A Car Crash Motivated A 400-Pound Man To Transform His Body | Jordan Grahm's Transformation Story

I didn't care at all whether I'd live another day I sometimes wish that I didn't that's one of the pictures I have from when I was at my heaviest you know even if I just would go to a doctor for a check-up or something and they would like do a blood test they'd just be like you are gonna die they would tell me that you will die and I was just like and that's what will happen from a young age I remember always being the bigger kid I used to only want to sit in certain desks because they were bigger right and then sometimes people would just take all of them on purpose and then I would come oh yeah kids suck I you know went outside and rode bikes and walked around the neighborhood and stuff like that but maybe ate a little too much as well it was something that once you start getting down that path it's really hard to break that cycle I mean did your parents ever like step in and like say like or like try to make better choices for you at all like the jerk my mom did she wanted me to lose weight because I think she knew that I was not happy that was the most smile that you'd see out of me when I first went to high school at that time I was 5 foot 9 290 pounds the coach saw me and said we want you to play football you're a big kid you could do really well what you have to do is use your size and that's all I want you to do no I want you to just focus on that keep eating keep eating a lot and that sounded great to me maybe there is a place where a big guy like me belongs this is like a whole nut this is like you're excited is this like right before the season started probably 14 years old playing football there's a smile kind of I signed up you know I was playing my I guess it was sophomore year then all of a sudden out of nowhere my mom passes away my mom wasn't sick there was nothing she just she was on vacation and apparently in her sleep had passed away and my whole world crashed down and at that time football completely left my mind yeah I took a week off of school or two weeks I just was in I was a mess I think this is one of the last one of the last pictures we have together and then just like that blink of an eye then she was gone I just gave up I gave up on life I guess I just didn't have the courage to face the pain I felt some comfort when I would eat so my eating you know just became really problematic that was probably like the highlight of whatever year that was was going out to eat on a birthday probably 1415 4×5 XL it was a tough time definitely I couldn't grasp how bad it was or maybe I did and I didn't care I didn't care at all whether I'd live another day I sometimes wish that I didn't maybe that's what I deserved you know even if I just would go to a doctor for a check-up or something and they would like do a blood test or you know they'd just be like you are gonna die they would tell me that you will die if you do not change something you will not live to 30 it was a really dark place it's hard to think about the most that I ever saw on a piece of paper was 421 pounds I was in terrible shape can go up like a small flight of stairs like a four step one without being out of breath I didn't ever see myself as deserving something better and that was the car I broke the seat the same one that totaled and oh that's that's the same car it looks a little different there and there's me like somehow standing I had to get out of the passenger side it was bad and if the airbag wasn't there bad would have been worse maybe it was my mom like maybe I should be around maybe there's a reason when I was right there at the scene when I realized that something has to change so the next day I got up and I was in a sling everything hurt and I took blackberry and I was like okay we're gonna walk for an hour we went down our little hill and back up which is one mile and it took one hour and oh the first time I did it suck so much besides just having been in a car accident my joints like 400 something pounds of going down and up a hill it sucked and I was like this is so uncomfortable and everything hurts but I have to do it for an hour every day I have to I've got an hour we got to doing it four times every day six days a week for miles and then jogging it and running it I just knew that I had to change my diet the way that I was using food had to go so I started with just not drinking soda let's cut out the junk food no more fast food no more drive throughs it had been many years since the last time I like push myself past my comfort I think within the first month or two months I lost 40 pounds after the first eight months or so I was down a hundred pounds and I showed myself that I can do things that I've never done before and that was when I had lost 200 pounds and did not really lift I felt great I had no idea that I would take it as far as I did I just knew I had to change right the lowest weight I have been as an adult I was 209 pounds and had no muscle so I spent about three years training for powerlifting actually so I could get stronger that was the first time I had lifted 500 that was cool that was a big accomplishment a good friend of mine he was like you should do a powerlifting competition oh yeah built back up to 242 class for powerlifting and I pushed myself way beyond anything I thought I could do and the whole process of it was pretty awesome you have to bring your best on this day and I just got ready and I brought it so now I really do feel like I have a whole new life I care about definitely waking up each day I care about my future I don't feel like I don't deserve to be happy or healthy I feel like I do deserve those things and I do work to get those things that I want I changed my career I became a trainer I now do motivational speaking as well so I get to kind of share a little bit about my story but I feel like now I'm getting to where she would have wanted me to be and being happy being healthy having a future impacting the lives of others I feel like my mom would be proud of what I do and what I have accomplished and what I intend to keep doing and keep accomplishing you


