A Journey From Bariatric Surgery to Bodybuilding | Lyss Remaly Transformation Story

beautiful beard at my heaviest I was 350 pounds and I was 62% body fat it doesn't matter how much you love your body if you're ruining it from the inside out he's eating her favorite thing I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois smaller town but it's great everybody knows everybody we would have neighborhood barbecues up and down the street and I grew up in a household with my mom and dad and my little brother John who's four years younger than me and the four of us were the most beautiful clan we had our own little world in our house and it was really a beautiful childhood and I grew up in a family where we hugged and kissed and loved and smooched and cuddled and there was never short of a shortage of affection in our house it was it was a really beautiful childhood and a great home to grow up in hey mommy hi my family had never made me feel uncomfortable or not special or like I was different I felt like I was in a safe haven any time we were in our house because I could do no wrong in my parents eyes so they were always my number one support system my number one support team I more so became aware of weight being an issue because of other kids making me aware and kids were really brutal but at that age to the parents of the kids would say things as well so whenever I went over to a friend's house the parents would say things like oh you're eating again elissa or Oh haven't you had enough Alyssa and making comments that kind of made me feel a little bit insecure about wanting to eat today's selected piece is mary has little lamb play by me elementary school was rough and that just led into middle school where it wasn't just kids from my elementary school but three Elementary School's filtered into middle school and then three middle schools filtered into high school and and things just got so brutal my way kept climbing because while I had all the support in the world at home I still wanted to eat what I wanted to eat I wanted to eat on my turns I wanted to eat foods that I craved and so I would sneak eat food and I would eat in my room by myself if I was by myself no one could tell me no if I was by myself no one could tell me that's enough you've had enough no you can't eat this and it was it was my choice in my decision and I think that accumulated over the years where gosh I remember in high school I had just gotten my driver's license and I had left school and I drove to Burger King on the way home and I had three whoppers with cheese and three king-sized fries and I just sat in my car by myself and ate it and then went home for dinner I think freshman year was when the accumulation of all the teasing and the bullying and the mean things that kids said just came to the surface and I think I was trying to feed a hole inside and I felt lonely I guess I didn't have very many friends I started believing that I was fat and ugly I felt like I was just I was worthless and I felt like everything that the kids had been telling me for so many years was true because of that and the pain that I felt inside I felt like I needed to be punished I started cutting myself I got to a very low point where the pain I felt I felt like it was deserved and I deserved to be punished for being such a disappointment to myself to my family and I didn't want to be alive anymore um I felt like I shouldn't have to live like this and I didn't want to and it was the next day at school um one of my friends had made a comment that she noticed all the cuts up and down my arm and I told the counselor at school that that if something didn't happen I was gonna kill myself and if I didn't get help that I would do something really bad that I might regret and they sent me to a hospital to be evaluated and that was the first time that I ever made my parents cry I remember sleeping on your floor at night to make sure that you were safe you know and that you were okay it was it was awful but I think we got through it because you know we just we had to get you through it and and we we I remember at one point saying to Daddy we'll get through this we have to tell me some more after I left the program you know after trying to hurt myself I II I took I think I took an opposite spin where I finally was I finally found the good qualities in myself I loved my personality and my outgoing nature and I found things about myself that I loved so much so that I forgot to care about what I looked like I didn't really think to lose the weight I just thought that this was how my life was going to be and I would have to find a way to be okay with that and that was what I did I on becoming a better person on the inside and just loving Who I am on the inside despite what I looked like on the outside as I started to become okay with my personality I kind of took on this funny fat girl role it was me saying yeah I get it I'm fat my biggest stand-up comedy bit was about when I went to fat camp no honey what then in you to summer camp summer camp this was great now now honey what then you need a fitness camp the stand-up comedy my senior year was kind of my last Testament in my last fu to the high school kids and saying hey I may not be skinny but I'm pretty hilarious and I'm pretty awesome I mean I never had problems making friends but all the pretty girls would all go hang out together and go shopping and I never wanted to go but can go shopping so I was just the goofy funny silly you know comedic relief in the group I went to college in Las Vegas and so I had the opportunity to audition for an agent in LA and she said I love this this funny fat girl thing you've got going on she's like I need somebody like that on my roster I had the opportunity to audition for an off-broadway show in New York here I was flying tuna you know going to fly to New York to audition for this this role and I went to go sit in the airplane and I didn't fit in the airplane seat I also had asked for an extender seat belt because when I went to go put on the seat belt the seat belt didn't fit around me I was 21 years old and I didn't fit in an airplane seat I had this moment of absolute clarity I refer to it as my click moment where I realized that I was killing myself and I can justify my eating habits I can be a proud funny fat girl as much as I want to I can love my hips thighs and pies as much as I want but I was killing myself I had been told about this