A message from Dr. Kieran Moore, Medical Officer of Health, KFL&A Public Health

I am truly sorry that COVID-19 has spread So rapidly around the globe and is now knocking on the door of our community. We all have a role to play in delaying it’s entry into our community And minimizing the impact that it could have It is time to be ready and to prepare Yes there is fear and worry Many are working diligently on your behalf to protect our community and prepare for what lies ahead In the coming months show kindness show understanding the health system will be stressed members of our community who work in health and health fields will be making tough choices. yes there will be isolation but there doesn’t have to be lonliness. We as a community can reach out call a friend call someone who’s older in our community ask what they need I’ve heard of stories of people singing across the squares in Assisi in Italy I’ve heard of people in isolation in Spain exercising together in their apartment buildings and playing music to one another I’ve heard of hotels and bars in western Ireland delivering meals to the vulnerable in their communities in the next two weeks I hope our community embraces the opportunity of this social distancing to spend time with your families go outside go for walks bicycle, jog slow down and disconnect from the news and the internet reach out communicate and help support one another We will all get through this it’s unprecedented and it’s new but we have a choice of how we get through this together I have confidence in our community that we’ll rise to this occasion and show strength and resilience compassion and understanding and support those who have the greatest need

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