“A járványok oka a nem megfelelő táplálkozás” / “Causes of epidemics inadequate nutrition” (ENG SUB)

Ever since the world for violating the laws of nature Mother Nature has always responded with diseases and epidemics. It’s a completely natural reaction to nature and that’s how it’s supposed to work! acclaimed vaccine expert, singer This cannot be emerged, perversion by artificially injecting various non-negotiable substances into the babies of infants and children. It’s going to protect them, like that. The nervous system, brain and body can be attacked by these vaccines in many ways. Hungary is the Mecca for mandatory vaccinations. There is perhaps the most mandatory vaccination and the greatest official arrogance in the world to force these so-called vaccines these poison injections, into every child at all costs. I find the word vaccination very deceptive. Misleading. It’s more scientific to name injection, poison injection. In vaccines there are also heavy metals, aluminium hydroxide formaldehyde, which is a banned carcinogenic chemical and various living microorganisms, bacteria, viruses whose science does not really know its true purpose and effect. In fact, people are more comfortable believing in the magical, fairytale science of “Oh just taking one pill and the disease goes away.” “Oh, it’s just a little shot!” “It’s a moment of it all and we become protected from various terrible deadly diseases.” That’s not how it works! These diseases were not created by nature so that they could only be spun aside. These are the consequences of eating inappropriate things living inappropriate lifestyles and if we eliminate this if we eliminate the causes, we do not have to fear that these different diseases will be caught or developed within us.


  1. nice content I really liked it

  2. Labbant Csaba mióta "elismert vakcina szakértő"?
    Ő mindenhez ért csak éppen a természettudományokhoz nem…

  3. Elismert vakcinaszakértő? A 8 általánosával? Akinek belehalt a gyereke az agymenésébe? Azosztigen!

  4. A saját kölyke nem volt elég, másokét is ki akarja nyírni

  5. gyerekgyilkos!

  6. Aki különleges jogrend idején nagy nyilvánosság előtt olyan valótlan tényt vagy való tényt oly módon elferdítve állít vagy híresztel, amely alkalmas arra, hogy a védekezés eredményességét akadályozza vagy meghiúsítsa, bűntett miatt egy évtől öt évig terjedő szabadságvesztéssel büntetendő.

  7. Elismert vakcinaszakértő? Mindig is szeretett különböző titulusokat adni magának. Csabikám! MIért is halt meg a gyereked?

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