duodenal switch surgery which is kind of the Grand Poobah of all bariatric surgeries it's the big mack daddy in the sense that not only does it restrict what you eat but it also changes the way that you absorb food and so it really it reroutes the your insides the duan will switch they remove part of your stomach I wanted to get a kickstart in the right direction and I figured bariatric surgery was it I had tried all the diets before I had done it all I tried it all and if I could have done it on my own I would have and I'm woman enough I am person enough to admit that I knew I couldn't do it on my own I needed help well I remember like it was yesterday I'm going to the University of Chicago with dr. Prasad and going through all that the terror and the horror I felt when you were going in we had to sit for almost four hours and I was like arise inside myself and you were you were just is what I want to do mom I'm fine mom I'm gonna be okay I want this I need this and even after surgery I stayed compliant with what the doctor told me I needed to do and then went back to you know and you're the best mashed potatoes imagine but like you were so amazing like feeding me the sugar-free applesauce with my vitamins in it when I was healing from surgery and I stayed compliant with what I needed to do and then I went back to Vegas that's where my life was and I slowly found myself again justifying what I was eating because I was eating protein right I mean cheeseburgers were protein as long as I took the bun off and milkshakes milk is a good source of protein isn't it I mean chocolates fine and ice cream is fine and so I found myself pretty much eating the same thing I was before but a little bit less of it and just different variations of it and when I got on the scale you know sometime after surgery and realized that I had only lost 50 pounds when other people had lost half their body weight at that point it was like another click moment like this is this is not the surgery is not going to fix it my mommy is not going to fix it there's no pill there's no surgery there is no diet in the world that is going to fix the problem I have to fix me I was the problem I was causing the problem and then I had to be the solution I had to fix everything that I had done that was kind of the click moment I had almost been waiting for the first click moment was great in terms of I needed something to do but this click moment was I know exactly what I need to do I will never forget I sat down at my dining room table in Las Vegas and I wrote out a list of all of the bad behaviors I had accumulated over 21 years of bad eating and all of the things that I needed to change and all of the things that I was doing and I looked at this list and I thought all right here we go I have to I have to do this and I have to go one thing at a time and I literally went one item at a time down the list I had intention this time I had a goal and I had a focus and I literally that first time at the gym at 320 pounds I went from machine to machine to machine I had to look at the guidelines on the side of the machine to tell me what it was and what muscles it worked and I I tried the machine out I put on the lowest weight I closed my eyes and I tried to feel what muscles it worked and then I moved the weight up and then I went again and I moved the weight up until I couldn't move the weight and that was my that was my weight all right that was what I could lift and I wrote it down and I went through the whole entire gym doing all of that three years after surgery I made it to my goal weight of a hundred and fifty pounds and it took me five years to get through that whole entire list so so this is obviously um this was the day that I got to my goal weight of 150 pounds and I decided okay I need a new challenge I needed a new challenge because I had gotten to my goal weight and everybody who's lost a significant amount of weight would do marathons or would do five K's and I hated running obviously unless I was being chased but I wanted to do something else and I said I'm gonna compete in bodybuilding it's very easy for the outside world to want to pin my weight-loss on one thing and people want to be able to say oh well here's the magic pill well of course you lost weight you had surgery there is no magic pill yeah I had surgery but just like anyone else who as an alcoholic goes to rehab they still have to work every single day to not have a drink I have to work every single day to keep the weight off and I had to work literally my butt off every day to lose the weight because you can't just have surgery and lay in bed all day and then you're magically 200 pounds lighter the surgery is just a tool if you have a stack of tools laying in front of you you're not going to build a house you have to put those tools to use and it's all about trial and error and putting in the work and the time and the dedication and being open to trying different things what do you think when you see this these are your your competition pictures when you when you won what do you think when you see this it's it's so surreal um because I go right back I go right back to that 350 pound girl who couldn't stop eating and I see myself in that that was the first time I ever wore a bikini in public I see myself in a bikini and you can see my muscles and that big smile on my face and it's so much more than a girl who just looks good it's a girl who feels good final and a girl who's so confident and it was worth all of those surgeries and all of that fear and terror and you know everything that I went through to get here it was all worth it to get on that stage and to hit my very first pose and to hear the crowd go crazy and oh my gosh and I remember watching it was amazing it's just the beginning I'm so proud of you I love you me I love you this has been such a journey if I can say one thing and if if people can take away one thing from my journey and from my story it's that anything is possible but you have to be willing to put in the hard work no matter what you're not alone you're never alone there's always someone there for you there's always someone to talk to and there is always gonna be somebody who has been there or who can help you through it but you have to be brave enough to ask for help and you have to be brave enough to believe in yourself to do it alright that's enough for one day enough ugly tears let's go eat you're tired and go nice good night you


