A belly dancer’s one night show: “I do yoga before performing”

hello you dance lovers so we
are gonna be talking about today a dance from my part of the world from
Turkey and beyond we are going to be talking about belly dance and now in
this part you can see me that I’m moving from London city centre to Enfield to
the northern part of London and I’m gonna be meeting with the Turkish belly
dancer over there Tevec, she is gonna be picking me up with her car and you
know Tevec is a very beautiful very amazing person so and she talks about belly
dance in a very passionate manner at the end of the video you will be able to see
the link to another video about the basic moves of belly dance okay now
we are in the car of Tevec we are going to the place where she’s gonna be
performing Teves where are we going now so at
the moment we’re on the motorway and we’re heading to Chelmsford which is in
Essex yes and we are performing in a restaurant called Turquoise
restaurant Turkish restaurant and so for example before performance what
do you do like you know are you careful with what you eat what you drink
normally when you are on a stage you are full or hungry how do
you do that yes so I normally eat around if my show is about eight and nine o
clock I normally eat around kind of around three latest and then I would normally do a bit of yoga that
day as well so now we are moving towards Essex and we are out of London We are gonna be going to the restaurant where Tevec is gonna be performing And we are gonna talk more with Tevec so belly dance from the research that
I’ve done is of Middle Eastern origin Egyptians say that that’s the culture
the roots of the dance itself it’s an Egyptian dance and then it’s sort of
grown from there to three major places which is Egypt Lebanon Turkey and belly
dance is a term actually coined by the Americans yes in the late 1800s and so
that’s where the name belly dance comes from but in terms of movements it’s a
lot of sort of sensual feminine movements or movements that kind of work
with the female body so things like figure eights or the hips circles or the
hips shimmy which is like a vibration coming
from the legs and coming up into the hips
and yes the shoulder movements typically what people associate with belly dance more sort of older style instruments are things like the darbuka or tabla
which is a round drum with a hollow inside and it sits on the drummer’s lap
and then they tap so they’ll tap two main things which is a dum tek tek
they’re the two main components of the drum rhythm and then there are many
other instruments that follow that so things like violins that accompany it qanun which is a string instrument we have the accordion in Egyptian style
belly dance but typically the drums are what identifies belly dance and we have
many rhythms without getting too technical
we have many rhythms such as maqsoum malfuf, baladi, çiftetelli and so many
yeah In Muslim countries you know we tend to cover
up a bit more we’re more conservative with the way we dress so I guess to put
on a belly dance costume that defies that conservative nature it’s almost
like a complete paradox if that’s the right word we have a culture that
nurtures it we have the music it invites that but on the other hand it’s not
something that you should do professionally or a good girl from a
good family would do it would be a shame on their family if you know she ended up
being a belly dancer but at the same time people love it so
it’s a real juxtaposition of the two it’s it I baffles me if I’m honest for
me I was born to belly dance I really believe this and I feel like it’s a gift
given to me that I need to share with the world dance is very close to my
heart and all dance every type of dance I appreciate everything I appreciate
movement of the body even from things like yoga to Pilates you know this
movement of the body there’s something spiritual and special about it and I
think it goes deeper than just putting on a costume and shakin about and I want
to show dancers who are not non belly dancer dancers that it is a respected art form
it is difficult we do train hard we should be taken seriously
I want it to be taken seriously and I’m here to have fun of course never lose
the enjoyment and the fun for it okay so tonight actually what you have
watched in this video was a typical Turkish entertainment actually you could
see it you can see it in a Turkish restaurant and also in our New Year’s
Eve there are that kind of fun nights that you can see it was actually a
tradition in Turkey to watch belly dance in the New Year’s Eve thank you very
much again Tevec thank you very much absolute pleasure thank you so much Özge
and you can follow Tevec from her website and if you would like to watch her in a show
in London or some other place you can follow her events and you can also watch
her live thank you


  1. Very nice pointing of contradiction within a dancer’s career choice in an Eastern society. Well done 👍🏻

  2. The name of the dancer

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