A must see if Interview on Physical training for Multiple Sclerosis with Michael Anzovino.

hi welcome Thomas I am your host Lynn Dahlonega senior clinical nutritionist I'm here to show you the very best your community has to offer in health fitness nutrition life events and well-being today I'm joined by an amazing man who is a personal trainer as well as multiple sclerosis exercise specialist my kids we know welcome like pleasure thank you proud of me oh absolutely so tell me what does how approach stand for healthy ongoing wellness mm-hmm it just kind of came to me one day and I said one day I'm gonna do something with this this term right and over the years through my martial arts experience and my training and working out in gyms and just I had great mentors growing up I accumulated a lot of knowledge to the reading and everything else and just came up with an approach that I can really help people and you do and how many years how much experience have you had because I hear across the board many exercise specialists but you have turned a great deal of experience and varied experience well we at my young people I work with you know in conjunction with a partner with but me specifically I've been in and out of gym since I was a kid I was you know 11 years old when I started the martial arts and getting taught in a lot of Eastern philosophies and a lot of Eastern modalities and then I started the how approach health and fitness was going on six years so yeah it's all kind of come together at that point so my vast experience before I decided that this was where I was needed and where I was led to to be right I know personally I had a situation with dancing as nutritionists and my shoulder was killing me and even though you're very very busy without scible clients simultaneously at the same time you took the time to to really personalize it specifically to my needs knowing that I work all the time and have several offices and and just to to make sure that would work with my needs and do something slow mmm rather than get me into something that would be excessive momentum too quickly yeah so I appreciated that oh of course it was my pleasure you know and that's one of the things that's it's we we try everything we do is individualize you know it's not a cookie cutter type of atmosphere you know every person everybody and everybody is different you know and we have we treated as such you know and everybody has specific needs now and we make sure that we we address those things right and personally tailored to each individual that it's not cookie cutter yeah tiny means yeah I think you are one of the very best in Northern Westchester whole thing I think and you do you do something very very special in a specialization can you share that with my viewers uh yeah I work with people with multiple sclerosis which is an autoimmune issue it's a disease that basically the there's the myelin sheath that goes around your nerve and what happens is the body kind the old immune system attacks the sheath deteriorates and informs lesions which disrupts the neurological connection from the brain to the muscle and what we do is we rehabilitate that and we try to kind of get ahead of the eight-ball and try to once again through martial arts you're learned how to do an involuntary movement so one of my theories is that we can we can set that same type of Theory up with working with people with MS that have that disruption kind of going around it and and getting that muscle tissue to start strengthening again and breaking down and building and getting that lean tissue back and kind of bypassing you know if that nerves not working well we're gonna try another path so to speak and we've had great success and I mean you know my mentors have been great with that and the schooling that I've went through for that special certifications it's all been just uh it's been a phenomenal journey I thoroughly enjoyed and I wish and I pray every day that one day I can specifically work with those people for free and my other endeavors will just support my family and everything and take care of things and you also hold support groups as well yeah that just recently got moved oh just because it's too busy there's too much going on so they need a little bit more privacy but yeah I started that because I just wanted a help I just want people need to plug into something to learn that they're not alone you know and I'm actually gonna start something else I'm happy to really dub the name yet hopefully soon but something like the MS Fitness Club or something like that that's great well whether you have multiple sclerosis or not you're there for the support of somebody you know or somebody that does have it and we all get together we'll do a fence together etc that's what make it kind of like a club yeah I like your I like your demeanor I like your hands-on approach like I said you have a gift in terms of no matter who else is in the room you make that person feel very special and that you give them your undivided attention which is essential today and as well you also tailor in terms not just exercise but also nutritional counseling accordingly yeah how do you do that you have different programs for different needs well you know my philosophies is kind of based on a the Paleolithic ancestral type patterns and using that as a guideline cutting out the normal junk foods and you know vegetable oils and the high sugar diet of the standard American diet cutting all that out letting them go through like a 30-day kind of a cleanse on that Avenue and then from there dialing it in per person you know once again we all have different needs so someone with an autoimmune issue is gonna be drastically different than somebody that's training for a marathon you know so we have to dial all that in and when I'm not able to really sit down and spend that time with a person I do have resources for people that I use I have certain nutritionist that I trust health coaches I have a chiropractor in the practice you know all of that this way we can all come together and work for the greater need of that one person that's great I know you've referred people to me