A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy rates in
the United States have decreased, but they
are still too high. Every day, over a
thousand babies are born to teen mothers. Having a child can have
a huge impact on a young person’s life
and aspirations. Half of teen mothers don’t
graduate from high school and babies born to teens
face increased medical risks. Most teen pregnancies
happen because of sexual partners not using
contraceptives at all or not using them properly
or consistently. As a health care
professional, you are critical to reducing teen
pregnancy rates by encouraging adolescents
having sex to improve their use of contraceptives. Talk with your teen
patients about whether they’re having sex. Educate those teens about
all the contraceptive options available. Help them select the
method they will more likely use the right
way and every time. Let teens having sex know
they are welcome to use any method of birth
control. There are no restrictions
on any method based solely on a teen’s age. Like my girlfriend, some
teens may feel more comfortable using
long-acting, reversible contraception
such as IUDs or implants. If a teen has had a
pregnancy and continues to have sex, make sure she
knows the benefits of long-acting, reversible
birth control as one option. Most teens who are
sexually active use condoms, and that’s really good for
preventing STDs, HIV and pregnancy. But, since condoms often
are not used the right way and every time, they may not
provide complete protection. That’s a big problem. Make sure your teenage
patients who are having sex understand ‘dual
protection’: using both a condom and a hormonal
method of birth control to prevent pregnancy and
sexually transmitted diseases such as H-I-V. As a health care provider,
you can help improve the lives of all young people by
giving them the information and tools they need to make
healthy decisions. So talk to us about
pregnancy and contraception. We’ll listen.


  1. are they including 18-19yo in these numbers?

  2. @MrSaber152 Teen pregnancy includes anyone 19 and younger.

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  4. Very true and would prevent a lot. And parents don't forget to talk about the responsibility of having a child because some teens who have self-esteem issues may become pregnant on purpose because they feel otherwise they have no meaning in life.

  5. Im 18 and super excited to be having a baby boy in november (: I wouldnt change anything

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  6. Condoms and contraception do prevent unwanted "side effects", but somehow I get the impression that people think that both mean "I am not going to get pregnant/STDS" and they are more likely to engage in sex rather than looking for a stable relationship (marriage) which will cause loads of "unintended" problems. Also, denying that sex is not just physical, but VERY emotional will cause more problems. These not-100%-temporary-fixes ignore anything emotional with sexually active individuals.

  7. A teen pregnancy causes more controversy than it is stipulated.It is to hard continuing school not only because of the mom’s care but because of the judgment that happens in that community.Girls to be moms are no longer comfortable in school because they commonly are called by names or all gossip talked is about them,or at least that is what a pregnant teenager would feel like. this is one of the many consequences that frequently occur globally and there is an obvious way that helps avoiding it.

  8. I think when society thinks of Teen Pregnancy they are typically referring to 15-18 yrs. I can understand why you are proud of your situation, if you are accomplishing your dreams that is great. Most of the individuals that are pregnant are too young to know what their goals are. I will definitely not judge you but I have been in your shoes. I had 2 kids before I graduated h.s. and it was not because it was my goal but because I was doing what everyone else was doing and got caught.

  9. I didn't believe in abortion. I have spent the last 17 and 19 years of my kids life telling them to not make the same mistake and learn the hard way. Its not easy but if you are determined than the best of luck to you and your family.

  10. I agree, I think education is and has always been the best solution. It's so important and everyone knows how the human body functions and the consequences of unprotected sex. We should also emphasize choice; your choice to chose when you want to have sex, your choice to ignore peer pressure and care more about yourself.

  11. now the libirty is kind a stupid just dont let them have sex  or boyfreinds wait until they graduate stupid you give freedom to teenagers they haves and babys and or maybe hiv here in the philipines they dont let their child get pregnant some but not all mostly at my school all the girls are virgins not like u.s.a  

  12. Sad video

  13. Hello. My name is Madi and I am a student in high school. I am doing a project raising awareness for teen pregnancy. I was wanting a guest speaker or someone who has gone through it to Skype with a group in my school to inform people about it! Thank you 

  14. They say using more consistent contraceptive will help. I have a better tip for teens, just don't have sex, it's as simple as that.

  15. Where the lady states that half of teen mothers don't graduate is completely not true.I speaking for myself had my child spent 2 yrs with her and let her stay with my parents then I attended college and graduated. After that I then attended University and graduated with a degree. So some women/men can find ways to attend ,graduate highschool college etc.

  16. The reason why there is teenage pregnancy is because of 1) misinformation and 2) they're just plain irresponsible

  17. awesome video. Nice work. learnt a lot from this video.

  18. Deepak

  19. Contraceptives/ condoms will just tolerate the immature act of teens. Better not to promote it. Promote Pure Love Education!

  20. Even if condoms and hormonal birth control are both used, they're not 100% safe 100% of the time, so abstinence is the best option for teens and young adults.

  21. Lol….It's funny how none of these folks advised parents to NOT let their teenage children have sex…Like as if that is not even a viable option…This is what society comes to when no one is held accountable for his/her actions….If you don't FEAR God, then you really feel that you don't have to answer to anybody…:)

  22. I'm a teen mom and I graduated high school

  23. What is the app for edit

  24. this is horrible so sad it really sad and pathetic how little progress America and our people have made in preventing something so tragic. Americas middle schools and high schools need to do a much better job of educating kids on safe sex and show them how they can effectively avid getting pregnant as well as avoid the enormous rate of sexuallyh transmitted diseases its shocking and disturbing that there is still so much of this in the year 2019. in fact even back by the end of the 90s the rate of teen pregnancies and young women in their early 20s that really aren't ready to mothers should have gone done so much more and faster

  25. Some parents don’t care if their kids get pregnant and just send them off to live by themselves and pay bills but see if I have a kid as a teen I would get strangled by my dad

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