a healthy IMBALANCE

So, you know how one of our philosophies of Pick Up Limes is to find balance, right? But there’s this one area of my life where I actively try to make sure that things are a little bit out of balance. We all choose to spend our time in different ways. We dedicate our attention to different things. I feel like we live in this kind of time, in this era, where we have so much information readily available. Access at our fingertips at all times and it’s amazing. It’s wonderful that I also feel like it just spreads our attention so thin. We just fall victim sometimes to these distractions that have become so normal. So, so part of our everyday lives. So that’s one of the things I wanted to address today. Actually a little ratio that might help with all of this and it’s the ratio of consuming to creating. Now given the type of work that I do, I consume a lot. And I don’t mean just food, but I mean consuming information content from social media from TV shows audio books, articles, blogs, documentaries. I kind of see it as research in a way ’cause I get inspiration. When I see how someone takes a picture or how they edit a video, how they write a blog post. But there’s a fine line between feeling inspired and feeling bogged down by the things that we’re consuming. And I feel like we tend to compare ourselves to other people the more we consume and it’s, it’s only natural. It’s one of those things we’re told we shouldn’t do but I think it’s one of those things. That’s also easier said than done but I had this friend a few years ago who shared this concept with me and it’s incredibly simple. But since I’ve learned it it’s shifted my perception about how I view my time and how I actually spend my time and he said that there’s this ratio between consuming and creating. When we consume more than we create we tend to feel drained of energy. A little disheartened maybe. We lack self-confidence because maybe either we’re comparing ourselves to other people or maybe it’s just that we’re not doing all that much. But when we shift that ratio to making sure that we create more than we consume. That’s when we tend to feel a bit more happy and motivated, productive. Maybe even more self-assured and I remember that he challenged me to monitor how I spent my time. Just over the next couple days and I was really embarrassed and surprised to see how much of my time I spent consuming content for entertainment for inspiration. It didn’t matter. It just felt like I was consuming my world more than I was creating it. And when I say create, it doesn’t need to just be in the realm of photography or painting or filming, it can be that too, but creating comes in so many different forms. We can create a meaningful career, create a trusting relationship, that can be done through spending quality time or bonding time. Creating by contributing to your community. gardening, writing, blogging. The list goes on. The thing about this act of creating: it shapes you. It hones your concentration, it improves your skills, it builds your character. The labour that we put in when we create something it transforms in a way our environment and that directly transforms us and let’s be honest, consuming content for entertainment or to learn something new. It’s not only amazing, I would argue that it’s necessary. So don’t at all feel guilty for consuming things. The emphasis again is just to make sure that that ratio of creating to consuming. We want to make sure that it’s greater than one and whatever it is that you choose to create: Remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect when you begin. Just start and create for the sake of creating. You’re doing it for you to feel more fulfilled and to feel more confident. Now it’s a really simple concept like I said, it’s helped me so much since I’ve put it to practice. I hope that it does the same for you. I’m curious to know if you think that you’re somebody who… Do you feel you’re guilty, be honest, of creating or sorry consuming more than you create? Or do you think you’ve got it the other way around. And do you have a way of keeping it in check? Let me know in the comments. I’ll see you guys down there. Thanks for enjoying this cup of tea with me. Pick Up Limes signing off. We’ll see you in the next video.


  1. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein (love this quote!) ❤

  2. completely agree. I was, and still am, consuming a lot more than I was creating. Thankfully now I try to create more. But in a world where everything is available to our fingertips, it takes some "why-power" to make that switch. I encourage everyone to make that switch because even small changes can make a huge difference in how we feel! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi Sadia,
    I absolutely love your channel and have been watching you for a while. I would really like it if you could cover and discuss what your opinions are on the Keto diet. It is a diet that is up and coming but what do you think of this diet as someone who has practice and experience in the nutrition field.

  4. I like the Video very much.. that ist my problem right now.. I expressed it another way.. it is for me like an input autput thing.. the input part exceeded the output part and lead to a horrible imbalance.. I do not produce any thing any more.. not even Ideas.. I become with the time a stupid retraded person.. i am trying to save my mind and bring him in to action again and trying to find channels to produce what I am able to produce to the world.. I still dont know what.. but I think that this is a very important concept.. the ability of production could be a successful therapy for depression.. thank you very much for the video..

  5. Great video Sadia… we should all talk about these kind of topics more often than we do! Thank you for starting the conversation!

  6. Unfortunately you tube doesn't have a "super like" button! But Sadia this is something that I EXACTLY wanted to hear at this point of time!!! Thank you so much for putting it in perspective for me!!
    Super like!!!

  7. This was such a necessary thing today. Thank you.

  8. i saw your hair tutorial video i have a question to ask you what can we do if our hair gets split ends everytime we straighten our hair or curl it up?

  9. amazing video! Thank you:)

  10. words cannot describe how much I admire you💕

  11. Love your channel and your sweet personality. As a school nurse I think your message is powerful. I have shared some of your ideas with my students. As a vegan myself you inspired me with your ideas. Thank you!

