A Healthy Life Starts With YOU


  1. Love this! Great video, keep sharing girl!

  2. Outstanding! Great Job! Continue to keep speaking… You do it well!

  3. This was RIGHT on time for me!

  4. Yes! It's all trends. People will get directed where the trends go or what's popular . We all should listen to our bodies deep inside. Some know certain foods are not good for them yet they still eat them because they "taste " good… but really they don't know any better. Is good to have awareness and do your own research and pick the right choices. I agree with the different foods from other countries , and also we should go back to the foods our ancestors used to eat. I grew up eating rice and beans and they kept me sustained and healthy…on the other hands we ate too many carbs such potatoes and some fried foods and that's what kept me chubby for a while but i.did my own research and lost weight due to me eating better and exercising. Hugs girlie

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