A Vegan Paradise, Yin Yoga, & Our Spiritual Reset ♥ Boho Diaries | Ep.4 Ubud

So in Ubud we’ve been kind of been staying at a few different response really wanting to figure and [displayed] so this is Our last spot before I have to say that [I] kind of we came here a little earlier because being a taboo taboo is wonderful But it was a little crazy As soon as we got out here, and it was just it’s rice fields It’s peaceful, and it’s just about you know 15 minutes north of the buddha It was kind of like yeah, this is what we [came] here for mining the first turn with me in the duck and the cows Is your speech dang happy rainy? so many noises I Love it and wake up. It’s six-fifteen and forgettable and So for it this morning. Are you go practice and my yoga class for you guys? I’m actually wearing a full outfit head to toe in Subletting if someone you guys asking you since I’m kind of clothing boiler it just fits so well on my body and if it’s on a lot of people’s bodies and have commuted to color and Fitch, and they’re elastic band is my favorite because literally I hate pants and like And they actually fit really really nicely and it’s really affordable which I think is really Important to so many people out there that we should be able to afford nice workout clothes We’re off to do some morning yoga and shoot some videos It’s so beautiful and the fine people at this establishment has allowed us to shoot add restaurant Tips right now and we have this awesome offer that if you sign up for this guy’s free membership you get to leggings exist for only 20 for dollars And with the vip membership is do you have an option to must either shot with the scriptum us know? You guys want to try this clothing to cooling since lincoln of those here and you can sign up for your Pa? Let’s go, and you said yoga Made it through the rice field down the dirt road And it’s been running me through 31 Come quite a long way So she has my endorsement anyways, this is just typical morning routine for something. We’ll do to get everybody going Find a little space in our minds for the morning so I’m morning so far. It’s like 730 We got out really soon and finish shooting a video for you guys Which might come around yeah, Charlie yoga video morning [abboud] yoga? I was really great actually spent the day with that even if I’m shooting it for you guys been doing video for myself So in nice and before that least a little bit of yoga together Trying to get mark to content shape again after having a herniated disc we have some black coffee with cashew milk and raw Brown sugar the real There’s no shortage of nut milks in this country which is amazing for us because I find out anytime we have a travel anywhere else You ask them for like soy milk or almond milk, and they’re like one. Yeah I have no idea what we’re saying thus far in Bali being vegan and eating plant-based. Oh my God It’s been like heavenly distantly so today We’re going to actually make a bunch of stuff [that] are two of our favorite Restaurants for you guys that we found so far here So we’re eating a little light free breakfast now with some coffee, and they’ll have another second broome 2nd practic the hobbit you know yeah In [a] [mood] I know I’m going to go to a temple we got all kinds of things my first movie ball mixed with Chia seeds mixed with granola fresh Dragon fruit pineapple Papaya I’m in Heaven Yeah So after we eat. I’m really excited cuz we’re going to go to the pier town pool. Temple, which is What I’m like one of the few places that I? Really really wanted to go your mom and Rick tuna to Bali and I know like I’ve seen so many Photos of it and obviously like a lot of tourists that go there but there’s something really beautiful and special about this place, and it’s all about purification and Didn’t even matter what religion is it is a hindu temple, but and announces. I really want to experience fighting and The fact that we’re probably not going to be coming back to Rules important traveling everywhere else indonesia Micah Perry Marcus you have to do this Balinese Batman the wardrobe room I’m ready for space quick Little stock the right here I’m really really excited. We’re going to write a room open Hopefully there hopefully not get lost and I think when you go in there, you know people pray teach rotten everything to me. I’m like so like kind of psychotic people keep setting Intention of the things that we’re ready to let go of or regressive might have or quote unquote sins but to label it that way, I think in a moment and Spiritual exercises we let go of this thing’s ready to move out of ourselves out of our mental space and cons of souls Will you come Canada Canada? Yeah? Thank you Each one of the problems has a different need And a difference perfect yeah there was one that I’m supposed to do cleanse all the negative energy from you dream so if you have a lot of nightmares Imagining supposed to clean that energy out and then the following fountain brings positive Energy each fountain that you go to you have to wash your face [three] [times] give to drink it three times and you have to Fully wash your body three times from the crown of your head all the way down to your shoulders back And every one of the fountains when you step up jay, you’re supposed to set an intention by praying for a moment We actually had a guy in line and asked us if we’re not indeed because we’re from Canada. What radicular and what are we getting from this and We told them that we were very highly spiritual people that share a lot in common with many different religions and that process like that held a lot of value to us to cleanse our spirit and Sort of rebalance and rejuvenated and just center ourselves, and I think maybe that’s the real purpose of this Doesn’t we don’t necessarily have to be hindu to go in here and experience this execution This period have a personal meaning river where the girl yeah doesn’t matter what religion called it off on death. Row. He knows really the cold at times waters really cold Yeah, where the end of it? I was crazy yeah, we were standing there through my fingers So then you know we go to and like the next fountain thing he had was for bad Karma so every person you know have some sort of Karma that we’re dealing with and so that was to cleanse all the bad Karma and then the last one was The name of the temple the Fountain was named after is both spring water coming out I don’t know the whole [experience] is incredible. It was wonderful we had a great guy a local here helped us kind of Understand the meaning of everything and the proper ways of viewing us was big. Thank you to him Wonderful experience yeah, just like you so I feel really Cool [your] fight right now Refresh yeah, but not unlike what was cold. It was refreshing, but like many professional ah so we just go back in to Brie consider yoga class after this we had to throw away favorite surf a Actually another suppose. You’re wondering why we’re in the zone in fact we’re at the Network sundberg actually got so bad inning my intention of Selling I got out I [suppose] the market and buy something that would cover every square inch my cooler for Savage birds on I don’t mind though, but I just don’t really want to anyway, so so happy happy July August and So we’re going to go over to the yoga barn. Which is literally across the street I think that’s how we always end up eating here, and we’re going to stick an ice floe in class is Feel like we need it right now All right basically Like our 40th class here Honestly, we make is like we never had time anyone’s life a hydronic months are seldom a real Treat when I first started in yoga for use in retrospect. I probably be long stretches pictur channels in fact, but I think that what makes But and where your body is on you to count you know get out what your mind? Osama Nada you can’t look at that moment when you’re on the edge allows Daulton Everything is billion dollars in your head and somehow in that [Olympia] in Yourself and in your body’s physical invent reaction to something that makes it really amount I think you can apply that uncomfort in your entire life, and you’re like every day every minute We’re always some kind of services ice and finding where that edge many men karate uncomfortable and wanting to get out in reviewing documents [nation] your brain telling your body up and down and maybe Like you can be ruined, and I mean kind of relieved. Here’s your life well as you get a comfortable you have a new I you Find peace or you can always be a victim of you being like this [alright], so it’s finally dinner time we have been waiting for this moment for a while We’re back at our favorite restaurant and for dinner I ordered myself stunned and youth and there’s a really interesting because it’s part of this celery Root in Japan So I got it and then mark got a virgin Mosquito and also bring also here. Which is pretty awesome actually so for food I got a skid Pad Thai with tofu and I seasoning something oh and then mark brought in and all the way in tears always choose that we got is made out of we’ve just kind of like damaged and tired and Yeah Let’s wrap this up, so I can eat my pets I Click much ok Yeah Just touch back on the sponsor of this video Don’t forget you can sign up to the philotic vip membership will be illegible to get you through yoga pants. Which one is four dollars Thanks so much for watching and thank you for being you


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