  12. please make a video on how to eat healthy for students who dont have access to kitchen or who stay in hostel…..please please please do consider this

  13. u r videos give me inspiration <3 filmed so beautifully absolutly in love!! and so true sending love Xxx

  14. maybe it is because consuming is way more easier?
    creating takes time, effort, ideas, energy, many times money to buy ingredients or tools…
    you have to get past this point to be creative and that's the point where I often get stuck

  15. I love your tea time Tuesday videos : )

  16. You are soooo inspiring..!

  17. Much needed video. Thank you so much

  18. Oh my God. What an amazing concept. Thank your friend from us. Thank YOU for putting forth a wonderfully edited, presented and created video. You are a bundle of positivity, lightworker 🙂 lots of love and good wishes

  19. Hello Sadia! I´m from Brazil and just love your youtube channel. I translated this video to portuguese. You can check it out! I wanna help translating other videos too! Hope it works. 🙂

  20. So inspiring ! Thank you !

  21. Just the words i needed to hear <3 Thanks a million ^_^

  22. Wow this video spoke to me. I’m so glad I came across this. I’ve been consuming way too much I get caught up and then excuse myself because “it’s for inspiration” I even lose sleep!

  23. I didn't even know that this is what was bogging me down till now! OMG this video has been SUCH an eye opener! I finally understand… Thank you so so much!!!!! I love you, Sadia.

  24. I totally agree with this concept – this video is perfect for where my thoughts are currently at. I've been feeling really 'unhealthily out of balance' for a while and I'd noticed the less time I spend creating the less happy and fulfilled I feel. Your channel has been the best find of the year for me because it's helped me organise so many of the thoughts and realisations I've had spinning around my head. I'm starting to build a healthier life now full of creative ventures, looking after myself (something I have done little to none of for far to long) and healthy habits. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful posts and content, they have made an incredible difference to me and I'm very grateful to you.

  25. I definitely consume a 10000% more than I create. But when I create I mostly do it for Instagram (like foodphotos or something like that) and I want to learn to let that part of creating go. I just don't know where to start anymore, because it has become a habit.

  26. My tips to be more productive _ 1. Don’t feel pressurised to create for the world. All of us can’t be you tubers to inspire the world and create stuff for people out there. Instead create stuff for yourself. It could be something very small like writing few lines in a journal.

    2. Try to avoid beauty and makeup videos, only watch occasionally. These videos are very addictive and most of these videos prompt you to buy expensive products and the looks they create won’t even look good in real life. Only look stunning on the camera. Instead create your own unique simple makeup look that will look good on you considering age, weather and skin.

    3. Watch little and create little. Watch a video on a recipe and get motivated. Buy your ingredients and get started. Don’t keep wasting time on watching 20 videos on the same recipe. Your little cooking experience will tell you what ingredients will work best for you. If the recipe doesn’t come out nice, try another chef next time.

    4. Plan ahead your day off work. If you haven’t planned your day most probably you are gonna get lazy and watch watch watch..all the videos on you tube.

    5. Get enough sleep. If you were on internet until 3am last night you not gonna have energy next morning to create enough and what you gonna do is get lazy on couch and consume information and get frustrated not been able to execute that information.

    6. Decorate your home with your favourite decor pieces and colours. For me to really get motivated and inhale those extra breaths of life earthy moody tones are the way to go.

    7. Bring some plants inside and feel fresh with the freshness.

    8. Block those you tube channels which are total waste of time but highly addictive. I blocked all the Bollywood Hollywood channels as it wasn’t doing any good to my life.

    9. The most important tip, please don’t criticise anyone’s comment below the video. There are totally crazy insane people around the world motivated by their own narrow cultural ethical beliefs. If you think your opinion is good and you want to tell the other person off..you are gonna receive a nasty comment in return. It would be more than enough to spoil your day and cringe how stupid the other person is!! So.

    10. Love what you do for your living.

  27. Oh wow it became so 'normal' I didn't even realise that I was consuming more than I was creating. Thank you Sadia for sharing this! Now that I have identified this issue, I can now work on it😊

  28. 3:00 Can I ask who created this beautiful drawing?

  29. What kind of tea do you drink in your tea videos?

  30. Yeah. Definitely need to create more than what I am consuming. Great video (y)

  31. I needed to hear this right now! I have definitely been consuming far more than I have been creating and I have felt so uninspired by my own work. I think what I need to do is start creating my own work and stop looking at other people. It’s the only way I will grow and improve like I am craving.

  32. I wonder were the apple farm is located 😍 i guess you don’t live in the city…seeing so much green. I don’t like the city anymore i miss the green🌳 but thanks for the vid much love from den hague 💚

  33. Thanks for really helpful information
    Please please make more cooking videos

  34. Quite a fresh and interesting video! thank you for the amazing content
    It is also the way you talk and your charisma that makes this channel interesting.
    I tune in every video knowing that even if i can't relate to the topic i will learn something! Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  35. There is something mesmerizing about your voice. So soothing.

