A Wave of Healthy Meals to Nourish Cancer Patients in Sussex County

creamy cauliflower Alfredo rainbow coleslaw organic pulled pork and non-dairy pecan pie bars are some dishes made to nourish the bodies of cancer patients in Sussex County loading your plate with vegetables and fruits and healthy fats and proteins is the way to go when you're sick and your immune system is so low Denis Van Sant's and a team of volunteers now dedicate their Wednesday's to sending a wave of healthy meals to cancer patients of all stages and treatment levels three entrees three sides a salad and a healthy dessert that's what each patient receives volunteers prep two meals at the Dewey Beach Lions Club and then these delivery angels personally serve them we're ready to roll they're too tired and too sick very often to feed themselves now the delivery angels aren't just dropping off the food on their compassion visits they're sitting down with the patients to share their stories in a journal many of the volunteers here today are either cancer survivors or know someone who's been diagnosed cancer runs in my family and people very close to me in Sussex County have been diagnosed one was a teacher of my son's who became a dear friend of mine and we delivered food to her and she kept saying how much it helped her that's why Denise started this nonprofit and that's why these volunteers want to help some days they may like you to stay in chat and keep them company cheer them up and other days they may just need to rest with coverage you can count on I'm Mallory master in Dewey Beach for WBOC

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