A keto diet for beginners, part 2: how it works

In this video you will get to understand
the foundation of how a keto diet works. Understanding this will make it
much simpler to make it work for you. A keto diet basically turns you
into a fat-burning machine making it very easy to lose excess weight,
stay satiated for long periods, control your blood sugar
and reverse many common health issues. Your body will burn fat
and your brain will burn ketones that are also made from fat. So you will be a fat-burning machine. It’s important to realize that this is very different from what
is considered normal today. All around the world
there is a disaster going on, a massive obesity epidemic. Most people in the modernized world
are already overweight or obese. And associated with this
there is a massive global diabetes epidemic meaning too much sugar
in people’s blood. Every second American is now predicted
to get type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. And incredibly in China
the type 2 diabetes epidemic is even worse. It’s a disaster in India as well
and in the Arab world. Not just in the US and Europe. It’s a global problem now
leading to terrible complications. Excess fat on people’s bodies
and excess sugar in their blood. What is going on? It’s not just that this affects
people you know. Most likely it affects you too already. So why is it happening? All around the world we now have easy
access to high carb, high sugar foods 24/7. Foods that are also hyper palatable, meaning they are so rewarding
that they are potentially addictive. So if we just do
what everyone else is doing we are likely to eat and drink sugar
or starch many, many times per day. And every time we do that we increase
the amount of sugar in our blood and we make sure our bodies burn sugar. Now the problem
with burning primarily sugar is that this shuts down our bodies
fat burning via the hormone insulin. When you eat carbs you raise the blood
sugar levels and insulin levels rise. Now insulin is
the body’s fat storing hormone, it tells your body
to store fat you eat for later. So the sugar is burned first
and the fat is stored for later and that’s the problem in a nutshell
because later never comes. In today’s world we’ll soon eat again. And we’re not just talking about
the obvious junk food like doughnuts. Even starchy foods like bread or pasta
rapidly breakdown in the gut turning to pure glucose,
a simple sugar, raising blood sugar and insulin levels. So even bread, pasta and rice,
all starchy foods turn to simple sugars in the gut. So if people eat what most people eat their blood streams
are constantly full of sugar. Worst case, even turning them
into diabetics and at the same time
they are constantly storing fat. And that’s why we have
an obesity epidemic. Just eating less and moving more
is simply not enough to stop it, we know that now. We’ve been saying that for 30 years, while the obesity epidemic
keeps getting worse every year. It’s not working and we know why. Losing weight by counting calories
is hard work. As long as people eat lots of sugar or carbs
thinking they’re doing the right thing, it can be almost hopeless. Because they will constantly be
in fat storing mode and you can’t outrun a bad diet. Now what does all this have to do
with keto? A keto diet is the exact opposite. Instead of burning sugar all the time
we burn fat. Now obviously keto is not
the only healthy way you could eat, but it is the most powerful diet to completely reverse diseases caused
by too much sugar and carbs, including obesity. Because instead of constantly eating
sugar and starch all day we don’t do it at all. At least almost not at all. A keto diet is a very low-carb diet. It is moderate in protein, meaning you should still eat
a normal amount of protein, what you need to repair and maintain
the body’s tissues like before. But the energy that you need, what you used to get mostly from sugar
or carbs, you will now get from fat. On a keto diet your body is fueled by fat. All the muscles in our bodies
can be fueled directly by fat. But the brain however cannot and that’s where we come to the word
“keto”, the short for “ketogenic”. When you eat very few carbs your body will take fat
and convert it in the liver to small energy molecules
called “ketones”. And ketones are a great fuel
for your brain. So on keto, even your brain
will be burning fat via ketones. This is actually a function
that the body needs. Whenever you don’t eat for some time, if you’re fasting or starving,
the stored sugar quickly runs out and the body starts producing ketones
from fat to feed the brain. So you don’t have to do a keto diet
to get into ketosis. You could also just fast for a day or two and you would also get into ketosis
and burn lots of fat. The neat thing is
that you don’t have to starve or fast for long time to achieve that
because a keto diet also does it. Plus you obviously can’t fast forever,
but you can do a keto diet for life. The bottom line is that keto makes you
a fat-burning machine. While someone else might be running
on a treadmill for an hour to burn some fat you will be burning fat 24/7
even when sleeping. It’s the ultimate diet for weight loss and it can help you feel greater
and perform better. Why? Well, because you’re never likely
to run out of fuel. Your body can only store carbs for energy
for a few hours or maximum one day. This means that if you are a sugar burner
you will get hungry again fast. You’ll have to eat
and prepare food all the time and if you don’t, you’re likely to feel hungry,
and tired, and miserable. On the other hand the body stores fat with
enough energy for weeks or even months and on a keto diet your body and brain
has constant access to this. You will become the Energizer Bunny, you will be able to just keep going,
feeling energetic and satiated and great without ever having to stop for a snack. You could even easily skip a few meals
should you want to saving tons of time, even money, and all the time
you will be burning fat. Even when you’re in bed dreaming
your body and brain are burning fat. It’s no surprise that keto is a great way
to lose weight. But it’s much more than that and we’ll talk about other benefits too
in detail later in this course. In the next part we’ll get very practical. What exactly do you eat on a keto diet,
I mean except for bacon? Everyone knows you can eat bacon, right? I’ll see you soon in part III.


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