A+ International Health Insurance Provider Review

hi there annalisa and who are a plus international well in this video we're going to take a look at their key features services and products now they're under written by Alliance France and assistance provided by Mondial assistance a plus partners have over 40 years experience in providing international health insurance they combined one expertise and knowledge of the international market to financial security and stability and three 24/7 365 emergency medical assistance services to provide a first-class service they also offer to plan Rangers Southeast Asia and worldwide the Southeast Asia plan range is actually designed for experts based in several countries that's Cambodia in Asia Laos Malaysia Myanmar the Philippines Thailand and Vietnam while the worldwide plan range that has more benefits and it provides access to medical providers globally so that's the two power ranges now the Southeast Asia plans are attractively priced starting from just 23 US dollars per month for a 30 year old living in Malaysia and the plan range has full options these are essential and essential Plus which provide hospitalization and emergency type cover and also serene and serene Plus which add outpatient benefits and you can also add plan options such as dental care income protection and accidental death and dismemberment for a more comprehensive protection now the worldwide plan range has three plans and that's ideal for expatriates moving abroad the plans cover can include eternity and well-being and it allows you to add options such as dental and optical cover as well they're global 80 and global 100 plans provide the same benefits only the global 80 plan has a 20% co-payment on outpatient treatments such as doctors visits or prescription medication and so therefore has a lower cost while the global 100 plan covers 100% of in and outpatient treatments I plus plans to have some great additional features including for lifetime renewability and cover for hiv/aids and chronic conditions and they do not require a newborn to be underwritten now in addition their direct billing network is excellent hour with morning 10,000 providers across 180 countries so check the A+ company page at broker fish calm Ford / companies /a + for more information and call us to discuss your questions our chartered Insurance Institute qualified consultants will help you identify the right a plus plan and options to suit your needs so get an instant a plus quote and apply online now at broker fish procom simply listen this way to buy international health features right you

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