A Message for Health Care Providers from Coach K

Hi this is Coach K and I just want to thank
all the health care providers who are on the front lines and really this is a war so you
really are on the front lines and you’re working 24/7 in this battle– doctors, nurses, technicians,
researchers, educators, people staffing tents, students, trainees, volunteers, anyone helping
us combat COVID-19. It’s an incredible time. Our health care providers and the volunteers
during this health care crisis, you’re the real heroes. I was looking at a newspaper this morning
and they have, obviously, an editorial page and in the editorial page they had these cartoons
and today’s cartoon just is really so appropriate. It’s Batman and Robin and what they’re saying
is, “This is a job for real heroes,” and what comes up is the symbol of our health care
providers and I want you to know that you are the real heroes. In saying that, we want to support you in
whatever way we can. And how can we do that? Obviously, locally, is there anything we can
do to get even more local support in your efforts. Basically, you’re the people who are on the
field. How can I help? How can the athletic department help? How can we support you? During these 40 years that I’ve been here
and we’re in Cameron and we’re only playing basketball and we’re supported by the student
body and fans and they cheer like crazy in moments where we really need them they make
the loudest noise and they can push us forward to do more. How can we help you? Are there people out there– please, you should
ask– are there people out there who can get your groceries, help with childcare, mow your
lawn, get your mail, what can we do? Can we call a patient? Can we send something out to your kids? An autograph? What can we do? Because we want to help you. We know that, obviously, we can never know
because we’re not right there with you. It’s apparent that you all are fighting this
like crazy for us and we just want to be there for you. Before my team left and we shut down all the
student activities here, we were told about social distancing and all the things we should
do to support you. How do we greet? And basically what we started doing was doing
this over our hearts. It’s not just putting your hand over your
heart. It’s putting your fist over your heart. To me, this is a time where everyone has to
be together. We can’t just have you as one or two fingers
on that fist working alone. We have to have the community behind you. We have to have everyone working together
so that we can fight this war together with a fist. So I want, if it makes sense, if we could
start doing this to one another and basically when we do this and we put our fists in as
a team, we say “together” and to me that is the key word. We are in this together and you all are right
on the front lines. The other word we say is “win.” And so as we put our fists over our hearts
and greet one another, be together and let’s win. And God bless you in what you’re doing. I start getting emotional because I know how
emotional you all are in being right there on the front lines. So godspeed and please let us know if we can

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