A Look Inside The Largest-Ever Auschwitz Exhibit In The United States | NBC Nightly News

how often do you think about Auschwitz Oh everyday branya brandman was 12 years old when she was sent to Auschwitz with her sisters she alone survived we were slated for the gas chamber and I ran away from that line more than a million Jews were killed the Nazi death camp but brandman worries that one of the darkest chapters in human history is now fading from memory they don't even know they know nothing how is that possible but now a jarring wake-up call to that chapter opened this week at New York's Museum of Jewish heritage I see the shoes and the glasses were those things taken from you more than 700 artifacts from a death camp are on display a shower head used to disguise a gas chamber suitcases stolen from Jews arriving at the camp a child's shoe this boy tucked his sock in the shoe under the assumption that he would come back he likely didn't come back no zero point zero chance that he came back tiny objects like brushes buttons as simple as they are bear their own witness to mass murder buttons are very personal the last thing that the mother would have touched before she took off the clothing with the children to go in the gas chamber she would have unbuttoned you know the dresses saw the blouses of the children the exhibit a stirring reminder of the consequences of hate opening at a moment of rising anti-semitism in this country it's happened before it can't happen again I wanted people to know it started with words of hatred they exhibited the Museum of Jewish heritage runs until early January a NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and did exclusives thanks for watching


  1. Your lies can't hold up . . . This blood libel seems more and more ridiculous every day. Time to stop allowing the perpetrators of the 20th century to masquerade themselves as its victims.

  2. For a balanced report next one should be about a Palestinian Exhibit of their own "Holocaust" happening now to them. Both Jews and Palestinians deserve to live in peace not just one of them.

  3. What a bs commentar

  4. White Supremacists are the Enemy of America and all Humanity. They Worship Satan.
    Diversity is America's Greatest Strength. Sadly, Filthy Racists Disagree.
    There are absolutely no good Nazis. Never has been, never will be.
    Like Traitorous, Racist, Un Christian Confederates. We need to tear down and melt down every last statue honoring Slave Masters.

  5. Let's never forget it was the communist jews in Germany that started WWII with their Boycotting German goods. True history.


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