in terms of my work as an RD absolutely because I've worked as nutrition for 21 years and I work out of three offices specifically designing but also my expertise lennie itself but I think it's essential what you do in terms of that you're personally tailing out to each individual and you're basing that based on your experience as well as being an avid reader if anything you can pick up yeah and you have a favorite book of the Paleo cure this Kresser it's a great book once again paleo lifts Paleo diet guidelines but what he does is he goes very in-depth into breaking it down into segments first people specific needs and and it goes about how to teach his people how to kind of assess themselves and to work with themselves a little bit but I use that and and yeah it's one of those books that you can just pick up doesn't have to be read from beginning and you can just pick up what section do you need at that moment it's such a great book so so the premises that the Paleolithic diet and then it's customized depending on what the diseases and what foods are pertinent or whatever your goals are if you're an athlete if you just want to you know lose weight and you want to just stay you know maintained or if you have an autoimmune issue or GERD or you know stibo or anything like that it has specific sections for my age which is great well I know you practice what you preach so tell me what are some good tips for the holiday what would you recommend for the holiday don't stress yourself out don't stress yourself because once you start stressing your body it doesn't matter where you're eating yeah because your body's putting in if your body doesn't know the difference between a food stressor or an outside stressor so so what you want to do is just you know look having a piece of cake tomorrow is really gonna kill you no it's not gonna kill you if you do it every day well that's an issue it's the holidays enjoy the holidays just think to yourself how am I gonna feel tomorrow if I eat this or how am I gonna feel in a little while if I eat this or if I overeat but be happy smile laugh life is the life is supposed to be fine you enjoy it it's true you gotta make each day extraordinary in some small way every day's got to be a masterpiece yeah you had shared something with me even as a nutritionist you know I worked a scientist part of my graduate work I've been to school for eight years and multiple degrees but you mentioned something very interesting to me about starches which I found on a resistant starch yeah I found this out it was very interesting to me because I don't really eat rice or potatoes I'll eat you know sweet potatoes how many grains at all and I was reading something and and apparently you know where like say a potato white potato or white rice where normally gets broken down in your intestine right if it's warm right but if you eat it cold right it passes through the intestine it gets broken down into in the colon and helps your microbiota your gut flora yeah cold so you're getting the resistance starts to help you with your right with your your back to good good bacteria and it doesn't have the effects yeah it was really interesting so an example of a cold starch would be cold potatoes like if you make a nice cold potato salad okay white rice so like if you're eating sushi or something like that the rice is cold I just say yeah you know yeah yeah it's an interesting but also um unripe green bananas I mean plantain also very good really for resistant starch they they help stabilize your blood sugar sustain your energy and maintain it throughout the day water I thought that was very fascinating and that's the one thing that's in terms of what you do I need with a very large amount people that are personal trainers or work in excess and you know so much mic and philosophy that I do that we can always learn and every day we can always become better as a nutritionist or as a personal trainer if we just keep learning and reading and I think it's essential yeah I really do so what does Mike's way of relaxation what is something that you truly like to do to relax view my family yeah that's relaxing to me we whatever we do I mean you know we'll go hiking together we'll just go for a drive together we'll watch a movie together whatever it is you know that that's my downtime and and I use especially Sunday's Sundays are just there's no business conducted at all it's just family and you know my faith and all that but it's just that's my day absolutely absolutely I'm trying to wean off two Saturdays a little bit because I can get a little carried away on Saturdays yeah because she put so much time and effort into each every each client you meet you put your heart and soul into it and it's obvious so we're almost ready to wrap up about two minutes do you have anything left you want to share with my viewers um yeah I am the Northeast ambassador for a charity the multiple sclerosis MS Fitness Challenge relations thank you and you know I just you know we always look for donations and I know that sounds like a plug but I don't want it to be because it's it's really meant to help people what we do is we have a 12-week program then if we get enough funds people can work with me for 12 weeks at no cost to them and a lot of people with MS or you know they're on disability or out of work and it's tough so you know you can go on the MS Fitness Challenge comm and donate and just put the how approach so they know what region it came from or you can go on my website how approach comm and there's a link there as well no that's great you know and I'd appreciate if you want me to stop in at any time brought us to help these people their share some basic nutritional expertise I'm always available yeah I want to try to put a seminar to go that'd be great I'm working on that maybe in the new year we try to do something yeah I'd be great thank you so much for Daniel I appreciate it yeah sure so when you eat well and feel well it's something you want to do for the rest of your life remember moderation and balance is Kate thank you so much for joining us have a great night

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