A Better Way to Fix Health Care

in a nation of 323 million people it makes no sense for one federal bureaucracy to dictate every American's health insurance plan but that's exactly what Obamacare does and is not working there is a better way our plan gives you more control so that you can choose the plan that best meets your needs not Washington's mandates we will make it easier to take insurance from job to job expand health savings accounts gives small businesses more leverage to negotiate better rates and we will allow health insurance to be sold across state lines you can do it for your car why can't you do it for your care – all of this will help lower premiums and instead of Washington at the center of your health care it will be you and your doctor learn more at better GOP


  1. Paul, go home.

  2. don't do anything shady Paul, I'll vote for you if you run for president! not before Pence though! lol

  3. If you have a better plan, please, by all means, present it! Everyone would love a better plan, even Obama, so don't just say "A better way" – prove it. Please.

  4. …they never say what the plan is…

  5. Medicare Freshman. Medicare Sophomore. Medicare Junior. Medicare Senior. Buy in bulk. Medicare 4 all.

  6. That is why possible lots of people were laid off from work, and no health through the Company !

  7. So yesterday, a Republican said the plan would take 6 months to write. What happened? I thought there already was a plan? I remember seeing a video of Ryan holding some papers that he said was the plan. I am looking for that video on youtube. What happened?

  8. But that doesn't meet the needs of people who are unable to maintain consistent care due to preexisting ailment. Why can't a person with a heart defect receive health care at a price that a middle-class family can afford? Does this not count as disenfranchisement and a skewed system that only maintains the healthy and distances itself from the ill?

  9. You have ZERO credibility with conservatives, the american people and the entire world, you have destroyed your "career" bum, good job.

  10. Learn more at A Better Way then Vote Republican and for Donald Trump http://abetterway.speaker.gov/

  11. Action speaks louder than words.

  12. Thank you,Speaker Ryan! God bless you for all you do!

  13. Obama care is failing simply because Obama didn't address cost. There is a simpler solution, unfortunately this approach by Ryan is not it.

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