby steps to a different lifestyle ur still young I'm a single mum who learned the hard way my son got pneumonia twice and I also got a bad chest infection and I'm sure it was the bad diet I was eating which took a toll on my body love u Sammy still upset that I haven't met u yet

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  4. Hey girl! Hate to be preachy, but while it’s all very good that MAC are promoting good causes, they are known widely to animal test, and maybe you could consider not promoting brands which animal test quite so much, as you do have a large influence, and if you’re buying from MAC, your viewers are also more inclined to do so! Again, don’t mean to come across as an arse hole, just a thought!❤️❤️❤️

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  10. You’re just so honest! Love you so much. My sister and her friend went to see you at Meccaland! I was sooo jealous ahahahaha. Love youuu!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  12. hope you're feeling better hun <3

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  19. Great vlog😄 you are amazing

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