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  2. Everyone one who disliked are sitting down or watching from bed and are jealouslazy

  3. I almost teared up a little when he mentioned what his mom would think of him today. She would be extremely proud to see how healthy he has become and what he is doing with his life.

  4. 1:29 dank photo

  5. Ï didn't come here to get depression, I came here to get inspiration…

  6. His mom was stunning beautyfull


  8. I mean, what can you say?

    Its just…. incredible…

  9. Watched this while eating fast food

  10. Can you imagine disliking this video

  11. >2.6k downvated this

  12. Such vulnerability and truth. Extremely motivational. Thank you.

  13. Dont hate but would you read be strong and fat but be a weak and skinny

  14. 2:12 theres a fat kid in ky class that plays football thta looks just like that my gym teacher said the same thing

  15. Loose skin ????

  16. big ups to you man, your mom bragging about you, you know why, because you are an inspiration, keep inspiring others

  17. "oh yeah… kids suck" truth bro. alot of my issues came from school

  18. Wow well done man

  19. I'm one of those guys who secretly lurks on the Bodybuilding forums for information about nutrition. I come from the opposite spectrum of being anorexic. To see videos such as these with the results they have achieved is awe inspiring. Because when you look at the forums you just assume these dudes just got ripped to get ripped. You never think they may have a problem like I had, and it's really motivating. Jordan's story is truly uplifting.

  20. Jordan, you are Awsome! May many many years await you so you can inspire more. God bless you and your mind, keep going.

    South Texas✌☝️💪

  21. His mom was kinda hot actually

  22. You are a great person and I admire you a lot I love your work

  23. Hell yes, Powerlifting saves lives <3 😀

  24. I’m obese right now 15 years old 230 6’1 lost my 2 grandmothers my parents barley have 20,000 this motivates me so much to become fit and have try to have a good future as a athlete and seeing this video really inspires me

  25. I’m not crying you’re crying 😭❤️ your mom is so proud of you what an amazing journey xxx

  26. I have nothing but respect for your story. Wonderful effort man.

  27. I bet the car crash made him feel ugly so he went to transform his body.

  28. Well done on your amazing achievements and your mum would be so very proud of you, keep up the fantastic work 👍🏻And what an inspiration your video is to people who are in the same situation you used to be in, amazing!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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  30. The dogs name… is…. blackberryyyyy

  31. He's amazing

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  36. How did you get rid of the loose skin

  37. Wish I didn’t watch this made sad

  38. I've been under 240 for 2 weeks now and weighing in at 235 today. Last time I was under 240 was in 2009. I quit drinking 10 months ago. Now I'm going to work on the diet. I was around 270 when I stopped drinking but initially replaced alcohol with soda. I switched over to diet soda about 6 months ago and lost the 35lbs since then. I recently switched the diet soda for seltzer water. I'm doing this on bro science. I'm open to any dieting tips.

  39. Loved your journey mate..u have inspired a lot of people.

  40. The real GOAT

  41. Damn, this was a heartbreaking story. Jordan is a goddamn champion.

  42. 2.6k people are in such a dark place that they can't deal with other people's success.
    Who dislikes a video of a story like this?

  43. Just inspiring. Your mom is smiling!

  44. You are a beautiful man 💕and i am proud of you 💪sorry to to hear about your mom ..!

  45. Amazing, your story make me cried. And I think about my self. I need to achieve my goals. Love you :')

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  47. i just want to say to the people who disliked this video are fat and ugly in the inside.

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