  1. Beautiful!! 💖💖💖

  2. I cringe when people imply bariatric surgery is a way of "cheating ". I know a woman who literally lost no weight after surgery. The only thing she lost was her ine source of comfort, as she could barely eat the foods she loved.

    Congratulations on all your focus, efforts, and success.

  3. I don't like muscular women but this is inspirational

  4. OA is for people who eat compulsively. Food addiction is no different than alcoholism, pills or smoking. I wonder if she tried a 12 step program? It works for a lot of people. What a beautiful young lady.

  5. QUOTE of the day: running is torture for most people unless their is some type of desert at the end for you to eat and gain back the 0.0000000001 percent weight you lost

  6. Huge and kissed and smooched and cuddled was the best line

  7. With such a great childhood, I wonder what caused the hole you were trying to fill.

  8. Omg, you have told my story with the exception of a happy home life. My Father was cruel in regards to my weight. The suicidal thoughts and true desire to die. In looking belief I was fat I eventually because just that. I was never made fun of at school but at home my Father was relentless about my weight. Now that I am grown the fault lands squarely on me. I am havinng surgery on May 30th of this year RNYB
    My family does not agree with my decision I have a son who is 36 and is pleading with me not to do it but I feel I have to. They say if you are unable to stick to something now what makes you think you will surgery. I weight 235lbs and I am 5 foot 3. I am terrified I will not beable to do it but I believe I can and will. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am creating my list right now and I will begin crossing off each item one by one. Thanks so MUCH

  9. I was the problem

  10. her talking about her cutting and seeing the school councillor telling them that she was gonna do something bad if she didn’t get help is something i’ve done and it bought me back to my lowest point

  11. inspiring talk.

  12. 886 thumbs down, hmm. That equals to 886 unhappy people who hate to see others succeed. My advice to you, get a fuckn' life and some, no not some, some major psychological help. You seriously need it really bad.

  13. I needed to see this. Thank you so much for this video. 💗

  14. After years of being that heavy she made herself eligible of going up that stage as a bodybuilder and people say they've been heavy for so many years that the fat in their body has become stagnant and it won't go no matter how hard they tried. Well there are winners and there are people with excuses for everything.

  15. I'm a sugar addict, stress eater and I start off good but by the end of the evening I'm back to sweets, fast food, soda etc. even if I'm not eating all of it….I think I'm in undercover depression. HELP ME. I want to change.

  16. Amazing… thank you for sharing ❤️

  17. My little sister has been big her whole life. From being a toddler up she has been taller and bigger than everyone else, she caught and passed me when she was onlulu 5 and i was 8/9. She just graduated college and works a job and runs a pet sitting business. She is pretty amd funny and smart and successful just taller than most of us and 300 lbs. She has been trying to lose weight since she was a kid. Some people have hormonal issues that make it near impossible. She went on cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine at 21 and i worry about her but idk what more she can do besides adding surgery to her diet and exercise routine she has.

  18. Quote of today “ isn’t just a girl looks good is a girl feels good “

    thanks to share experience with us . Believe me most the girls have the same feeling. I felt you talk about me it’s mournful and painful .thanks because you are still strong .

  19. Why does she remind me of Candace Cameron from full house? Lol

  20. You are gorgeous! I love your eyes! You have done an awesome job!

  21. I hope those mean kids ended up fat.

  22. This woman is amazing, beautiful inside and out, and an inspiration. I love her. I've never been overweight, but I'm a wannabe bodybuilder who gets discouraged sometimes when I feel that hitting the gym 7 days a week is pointless. I just don't see the gains that others see and I needed to see something like this.

  23. But shes so beautiful!

  24. Beautiful face. Not even being overweight as a young child can hide the beauty of your face. I like how you focused on developing a good heart- so much more important than looks.

  25. Such an amazing person, truly.

  26. Well she traded one extreme for another extreme. This ain't satisfying neither way.

  27. You are amazing! I am so glad and so proud to know that people like you are out there. You are inspiring and a truly beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your story.

  28. There’s a forward and a reverse. One life event away.

  29. Beautiful and inspiring story! Thank you all for doing this! 🙂

  30. Wish you all the Best for life! 🙏🏻

  31. Say you wanna lose 24kg. Let it take two years if it has to. Drop 1kg a month. Your body will thank you. Don't nosedive waterweight and shock-train yourself thin with micro-managed meals, hoping you can lose 24kg in 6 months. It's no way to live a life. Don't binge sugars and junk food, move around some every day, be patient. Results will come. End of story.

  32. Good for her!

  33. I feel you pain. Such a moving video.

  34. You grew up with a lot of love… truly blessed.

  35. One negative obsession to another. An eating disorder swapped for a body image disorder.

  36. this is beautiful

  37. Amazing woman amazing story. My eyes wed up. I love how she referred with Clicks. I have had simular clicks which totally changed my life (:

  38. Impressionnant ! Et très émouvant.

  39. I still have baked potato's I leave chip and pizza alone are you still in good shape I know it hard work even to stay there

  40. Well done🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  41. bro her mum is such a legend

  42. Many times, we have Parents who enable bad behavior. If I didn't have a high metabolism, My mom would allow me to overeat to 600lbs. she wants to spoil me as much as she can. Food can be a very bad addiction and everyones addiction is different. I just quit smoking and it has been hell for me. I'm thankful I never done any hard drugs cause I know I would be a junkie, dead or in Jail. Good Job Lyss!!!

  43. You are not ugly because you are fat
    You are not a bad person because you are fat
    You are not deserving of pain because you are fat
    Your weight does not define you

  44. I'm so proud of her. How does she not have loose flabby wrinkly skin? I lost 70 pounds and feel so self-conscious.

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