  36. Thanks!

  37. <3

  38. I do feel like I consume more right now than create. I do an Instagram blog a few times a week but mostly I just absorb. 😂 But sometimes, I think we get to places in our life that are moments when we need to absorb more because I was one of those people that were constantly DOING. God graciously helped me heal from things I wouldn’t acknowledge and if it weren’t for His kindness, and the guilt taken away from not doing so much and instead listening, I probably wouldn’t be here. But I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I need to be creating more and helping others to heal. I hope I can help others see that healing isn’t meant to be scary or elusive. It’s kind and merciful and loving. You learn to be gracious to yourself and that’s what I really like about your videos. You’re very gracious in the way that you approach veganism and minimalism and those types of things. It’s not all or nothing and idk what you all believe but I believe God understands that. We’re human. Anyway, I love you, Sadia! So glad I found your channel! ❤️❤️❤️

  39. I have no words for expressing how much have I been inspired by this so short and so simple video, yet so motivational and brilliant in helping me understand some of the underlying causes of me feeling down sometimes. Instantly favourite of yours, Sadia, thank you!

  40. Sadia, your videos are always so intriguing, fulfilling, and heartfelt! I’m very grateful that I found your channel last year. In response to your question in the video, I definitely consume more than I create. I love photography and writing for my blog, as well as spending time with my family. However, it’s even harder for me to balance these things because I have a chronic illness that really limits my energy. Your video has inspired me to try to find some more low-energy ways to create, though. ❤️

  41. I have watched almost all of your videos.. this one's one of your best contents ever..just what I needed to hear..just surprised at how come I haven't already watched it 🙂

  42. wonderful vedio ❤️

  43. I definitely consume way way way more than I create. Thanks for this I'm gonna do better.

  44. I love this quote a word of 👄 the alphabet 👉 brings back memories of her.

  45. Yes! Im a consumer. Or i should say i ised to be a consumer! It's fun and all but way more fun to create! I feel like ive been missing out on my own life

  46. your videos, your calming self-love and self-care messages, and your recipes all inspire me so much! Sadia, you are a ray of sunshine in the world, and I'm so glad you have the courage to turn on the camera and share your thoughts with the world. you make this world a better place!

  47. Thank you so so much for this video Nadia. Your videos and content are always so perfect and come on just the right time when I need it 😊. I definitely CONSUME more than CREATE. 🙈. I’m going back to my hobby of drawing and creating something which I stoped long time back. Thank you for this encouragement ☺️.

  48. Thank you for this video. Sometimes I feel I was really guilty when I consume too much but at the same time I didn’t notice that was due to my lack of creation! Now, I will try to shift to creating things instead of feeling anxious. love you and thanks!

  49. You are my therapy my little light of the day and an immaginable inspiration .Thank you

  50. Listening to Pick Up Limes for me is as relaxing as Lofi music. Thank you for creating this quality space on social media. Love you Sadia. ❤

  51. Never thought about it before…but it feels so true ! Thanks for this video, gonna create more !

  52. i – Thank you for making this video 03/24/2019

  53. O yes…now I relate the concept of consume/create to the school days academic setup of theory/practical

  54. Sadia, you make me want to think about myself as a whole and you inspire me! Keep up the good vibes and the good work!

  55. Amen !!! I really like this question….. I needed this video. Right now, I’m reading and studying on minimalism and Self-Care. So, this video asking me to look at my Purpose on something’s that I’m Doing/Watching!!! ❤️ your channel and content. (P.S I like your Curry Recipes)

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  57. It's like you know me 😂

  58. Can you share some tips on how to incorporate more "creating" into our daily lives? Love your videos and the messages you share.

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    Consume versus Create

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  67. I think I definitely consume more than really create something. Always want to create something meaningful – just don’t have any idea what and that’s kinda annoying sometimes. Maybe I should just slow down and be relaxed about it

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  69. This was so true!!!!

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  73. I usually never comment on YouTube videos but I couldn't resist myself falling in love with your channel. Love you sweetheart for soothing my heart with your contains . Well done. You really deserve a big round of applause 👏👏🏼👏👏👏👏👏👏

  74. Something I've been thinking about a lot recently — hard to remember to apply it though! LOVE that I stumbled across this video on your page 🙂 THANKS!

  75. I always enjoy your videos. They are a source of inspiration for my daily life, and blogs. I agree, on my days off I try to make sure I have a balance. If I consume too much. I feel guilty, bored, and unaccomplished, but too much creating can be exhausting as well.There needs to be a balance. I always feel best when I have that balance.

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  77. Just amazing ❤️. You have given us new different perspective! Thank you Sa Dia!

  78. I never knew that this was the rule I instinctively live by. Thank you for helping me find a way to articulate that feeling.

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    I'd love to switch it up now!
    Thank you so much again ❤

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  95. You had a lot of apples in your handbag. How long did it take you to consume those? I used to live in South Bend IN two decades ago and liked going to the neighboring Apple tree farms and picking apples. A basket full of apples costs $5 back then. That's how cheap they were if you picked it out yourself.

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